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I want to say
  • ReplyKayce
    2013/10/13 6:53:00

    Hi! My boyfriend is working in Sanya, Hainan as a drummer. He left last September. I'm planning to visit him on December to join him for Christmas. My problem is i don't have bank acct. What should i do? Thank you.

    • Bonnie :2013/10/13 20:52:00

      your parents' bank account or that from a sponsor will do.

  • ReplyKaidee
    2013/9/13 9:33:00

    Hi, I'm Kai dee, I'm from Philippines and I have a boyfriend in China and he was inviting me to come over in their province because his younger sister will get married, and gonna stay in there for 30days. He has given me the invitation letter, same with the bank account statement cos he is the one who will sponsor my trip, but then the Chinese Consulate in my country asking me about my Parent's bank statement, what should I do My parents doesn't have it? And is a picture of my boyfriend and I is required? thank you for your kind response in advance.

    • Hebe :2013/9/15 19:08:00

      if he is going to sponsor your trip, it is ok to provide his bank account. a picture is not required.

  • Replymarie
    2013/7/22 0:11:00

    hi there..im marie from philippines.i have a problem.me and my boyfriend is planning to go to china this coming october and when i went to chinese embassy here in cebu i just found out that one of the requirements is bank statement account and i dont have this.my question is ,Is it possible they will grant me the visa??feeling disappointed here.

    • Emma :2013/7/22 19:31:00

      it will be Ok if your boyfriend have a bank statement account, as you are going to visit China together. but remember that the hotel reservation should include both of your names.

  • ReplyGuddi
    2013/7/6 23:26:00

    Can someone help me? I am an indian of 19 years of age. For the visa application to China they have asked for a bank statement of 6 months and IT papers. However my bank account is only a week old and I am a student so where will the IT papers come from?! Moreover my mother has a income tax exemption.

    • Hebe :2013/7/8 19:26:00

      the bank statement and IT papers can be your parents' if they are your sponsor of this trip.

  • Replyanna maree
    2013/5/30 6:18:00

    gooiing to beijing in october,australian passport holders living in indonesia, do we need to show certain amount of money in bank accts to get visas in jakarta( tourist) mine is for 1 month my sons for 10 days. thanks.

    • Linda :2013/5/30 18:44:00

      it is not included in the basic documents, but the visa officer have the right to ask you to provide any documents that he/she think necessary.

  • ReplyChocoly
    2013/5/27 19:09:00

    Hi, this is my second year in China and my visa expires in July as I'll be graduating from school. But I wish to spend the August month here and achieve something I've been waiting for. My school is unable to give me the one month extension. The only way out now is a tourist visa. Please, how do I go about it?

    • Bonnie :2013/5/27 19:31:00

      you can consult the exit and entry department of local public security bureau, or a travel agency. another option is to apply the Chinese touris visa in hong Kong.

  • Replymedelyn cagas
    2013/5/12 6:18:00

    Hi I'm from philippine and recently working in KSA ..I'm going home for vacation this coming june and my employer is planning to go to china during my vacation.. he wants to meet me in philippine and take with him to china..my question is do I need to apply a chinese visa?or can my employer just can send me invitaion letter?.. Thanks

    • Bonnie :2013/5/13 20:26:00

      yes, you need to apply a Chinese visa.

  • Replyisaac tettey quaye
    2013/5/12 4:14:00

    hello am from Ghana and willing to visit china for 2months . do i need an invitation letter authourized from the china bureau or the one am visiting.

    • Nina :2013/5/13 20:24:00

      yes, an invitation letter is required when applying the Chinese visa.

  • ReplyMa carmencita a inofre
    2013/5/5 13:58:00

    Hi, I'm here in hongkong, I had a china visa already, and I have use..is it possible for me to apply here in hongkong? Thanks and have a nice day

    • July :2013/5/9 19:41:00

      yes, it is possible for you to apply a visa for Mainland China.

  • ReplyLmn
    2013/4/23 11:54:00

    Hi my bf is doing his mbbs from china(Tianjin ) he s an indian n he wanted me to visit him so can he send me an invitation letter and if so how ? He doesn't know how to do it ..n he has his own apartment n china ... Please help n thanks

    • Nancy :2013/4/23 18:35:00

      the invitation letter can be a written or typed one with the signature of your bf, and it can be faxed or posted to you, or a scanning one, but can not be an email. the letter should include the names of you and your bf, the addresses of both of you, the relationship of you two, your purpose of visiting China, period of your stay, and whether he will shoulder your expenses and provide you accommodation in China. there are samples of invitation letter on the internet.

  • ReplyKelly
    2013/4/23 11:40:00

    I wanted to apply for a Chinese visa but my bank Ac.'s name n my passport name doesn't match so is it possible to obtain a visa without a bank statement ....if not then is there any other way ..please help ...I wanted to visit my bf in August ...

    • Tom :2013/4/23 18:14:00

      then you can ask your bf to write an invitation letter for you and states that he will shoulder all of your expenses in China.

  • ReplyAnthony
    2013/4/15 0:27:00

    Hi im Anthony, from the philippines.ill be applying Business visa 3 months with multiple entry. Do i still need to present ADB of account and itr even i have a company invitation letter from chinese comapany in china and invitation letter duly from authorized unit? The company in china will not sponsor me. I will sholder all my expenses like air fare and accomodation in china. I dont have ADB of account and itr and im a fresh graduate. Can my parents sponsor me?Thanks and regards,anthony.babierra@yahoo.com

    • Olivia :2013/4/15 20:15:00

      since you have the invitation letter duly from authorized unit, you do not need the ADB of account and ITR.

    • Anthony :2013/4/16 21:21:00

      Hey its me again, the company failed to apply me a invitation from authorized unit, can the invitation letter from the chinese company can support my visa application?

    • Bonnie :2013/4/17 18:40:00

      im afraid the invitation letter from the company does not work.

    • Anthony :2013/4/17 18:43:00

      The company is based in HK and they will base in in SZ. How can the company based in hk apply for the invitation letter duly from authorized unit for business visa?

    • David :2013/4/18 18:21:00

      usually it can be an invitation letter offerred by the company and then confirmed or approved by the competent authorities.

  • ReplyArvin
    2013/3/27 9:09:00

    Hello. I find your page very useful. Thanks for the information. I just have a question, however. I and my two other friends are planning to visit Shenzhen for at least a day (not exceeding 24 hours) from Hong Kong. I know for a fact that we need a Chinese Visa to enter the province. I just would like to confirm if applying through a travel agency will somehow aid us from avoiding the ‘bank statement’ part of the requirements? Also, if we need a ‘show money’, how much specifically do we need to show? Do you have any idea of the minimum amount required for a bank statement? In addition, it’s a BANK STATEMENT and not a BANK CERTIFICATE, am I correct?Thanks in advance for your reply. We would appreciate your tips.Arvin

    • Frank :2013/4/1 19:32:00

      if you go to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, then i suggest that you book a tour or consult a travel agency in Hong Kong, then you will not need to apply the visa to Hong Kong, and no bank statement or show money will be required.

  • Replyjoy
    2013/3/18 22:15:00

    Good day..i am planning to travel in china for 28 days in august to visit my fiance and our son he is a German citizen and we are both filipino holder... what requirements we will need? should i apply application form for my infant son too? i have visa Z visa last 2011 and visa F... planning to apply visa L... do i need bank statement as well? i will have invitation letter too... my fiance will cover our cost of living while we are in china... please help...thank you joy

    • Judy :2013/3/19 19:25:00

      you need to prepare your valid passport, a fully complete visa application form with your recently taken passport size photo, the invitation letter attach your fiance' personal ID copy, and your previous Chinese Visa . since you have applied China visa, you should be clear about the procedures. for detailed information, please consult the Chinese Embassy.

  • Replyrose
    2013/3/18 22:24:00

    not my first time in china... what are the requirements i will need to visit my boy friend?i want to bring our son too.. please help... and also i need to know if my boy friend will make invitation letter does the embassy in shanghai needs to authorize it? without a travel agency? help me pls.. ej from philippines

    • Bill :2013/3/19 19:27:00

      yes, the invitation letter need to be authorized by the embassy.

  • ReplyMitch,   Philippines
    2012/10/4 7:57:00

    Hi! Im from the philippines! I would just like to ask some concern regarding visa application for china. I dont have an itr form coming from bir. I can only provide a bank statement, passport Is it possible for me to still obtain a chinese visa? Its my first time to go to china.

    • Della :2012/10/8 0:39:00

      as this is your first time to China, you must submit BIR-stamped income tax return form,bank certiifcate, statement for recent 6 months and original bank receipt. If you are a student, please provide student ID, sponsorship letter and sponsor's bank statement. If you have the Invitation Letter for Tourist issued by Authorized Travel Agency in China, you do not need to submit income tax return form and bank certiifcate, statement.

    • Bea :2013/3/11 22:34:00

      Hi Mitch! I read your query here. I just want to ask if you were being approved on your application without showing the Bank Statement, BIR and just showing the Invitation Letter from the Authorized travel Agency in China. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks po! Godbless

  • ReplyBeatrice Mac
    2013/3/10 3:51:00

    Hi, I just want to ask if you happened to know a valid travel agency where I can get an invitation for my China tour? thanks!

    • Lily :2013/3/11 20:38:00

      as far as i know, a travel agency usually does not provide invitation letter unless you book a tour from the agency.

  • ReplyMarissa Nones
    2013/2/28 7:30:00

    Good Day, Can I still enter China with my residence permit to expire in one month's time? Plus it's in my old passport since I got a new passport now.

    • Cathy :2013/2/28 17:49:00

      you mean you are holding a temperary residence permit?if yes, you can enter China. you need to take your old passport with you.

    • Marissa Nones :2013/2/28 21:01:00

      Cathy,Thank you very much for answering my question. I sincerely appreciate it.

  • ReplyJoshua
    2013/2/26 0:13:00

    I am American on business visa in china for almost two years now. My wife is filipina. I want her to stay with me here for the next few years without having to go home and all the hassle of Philippine immigration. It's bad. Can you recommend and agent to help with her residence or business visa. The last quotes I got are completely crazy. Some around 20,000 rmb for her visa. Thanks

  • ReplyIrene,   Philippines
    2012/11/21 4:20:00


    I have an invitation letter from a Chinese travel agency, I have booked tickets and hotel vouchers are already with me. I read that invitation from a travel agency is enough so that I do not need to present bank statements and ITR. Is this correct? Also, I just recently resigned from work. Would this affect my application?

    • david :2012/11/21 18:10:00

      yes, it is correct.
      you'd better prepare all the required documents,or it will influence your application.

    • John :2013/2/21 18:49:00

      Where did you get the letter from the authorised travel agent? I can't find one. I am trying to get a visa for my GF to come to China with me.

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