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I want to say
  • Replyito,   Philippines
    2010/2/7 23:57:00

    hi my husband are from japan while im staying here in philippines he wants to spend our honeymoon in shanghai how do i get tourist visa???

    • Cherry :2010/2/8 19:16:00

      You may apply for the China visa from the China emabssy or Consulate in Philippines.

  • Replyrick leung,   Dominica
    2010/2/3 21:16:00

    I have a commonwealth dominica passport,can i apply for a china visa? If so, how much is the fee and how long can i stay?

    • Daniel :2010/2/4 19:05:00

      I think you can. The visa fee is 30 Ringgit per person for a single entry.

    • Fred :2010/2/4 19:08:00

      I think you have to apply for the China visa in your home country philippines.

  • ReplygorjuzG,   Philippines
    2010/2/4 11:24:00


    im holding a philippine passport and i have a valid H4 visa in the US. i plan to to visit china and i would like to know if the requirements/procedure will be the same should i apply for a Chinese Visa here in the US?

    PLEASE HELP :) :) :)

  • Replycathie,   Philippines
    2010/1/28 20:11:00

    thanks for the info david.i appreciate it much.

  • Replycathie,   Philippines
    2010/1/27 2:37:00

    can anyone tell me pls if a visa is still needed to visit shenzhen for 2 days only.initially we only wanted to visit hongkong but thought a side trip to shenzhen would be nice .if a visa is required, can i apply for it in Luohu?
    many thanks!

    • David :2010/1/27 19:30:00

      Yes, you need a visa to enter Shenzhen, but you are not able to get the visa at Luohu port. I think you can try to apply for the visa at the visa office of PRC in Hk.

  • ReplyDorothy,   United States
    2010/1/19 21:20:00

    I am an American and lost my China Visa. What do I do? I am in Australia until the first of Feb.

    • David :2010/1/20 19:16:00

      Contact the China Embassy or near China Consulate for help.

  • Replygina,   Philippines
    2010/1/7 4:50:00

    is there a need of tourist visa when i'm planning to visit china for tour eventhough i have philippine passport?

    • Fred :2010/1/7 19:12:00

      Yes, you need to apply for a tourist visa with your filipino passport.

  • Replygina,   Philippines
    2010/1/7 4:46:00

    me and my boyfriend chinese was planning to spend christmas in china his hometown..what are the requirements needed for me to visit in china?

    • Linda :2010/1/7 19:09:00

      You have to apply for a China tourist visa.

  • Replyden,   Philippines
    2009/12/22 2:44:00

    I am going to Guanzho for a period of 4-5 days,on March 2010. I'll be visiting beijing, macau and hongkong. What type of VIsa Should I apply? Thanks

    • Daniel :2009/12/22 18:47:00

      Hi Den, May I know your travel itinerary firstly?

    • den ( Philippines ) :2009/12/22 21:19:00

      I don't have itinerary yet since i'll just be tagging along with a friend (who's mom is working there).

    • Daniel :2009/12/23 18:54:00

      Then how many times will you enter mainland China?

  • ReplyKORAY SECKINER,   Turkey
    2009/12/22 3:43:00

    I Holder turkish passaport only for tourist visa must i get visa from chiness ? thanks xxx

    • Cherry :2009/12/22 18:57:00

      Which country will you visit?

  • ReplyGel,   Malaysia
    2009/12/21 5:34:00

    Im Malaysian Residing in Singapore (PR), I am going to travel to Macau, Shen Zhen and HK in 4days time.
    What is the fastest way to get a multiple entry visa to Shen Zhen? I do not need visa to enter HK and Macau right?

    • Daniel :2009/12/21 19:10:00

      Yes, Malaysian Passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 90 days and to Macau for 30 days.
      As for the multiple entry Shenzhen visa, you can apply for it from the China Embassy in Singapore.

  • Replytarhyang enowbikah tambe,   Cameroon
    2009/11/2 6:12:00

    I am an from cameroon ,and would wish to come to there for studies ,i have a first degree in the Buea universities in the field of sciologic and anthropolgy and wish to further my studies

  • ReplyBrigitte,   Philippines
    2009/11/2 21:10:00

    Are visas required for Philippines passport holders to visit Macau as a tourist for 4 days?

    • Vicky ( Macau, China ) :2009/11/3 2:38:00

      With Philippine passport you can stay in Macau for 30 days free of visa:)

  • ReplyNiha S,   India
    2009/10/27 0:20:00

    I have an internship opprtunity for a cultural experience for 7 weeks in china beijing.
    What visa should i apply for?

    • Yang ( China ) :2009/10/27 21:36:00

      You need to apply for an X (Student) Visa.

  • ReplyDean,   China
    2009/10/21 10:18:00

    am from South Africa and will be visiting the Philippines next month and possibly travel to China afterwards. Can I get China visa from the Philippines? Which agents can do help with this? I will appreciate your answer.

    • Lu Ling ( China ) :2009/10/21 23:09:00

      Should be allowed, see http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/ceph/eng/lsfw/hzqz/.

  • ReplyChristofer Hawlette,   Thailand
    2009/10/6 11:45:00

    I am planning to get my china visa at BKK chinese embassy, and holding British National Overseas BN(O) passport as i was born in Hong Kong, with one single entry china/shenzhen visa before.

    Some agents suggested me to get a 'homeland return permit' as i was born in HK and it's more easy for me to access to china, providing it's much cheaper than a tourist visa and it's valid for 10 years, but i will not be in HK for the coming weeks and i am heading to Shanghai on 23/10, therefore i would love to get my visa done in BKK, if it's possible?

    many thanks!

  • ReplyRea,   Philippines
    2009/9/25 1:33:00

    Hello There!

    I want to go to Wenzhou China for just a visit for 10 days. i want to see the place, but i am worried about my status now. as i just resigned from my work in UAE. means my UAE resident visa is already cancelled.. will it be easy for me to get the chance to see the place by trying to go to Chinese embassy here in Philippines?

    • 2009/9/25 21:16:00

      WarriorTours.com :>You need to apply for a China touris visa from China Embassy to Philippines. Here is its official website:http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/ceph/chn/.

  • ReplyAllen,   Philippines
    2009/9/24 20:49:00

    I am planning to visit dongguan city, china this end week of November. I'll be with my daughter 10months old. I already have my requirements for visa does my daughter need a requirements too? if, what is/are her requirement/s? also we are 1st timers, is there any other requirements as above posted?

    • 2009/9/25 21:04:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Yes. You will also need to apply for a passport for her. As we know, the visa requirements for baby are the same with adults. For specific requirements, you can refer to the offcial website of China Embassy to Philippines: http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/ceph/eng/lsfw/hzqz/.

  • ReplyJonny Days,   Thailand
    2009/9/11 0:27:00

    Can anyone tell me the price for a 30 day single entry Z visa for myself (British) and my wife (Thai)?? I will be applying in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Replyvilma loreto santos,   Hong Kong, China
    2009/9/6 3:15:00

    i want to bring my son 1 1/2 year here in hongkong with my sister inlaw for 1 month do i need to apply a visa for them? if yes what kind of visa do i need to apply? can i apply the visa here or in manila? thank you and more power

    • 2009/9/8 1:16:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Sorry, we are not sure about this question. You may resort to the official website of Hong Kong SAR government at http://www.immd.gov.hk/ehtml/hkvisas_4.htm#1.

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