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I want to say
  • ReplyEdvanard
    2014/11/10 2:56:00

    Hi Im Indonesian, I have a double entry L visa (30 days each entry). My first entry to China was 10th of October and I applied for an 30 days extension at the end of my first entry so that I can stay in China until 10 December. On 8th of December I will go to Philipines in order to go out from China. My question is : Can I still go back to China with my second entry L visa on around 10 or 11 December? Many Thanks

    • Uniya :2014/11/23 20:59:00

      As U mentioned that your visa is expiry on Dec.10, you will be refused to enter China mainland on Dec. 10 or Dec. 11.

    • Mark :2014/11/27 14:33:00

      I don't know the answer to your question, but do know that Uniya is wrong and did not read it well.I suppose your dual entry visa does not expire completely on Dec.10 right? I would assume your second visit is still valid, but don't know..I am wondering the same!

    • Shasha :2014/11/29 20:44:00

      As I know, after applying for the extension, you will have no entry left on your visa. Also because you are just allowed to stay until Dec. 10 in China. The immigration will refuse your entry to China mainland on Dec. 10 or 11. Uniya is correct.

  • Replyshan s
    2014/10/7 20:48:00

    Hai...I am planning to apply tourist l type visa on Dec 1. 2014 for 30 days... My flight there is on January 8 2015..the thing is I want to extend my stay in China for another 30 days.. So my return ticket is dated March 6 2015.. I asked this question because I want to know is the air ticket date is relevant to pass the immigration... ?? Can I clear the immigration without any trouble...

    • Teresa :2014/11/23 21:00:00

      Don't worry! They will only check your visa, so you will have no problem in passing the immigration.

  • Replysher
    2014/10/6 10:36:00

    Hai I m sarath from India... I planning to visit China by next January.. I am travelling on a Large type visa with 30 days stay... I am planning to extend it from there for 30 more days... But I am confused that...many airline say wil need a return ticket from clearing immigration in China... But how can I show them return ticket..if I am planning to extend it...

    • Rod :2014/10/29 2:11:00

      What the airline tell is right. A return ticket is needed. You can first book it for making the application and reaching China and then cancel it after landing in China.

  • ReplyTim
    2014/10/15 2:28:00

    Hi Everyone.I'm Tim, from France. I have a tourism visa of 60 days with two entries. I left China for a week at the end of August. My "2nd" visa ends by the end of this month. Is it possible to renew it once for 30 days even though it was a 2 entries visa?Thanks a lot for your help!Tim

    • Alice :2014/10/16 6:03:00

      You cannot extend it in your country. The extension can only be done within China. For instance, once you enter China and stay for a while, then you can try to extend it if you think the first duration of stay is not long.

  • ReplyGrantham
    2014/9/22 8:22:00

    Hi, If your L visa is only for 14 days, can you still extend it for 30 days inside China?

    • Nancy :2014/9/24 5:41:00

      It is impossible. The extension is no longer than the first duation of stay.

  • Replyjay
    2014/8/12 9:11:00

    Hi this is me jay from nepal. I have applied for L visa with 30 days stay. Since china eastern airlines flight goes to Kunming first and stay one night there and next day will go to beijing. My air ticket is for 26 sept and return in 25 oct from beijing and again stay one night in kunming. So my question is from when and where my stay time starts? From Kunming(26 sept) or from beijing(27 sept)?

    • Yoyo :2014/8/13 22:06:00

      It started to be counted since Sep. 26 in Kunming, because you have to go through the customs from international to domestic.

  • ReplyBob
    2014/8/12 16:49:00

    I have a 30 day single entry M visa. How many times can this be extended?

    • Johnson :2014/8/13 21:59:00

      Hey, you can just extend it for once and the extended duration is no more than 30 days.

  • ReplyDuah
    2014/8/2 15:21:00

    Hello,My visa is a business visa and is a single entry to china and they gave me only 30days and is left only 9 days to expire and am entering china,can l stay for the 30 days or what should l do?please l need your advise.

    • Eillen :2014/8/3 23:54:00

      Upon getting into China, go to Exit-entry Administration Department to apply for visa extension as soon as possible.

  • ReplyJonathan
    2014/7/17 23:50:00

    Hi! I´m from Costa Rica, just finished a 2 year program in Suzhou University (X type Visa)..while doing an internship I got offered a working Visa by the company.. my question is.. can I change my student visa into working visa in Hong Kong or I should fly all the way to my home country?.. Thanks in advance for your answers

    • Kate :2014/7/29 2:22:00

      You can have a try, but it is not asured that you can get it in HK. If it is possible, it is suggeted to go back to your home country for applying, so that it is asured that you can get your Z smoothly and safely.

  • Replypassang sherpa
    2014/7/16 4:12:00

    hi !! my name is passang from india. recently i applied for security job in macau through local manpower . they taking us in tourist visa and they says we will get visa on arrival.my question is is it possible to get work visa for indian passport holder ? if they provide us work visa on arrival what document we need to show in immigration ?very important as i gave them some amount of money to process it.

    • Sintra :2014/7/29 2:28:00

      It is possible to get a work visa on your passport when you are in Macau. but it is not issued when you arrive in Macau. For indian, no visa is needed to enter Macau. When you reach there, you can apply for a work type with passport, application form and employment approval document issued by the Macao authorities.

  • Replymanuel
    2014/7/24 0:10:00

    my relative has tourist visa for 30 days, arriving china 29 august 2014. is it possible enter china with this visa that shows maximum stay of 30 dyas even though her air ticket return is for 20 october (50 days after enter china)?. we assumed she would get 30-days visa extension in beijing. i ask this question because i want to know if the air ticket travel dates are relevant to pass immigration at airport

    • Henry :2014/7/27 5:08:00

      Don't worry! The immigration will only check your valid visa at the airport. I wanna remind you that do remember to apply for visa extension once you get into Beijing.

  • Replyfiona
    2014/7/20 3:59:00

    Hi I have visa L with 2 entries in China, I am on my 31st day here and don´t know what to do

    • Elina :2014/7/27 5:12:00

      Do you mean that you have overstayed in China with the L visa? If so, go to the local Exit-entry Administration Department to extend your visa as soon as possible.

  • ReplyByron
    2014/7/10 10:04:00

    Hi, what is the validity period of the X1 visa. Im in uganda but i dont know when exactly to apply

    • Nora :2014/7/13 5:39:00

      Its validity is 180 days to 5 years.

  • ReplyZuzana
    2014/5/17 10:02:00

    Hi there,I am planning to apply for tourist L Visa on 5/22/2014 for 30 days. My flight there is on 6/30/2014. The thing is that I want to extend my stay in China for another 30 days - because my return flight is on 8/19/2014. Can I do so even if the validity period of my visa would end on 8/22/2014 (the validity for entering the country, I suppose).

    • Norma :2014/5/18 22:15:00

      yes, you can. Just go to the Exit & Entry Administration Department to extend ur stay!

  • Replyshai sy
    2014/4/25 1:32:00

    Hi im a little bit confuse about this,my visa is only valid for 30days, i enter china on march 31 2014 and what should be the last day i should leave china, my return flyt is april 30, am i not overstay? Im just worried if imgration oficer will hold me at the airport

    • Linda :2014/4/27 21:11:00

      the last day of your stay is April 30, and you should leave by 24:00 of the day. you will not overstay.

  • Replychris
    2014/4/1 17:26:00

    hi i came to china with x1 visa which has a validity of 30 days.. i had some issues with the institute so they gave me a visa with no kind for jus 12 days.. the only thing that is written in the remarks that you have to leave china before xx. now i want to ask what kind of visa is that as there is no letter on it..can i come back to china?can i go back and apply to a new institute?.does this visa will have an impact on my future fresh visa?.

    • James :2014/4/1 22:14:00

      i think you can have a try, but i'm not sure whether there is a record of the "issue" you mentioned.

    • chris :2014/4/3 1:50:00

      no there is no record for that issue in the immigration office or embassy. the issue was my 30 days got expired and i could not pay them the fee so they did this because my visa was expired for 3 days

  • Replyhi
    2013/11/30 6:17:00

    i came to china with l visa with a duration of 30 days stay and i had extended my l visa for 6mths without leaving china once now my visa is going to expire on feb 2014 .so i want to ask that can i again extend my l visa without having to exit china or not thank u

    • Henry :2013/12/1 17:47:00

      you can have a try, but you'd better consult the immigration office.

    • Kate :2013/12/2 17:09:00

      you can have it extended again without exiting the country, but i''m not sure whether the duration is 6 months or not

  • ReplyMYRNA

    Hi ! I had enter China with double entry M visa last Oct. 21. Is it ok if I will exit China on Nov. 20? Thanks

    • Olivia :2013/11/17 18:54:00

      what is the validity of the your visa?you should leave China before it expires.

  • ReplyGerald
    2013/10/11 21:01:00

    Hi just want to ask...i have double entry visa to china which will expired on jan 2014. And i go to china last august 5 2013 And i file my extension on aug 29 2013 and expired on oct 05 2013 so ii exit on oct 5 2013 going to philippines....can i use my 2nd visa??? And can i file a new extension if i go to china this oct 24??thank you....

    • Grace :2013/10/13 20:51:00

      you can use your 2nd entry, but i'm not sure whether you can extend your stay this time.

  • ReplyB.A.A
    2013/9/18 2:54:00

    Hello. My Visa category is F. I have 30 days duration in China which will expire on September 22, 2013. I have not finish my assignment but I was told by immigration people that I cannot extend my stay. I want to know the reason(s). is that the new rules?

    • David :2013/9/21 19:45:00

      the immigration office will not tell the reason. you may try to ask for help from a professional visa agency.

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