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I want to say
  • ReplyMahendra
    2016/9/21 1:18:00

    Hi,I am here on a M type business visa, and have already extended it 2 months back and got a extension for 90 days from Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office, my stay is valid till 16th Oct 2016, I want another extension for my stay. Can I get an extension on my existing visa?

  • ReplyFarman
    2016/7/11 0:44:00

    Hi thereMy M visa for 30 days,but according to my flight I need to stay 31 days, it that problem? Please answer

    • Rudy :2016/8/12 4:49:00

      If so, you are advised to apply for an extension 7 days earlier before your M type expires.

  • Replystephen
    2016/5/29 3:06:00

    Hi, I got an L visa which was valid for 160 days, I'm studying kung fu and I applied for the L type because I thought the x type was only for university students. But now I want to continue studying kung and want a 6 month extension can I get this ? And if so how ? My current L type expires in 2 weeks!

    • David :2016/6/4 2:31:00

      Dear, it is possible for you to extend your L type, but I cannot assure that you can get 6-month extension. Anyway, you can have a try. You can just prepare those documents including your passport, the application form, a passport-style photo, temporary residence registration form, and an invitation letter from the Kung Fu School. And then submit the application to the exit and entry administration of the local PSB 7 days prior to its expiry date. If it cannot be done, you can change your L type to an F type instead and you should convert 7 days prior to its expiry date. The required documents are the same as the extension of L type.

  • ReplySimona Pieri
    2016/5/3 8:30:00

    We are contacting you , since we need to extend the stay of the M visa of one of our Manager.He is currently in Beijing and his 90 days stay will run out the 18th May, but it would need to extend his stay till the 10th June.We will be very grateful if you can assist us in extending the stay of his M type.Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Gary :2016/5/14 3:33:00

      You should first prepare the required documents containing his passport, the application form, a passport-style photo, valid temporary accommodation registration form, an invitation letter from his business partner, and business license of the business partner company. And then submit the application to the exit and entry administration of the local PSB to extend it.

  • Replyarne
    2016/2/24 12:00:00

    Hi, I extended my second visit on my double entry L type at the local PSB. they now gave me a 30day extension, 'permitted to stay until 14 MAR 2016' is what it says on the new visa. Does 'until' imply that i have to leave before the 14th, or can i still fly out of china on the 14th itself?regards, Arne

    • Lucy :2016/2/25 3:32:00

      You can fly out on 14th.

  • Replyjoy
    2016/2/13 1:37:00

    visa expired 1 year ago how can I exit chi safely. Do I just go straight to the airport?

    • Claire :2016/2/18 1:35:00

      Joy, you cannot go straight to the airport. You should report your situation to the exit and entry administration of the local PSB as soon as possible. You may be required to pay the fine CNY500 per day and the maximum amount won’t exceed CNY10,000. After that, you will be given an exit pass and leave PRC.

  • ReplyEhsan
    2016/1/27 4:25:00

    I have chinese visa and the enter before date is 8th march and also the duration of each stay is 30 days. could I enter at 7th march and stay for 30 days?

    • Robinson :2016/2/18 1:32:00

      Ehsan, you can enter on 7th March and stay for 30 days.

  • ReplyMo
    2016/1/20 4:31:00

    My registration date for university in China is the 20th of February 2016 and I am traveling on the 15th. Will officials have a problem with that?

    • Lucy :2016/2/18 1:30:00

      Hi there. You can go to PRC on 15th, February. There will be no problem.

  • ReplyRohan
    2015/11/30 14:21:00

    Heloo my visa expire on 8th dec and i want to enter in china on 8th can i enter?if not then what is the procedures for enter

    • Jacob :2015/12/6 2:17:00

      Rohan, as long as you enter before the last minute of Dec. 8th, it will be fine.

  • ReplyAllen
    2015/10/10 1:54:00

    Hi, I currently hold a Multiple entry China visa, with a maximum of 30 days duration stay, i been here almost 24 days in China and would like to stay in China longer than 30 days, can i go to Shen Zhen and go through the gates between Shen Zhen and Hong Kong and reenter again to re active my 30 days duration in China? Thank you .

    • Alice :2015/10/12 3:37:00

      Yes, you can go to HK and then re-enter to activate another 30-day stay duration.

  • Replysai kumar
    2015/9/5 10:56:00

    sir, im travelling to china with f visa it is return enter before 3 feb 2016 and duration of each stay is 60 days and number of entries is 2. so im entering on 8th sep so for1.every 59th day should i exit and enter again upto 2 times?or2.for first entry i can exit on 59th day and remaining days i can be there? or 3. second time i can extend my duration of stay?

    • Dave :2015/9/13 4:37:00

      Hello Sai! You can enter before February 3rd 2016 for two times. After each time you enter, you can stay for 60 days and then exit. If you want to extend the stay duration, you should go to the local exit and entry administration office seven working days before the stay duration ends.

  • ReplyAndy Tan
    2015/7/28 23:51:00

    Hi, I currently hold a Multiple entry China visa, with a maximum of 30 days duration stay, today i am almost 20 days in China and would like to stay in China a little longer than 30 days, can i go to HongKong, and reenter China (Guangzhou) to re-active my 30 days duration in China? Thank you for your time

    • Kate :2015/9/13 4:38:00

      Yes, you can go to HK and reenter to activate the another entry.

  • ReplyFathima
    2015/7/5 16:04:00

    Hi, I have a L type visa with the multiple entries and is duration of 7days each stay but I had my flight book to Beijing and come back after 10days... Is it possible to extend there?in Beijing?

    • Alice :2015/9/6 5:53:00

      It's possible to extend it at the local exit and entry administration office before the seven days ends.

  • ReplyAndy
    2015/8/21 10:24:00

    My business visa to China valid till Sept 15, 2015,means I have to enter and leave the China before Sept 15, 2015or I can enter latest by Sept 15 and stay even after the validity of visa.

  • ReplyHassan raza
    2015/6/14 5:00:00

    Hi I have got X1 visa it's valid from 18th may till 18th August . And I am planing to travel on 15th August as my university registration start from 30th August. My question is as I am travelling very close to my enter before date on visa will I face any kind of problem on the airport. Please suggest me what to do thanks

    • Sara :2015/6/23 3:21:00

      Relax, you won't meet problems, as long as you have got all necessary documents from your school for applying the temporary residence permit.

  • ReplyTintinz
    2015/6/11 17:27:00

    I am sorry if this was asked already, I just want to be 1000% sure. I lived in China for 7 years and I know that a simple mistake can be extremely costly. I have an L visa with a M under entries, and each entry is for 90 days. Its say that I must enter before 21jul2015. Does this mean if I enter June 23 (when I plan to travel to china) that I have 90 days after that, or that I can only stay until jul 21 2015? Again sorry if I am asking an already answered question. Thank you

    • Meggie :2015/6/23 3:23:00

      Hey, if you enter on June 23, you can stay for 90 days after that day.

  • Replymichelle
    2015/4/21 8:22:00

    My visa expires on the 29th April 2015, can I enter on the 29th or do I need to enter before the 30th April?

    • Sally :2015/4/26 6:00:00

      Michelle, you have to enter before the last minute of April 29th.

  • ReplyAmin
    2015/1/18 9:44:00

    Hi, i have a multiple entry 6 months visa, it shall expire on 31 january 2015, i am travelling on 25th January, will i be granted the one month stay on Airport? Or it will be until the expiry date of my Visa?Thank you

    • Helen :2015/1/19 21:23:00

      The expire date means that you have to get into the mainland China before that date. So if you travel on Jan. 25, you would be granted one month stay. Take it easy!

  • ReplyDaffydd
    2014/12/21 11:28:00

    Hi, I am a holder of a British passport.When I approached the PSB, they informed me that I could have an extension to my Chinese visa for the length of time that it states on the visa, in my case it should be ninety days as that is what it says on the visa. But here you are talking about thirty days in total, therefore I would like to know which account is correct.Is it thirty days in total or can it be up to the length of the visa issued??Thanks in advance.

    • Tina :2014/12/22 1:08:00

      You can apply for an extension for 90 days, which is the same as the length of the time on your current visa.

  • ReplyEddy
    2014/12/2 2:22:00

    Hi. I currently have a 14 day single entry tourist visa issued in Hong Kong. Unfortunately my travel plans were for 18 days Is it possible to extend this visa by a week in Shanghai?

    • Nana :2014/12/2 4:59:00

      Yes, you can. Go to the Exit-entry Administration Department in Shanghai to apply for visa extension.

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