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I want to say
  • Replyeric mensah
    2013/2/8 13:09:00

    am applying for a students visa, i already have the necessary documents and the jw202 as well. but my statements of accounts is from a rural bank. i hope the embassy will accept it ???

    • Joice :2013/2/16 1:24:00

      you'd better consult a travel agency or a visa agency before submit your documents.

  • Replym
    2013/2/6 2:18:00

    I am an Irish national but just a tourist to the Philippines, and want to get a 6 month mulch-entry tourist visa to China. Is it possible, or am I restricted to a 1 month tourist visa...or alternatively, can I apply for a Z-visa in Manilla (since i have an invitation of employment).M

  • Replydidi
    2013/2/1 0:38:00

    Hi, My boyfriend is starting to work in China this Feb 2013 and he has a contract and permit to work there until Dec 2014.My boyfriend and I have a 9 month old son , we plan to join him later this summer when he turns 1 yr old. What do I need to submit to apply for a tourist visa? We also thought that traveling with me (bf) and my son would be better than going there alone. Pls advise. Thanks.

  • ReplyAnjz
    2013/1/23 1:04:00

    hi..i would like to ask if i need to secure an affidavit of support on my 10 day tour in hongkong? or an invitation letter from her will do? i'll be staying with my auntie in her employer's house for the duration of my stay.

    • Cathy :2013/1/23 17:42:00

      an invitation letter from her wiil do.

  • ReplyDonna
    2013/1/14 19:12:00

    I'm an airline employee coming to China for 72 hrs in March. Can I obtain the new 72 hr visa? We are standby in and out of Bejing. Also I have a 12year old daugfhter travelling with me. Does she need an individual visa?

    • Lisa :2013/1/14 19:27:00

      what is your nationality? Beijing is now visa-free for 72 hours to visitors from 45 countries if they hold connecting air tickets departing from Beijing.

  • Replyresident in Dubai
    2013/1/11 19:35:00

    I need to know how to get an invitation letter from china for a visit visa requirement.Thanks

    • Tina :2013/1/11 19:46:00

      the invitation letter should come from an official unite, authoriized travel agency, a Chinese citizen (your friend or relative).

  • ReplySue
    2013/1/6 19:29:00

    I am a us passport holder. Can I apply china visa from Manila?Planning to visit Shanghai for4 days and back to Manila again,Thanks

    • Kate :2013/1/7 18:11:00

      yes, you can. but you need to provide the valid visa or residence permit in the Philippines.

  • ReplyJona
    2013/1/5 6:14:00

    Hi I am from Philippines, me and my boyfriend is planning to go to Hongkong this Feb 5-19 and we are still waiting for my uncle's invitation letter. Do we still need to wait for it? Or we can proceed and stay in HK for 14days without the invitation letter? What documents we'll be needing? I NEED YOUR HELP :(

    • Kevin :2013/1/5 18:01:00

      I think your uncle's invitation letter is not that necessary. You may enter and stay in Hk for 14 days with your valid visa, two-way air tickets, hotel booking in Hk and bank statement of enough money to cover your duration there.

  • Replyej,   Philippines
    2013/1/3 20:34:00

    Hi, i am a filipino citezen..i got a business visa and a working visa last year.. (not first timer) i want to apply tourist visa to shanghai..to visit my boy friend he is Irish citizen..but my bank statement is not enough.. but he will shoulder all my expenses if i am in china already.. can invitation letter work? that he will shoulder everything? without my bank statement? badly need to know.. pls.. can anyone email me... ejd_cadayong@yahoo.com

    thanks happy new year..

    • Richard :2013/1/4 18:58:00

      yes, an invitation letter from your boyfriend works.
      the bank statement is only required for the first time Chinese visa applicants.
      good luck and have a nice trip!

    • ej :2013/1/5 3:45:00

      Hi again.. pls tell me what requirements do i need if i am not first timer for a tourist visa... pls thank you..

    • George :2013/1/5 17:59:00

      You need to provide your valid passport, filled application form, two-way air ticket, invitation letter from your boy friend and copies of his Chinese residence permit and passport.

  • Replynathan,   Philippines
    2012/12/6 16:55:00

    I purchased two round trip tickets to China: Mla-Xiamen for January 2013 and mla-shanghai for August 2013. Last October though my bank account got accidentally closed so I opened a new one just two months ago. I have more than 100k in my account. I noticed that they are very strict now with the ADB of accounts. Is it possible for my mother to sponsor me instead? Her bank account has been around since 2003. She's not going with me on the trips and she is in the Philippines. I mean can a parent sponsor me even if I am employed and not a student? I will still bring my bank certificate and my mom's bank certificate. What do you think is my chance of getting a visa? i've been travelling alot in southeast asia and korea will that help? Thanks and more poewer!

    • James :2012/12/6 18:44:00

      i think it is ok that your mother sponsor your trip. and there is chance for you to get the visa. just have a try!

    • mark ( Philippines ) :2012/12/10 12:18:00

      hi nathan,
      have you tried applying for the visa again with your mom's sponsorship? please please send me an email jhonas_187@yahoo.com. i badly need to know. i have the same problem here. btw, should i provide birth cert as well as a proof of relationship? thank you very much in advance. - mark

    • nathan ( Philippines ) :2012/12/18 19:07:00

      I'll be trying next week. wish me luck

  • Replyiftikhar ahmad,   India
    2012/12/16 5:38:00

    I AM INDIAN I WANT Chinses visa

    • Dick :2012/12/16 18:53:00

      Please take your valid passport, a filled application form, one recent-take passport standard photo, two-way air ticket, hotel booking in China and bank statement to the local embassy or consulate to apply for it.

  • Replydivine andres,   China
    2012/12/9 2:32:00

    hi im divine im here in china,and i want my boyfriend to.visit me here what are those requirements he needs to take a tourist visa?

    • Melody :2012/12/9 17:58:00

      Your Bf needs to provide his passport, a fulfilled application form, a photo that is taken recently, two-way air ticket, invitation letter from you, and copy of your passport and residence permit in China.

  • Replypat brierre,   United States
    2012/12/6 11:49:00

    do both parents need to be present to obtain a visa for there 20 year old son to travel to china as a tourist or student? i heard this is a new law.

    • Hebe :2012/12/6 18:43:00

      i haven't heard it yet.

  • ReplyDana,   Philippines
    2012/12/1 4:31:00

    hi, im Dana, my family and my sister's family have booked our round trip ticket thru Cebupacific airlines to visit Xiamen, China on December 17-19,2012...we have booked our hotel reservation too...do we need to secure tourist visa? thanks

    • Victor :2012/12/1 17:44:00

      Yes, of course.

  • Replyjoy,   Philippines
    2012/11/20 8:18:00

    hi just wanted to ask if what kind of invitation letter i need? i have a friend in beijing and he's asking me to visit him. He's asking how to do that invitation letter.

    • Richard :2012/11/20 17:10:00

      the invitation letter can be write by pen or printed out with the autograph of inviter. it can be faxed, posted by letter or scaned, but can not be email.
      an invitation letter should include the names and address of inviter and invitee, and their relationship. the purpose and how long the invitee going to stay in China. whether the inviter will prodive accommodation or travel expense for the invitee.
      it is very easy to find samples online.

  • Replyjeffrey,   Philippines
    2012/11/5 4:27:00

    hello im from philippine ,and planning to go macau for tourist , im ex-abroad from saudi. i would like to know if i need a bank account for tourist ,thank you

    • Babara :2012/11/5 17:32:00

      yes, a bank certificate is asked to show, but you will also be required to show the pocket money which can cover your expense in Macau.

  • Replyjenny fuster,   Philippines
    2012/10/29 22:40:00

    hi im jenny,,philippines,,my sister wants me to visit her in Hongkong,,,i would like to ask if what are the requirements in appying a tourist visa in hongkong???thanks AND MORE POWER!!

    • Sally :2012/10/30 19:24:00

      Hi Jenny,
      Filipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, so you do not need to apply the visa for hong Kong if your trip is less than 14 days.

  • ReplyMeghan,   United States
    2012/10/22 12:37:00

    My boyfriend and I are US citizens. My boyfriend is in China for 6 months on a tourist visa. I just bought plane tickets to visit him and I will be staying in his apartment for the duration of my trip. Do I need to get a letter of invitation from him? Is he even allowed to write me a letter of invitation since he is also a US citizen?

    • Andy :2012/10/22 20:21:00

      yes, you can ask him to write an invitation letter for you.

  • ReplyPeter,   Philippines
    2012/10/17 8:25:00

    Hi, I am a student and my dad is sponsoring my trip. However my dad has no ITR.
    I made a joint affidavit of support saying that both my mom and dad will support my trip. Is it possible that I submit my dad's bank cert and my mom's ITR? btw, do i still need to submit my parents' employment/business cert? thank you.

    • Amanda :2012/10/17 19:00:00

      hi Peter, where do you plan to visit? what visa are you going to apply?

    • Peter ( Philippines ) :2012/10/18 7:45:00

      Hey amanda! Peter here. Im going to beijing with my friends. Just wanna ask if its okay to submit mixed requirements of my parents. THats what I did in korea. Obviously getting a chinse visa is much harder than SK.

    • Amanda :2012/10/18 18:56:00

      yes, it is not that easy to get a Chinses visa. i think you can have a try, since it worked when applying a SK visa.

  • ReplyKyle,   Philippines
    2012/10/11 13:26:00

    Hi, Im planning to do an Asian cruise and xiamen is one of the places we will travel, I don't know if I will need a Chinese visa for it? And also Im not the one paying for it, so I'm worried if they will give me a visa.

    • Lily :2012/10/11 22:39:00

      yes, you need to apply a Chinese L visa if you plan to visit Xiamen.
      is there someone who will support your trip? if so, you need to provide his/her bank certificate or other documents that prove his/her finicial status.

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