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I want to say
  • ReplyRhealyn,   Philippines
    2011/10/24 21:26:00

    Hello, I want to visit china for 10 days for sightseeing starting from 25th of nov. to 4th of december. if i apply for a visa is it better i go by myself to the china embassy or it's better i send a travel agent? cause i am afraid to get an illegal travel agency who can assist me.what can you advice to me?

    Thank you and regards

    • Bruce :2011/10/25 19:01:00

      If it is your first time to apply for the visa, I advise you entrust a reliable visa agency to help you. If you have had a China visa before, then you can just go to the China Embassy to apply for it yourselt. Thus you don't need to pay any service charge any more.

  • ReplyAn Lin,   Philippines
    2011/10/23 7:14:00

    Hello, I plan to meet up a friend in Beijing middle of January 2012. My Philippine passport will expire July 2012. Do you think my passport will still get the visa if I have to apply next month?

    I have used Chinese visa in my passport (Z and F), proof that it is not my first time to enter the mainland, do I still need to present other documents like bank certificates?

    I would appreciate a reply to my email. Thank you.

    • tina :2011/10/23 19:51:00

      Hi An Lin,
      don't worry,
      you can get the China visa.
      you don't need to provide documents like your bank certificates, just your passport, visa application form and Previously used China visas.
      the China visa is usually valid for 1 month, so i suggest you apply it in December if you go to China in January.

  • Replymuhammad munir ul hassan,   Oman
    2011/10/14 23:33:00

    i want invitation letter for tourist visa

    • Lyla :2011/10/15 19:28:00

      you need to book a tour package through a Chinese travel agency so that the agency will provide the invitation letter for you.

    • muhammad munir ul hassan ( Oman ) :2011/10/15 22:14:00

      i want 2 visit guanhzhou can u send me some contacts from guangzhou

  • ReplyDK,   India
    2011/9/26 3:46:00

    We are a family travelling to Hong Kong, Macau & Disneyland for about 7 days.
    1. Do we need separate visas for HKG & Macau?
    2. Can we get the visas done before we fly out of India?

    • Candy :2011/9/26 19:51:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from both Hong Kong and Macau visas for certain periods. you may refer to the following two pages for the detailed information.

  • ReplyJuree,   Thailand
    2011/9/13 5:05:00

    my friend come Iran want to go Macau for 3 days.Does he need visa?

    • Ben :2011/9/13 19:14:00

      yes, your friend need to apply a Macau visa.

  • Replybadet,   Philippines
    2011/9/6 4:17:00

    Good day, I was invited by a family friend to visit him in china for 15 days and he will shoulder all my expenses while i'm there in china but currently i'm unemployed. I already have these requirements:
    1. Passport
    2. NBI Clearance for Travel Abroad
    3. Original Bank Certificate (personal)
    4. Roundtrip Air Ticket
    5. Invitation letter from the person who invited me together with his Bank certificate, copy of sponsor's valid residence visa and passport information page.

    But i don't have Land Title, car registration etc.

    Do i have a chance to get a "L" Visa??
    Thanks you...

    • Polly :2011/9/6 19:56:00

      hi Badet,
      i think you can get the visa.

  • ReplyKate,   United States
    2011/8/24 19:10:00

    I am a US Citizen living in the Philippines on a Volunteer Visa. I am trying to plan a trip to China for October but the visa process seems confusing since I am applying at the Embassy not in my home country. What exact documents do I need and how many copies?
    Thank you,

    • Lily :2011/8/24 19:33:00

      the required documents:
      your valid passport;
      your volunteer visa for the Philippines;
      a truely filled out application form with your recently taken passport sized photo ( U.S. passport holders must submit two application forms with two photos.)

  • Replysajjad,   Pakistan
    2011/8/16 20:54:00

    hi how r u ?
    i want some info about hong kong vist visa what kind of dacoments requierd for pakistani natonlas

    • Ashley :2011/8/17 20:52:00

      please refer to this page for detailed information.

  • Replyahmad,   China
    2011/8/2 2:49:00

    how are you? sir i am student in china Pakistani national and living in china. one of my friend want to visit china for sightseeing(travelling). My university did not give me invitation letter for him As he is not my blood relative. So how i can get the Invitation letter for him. Please Guide me.My friend is also Pakistan national and right now in Pakistan.

    • May :2011/8/2 19:42:00

      you can ask your friend to go with a tour group arranged by a qualified travel agency.

  • Replymanoj k,   India
    2011/7/30 7:29:00

    hey hi i would be travelling to hk and macau for a short holiday say about 7 days,i would like to know the visa required for indians.and also if my passport would bear any stamp of my trip to macau and hk .regards mk

    • Darvin :2011/7/30 22:41:00

      you don't need to apply for visas for Hong Kong and Macau.
      there will be stamps on your passport.

  • Replybong joon hiong,   Macau, China
    2011/4/21 8:31:00

    I am from Malaysia . Do I need a visa to Macao? What about a trip to the border of China.. i.e. Choo..something which is a walking distance from Macao only? it is only a day trip

    • Rebecca :2011/4/24 2:20:00

      Malaysian passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so you don't need to apply for a Macau visa. but as long as you enters the Chinese border, you need a Chinese visa.

    • helarie ( Philippines ) :2011/7/27 3:08:00

      Hi Would like to ask im Planning to go to Hongkong this coming aug 12-16.Is it possible to apply china Individual visa from hongkong Just want to visit,explore Zhenshen.Thank you

    • Helen :2011/7/27 18:01:00

      hi helarie,
      you can not apply the China visa in Hong Kong, but apply it in your country.
      actually, if you go to Shenzhen with a tour group organized by a local travel agency in Hong Kong and stay in Shenzhen less than 6 days, you don't need a China Visa.

  • ReplyJohn,   Philippines
    2011/7/21 19:13:00

    hi, i want to stay in HK for more than 14days allotted for Philippine Citizen. How much would be the payments for an extensions? thank you.

    • Lily :2011/7/23 20:54:00

      hi John,
      if you want to stay more than 14 days, you need to apply a Hong Kong visa, which costs HKD 160.

  • Replysheryl,   Philippines
    2011/7/9 5:51:00

    hi.my family is planning to visit hongkong disneyland soon as my husband got home from australia. but he only have 1 month vacation. is it possible that we can process the papers thru travel agency and we can go to hongkong within 1 month? thanks for you response. godblez

    • Brenda :2011/7/9 23:25:00

      fillipino passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days.
      if you want to stay longer than 14 days, you need to apply for the Hong Kong visa. and the Hong Kong visa can be obtained within one month.

  • ReplyEMMANUEL ADU,   Ghana
    2011/6/30 0:49:00

    Hi I am emmanuel adu a ghanaian.I am a business man who want to get some goods from china and ship it ghana.The goods are LCD,LED TEV'S,PHONES,DIGITAL CAMCORDERS ETC.What type of visa should i apply.I will be in and out about five times within a year.What are the requirements when applying visa from ghana to china and visa fee if you've not travelled before thus no stamp in your visa.

    • Nancy :2011/7/2 23:02:00

      you need to apply for a business visa with multiple entry.
      the visa fee is USD 120.
      a completely filled out visa application form;
      a recently taken passport size photo;
      your original passport with at least 6 months validity;
      for business visa applicant, you also need to provide the Original invitation from an authorized Chinese organization.

  • Replysangeeta,   India
    2011/6/24 7:20:00

    we have planned a visit to hongkong. but my child's passport expiring on 20 aug. every thing is booked. but we came to know that for hongkong visa on arrival u need 6 months validity. can my child still go.

    • Kathy :2011/6/25 19:25:00

      you need to make sure the validity of your child's passport is at least 44 days by the day you arrive in Hong Kong, if the validity is less than 44 days, you need to renew the passport.

  • Replyvinay,   India
    2011/6/12 3:03:00

    Hi, i am Indian and i have valid Indian passport, i want to go to Hong Kong for 04days for tour and then if i go china from Hong Kong, how can i get visa for china pls satisfy me.
    thank you
    Delhi, India

    • Sasha :2011/6/12 20:32:00

      hi Vinay,
      if you still want to go to mainland China after your tour to Hong Kong, you need to obtain a China tourist visa through the Chinese Embassy in India before your departure, and you are suggested to apply it one month in advance.

  • ReplyJanette Cielo,   Philippines
    2011/6/7 0:11:00

    Good day!

    My friend is a korean he wants to go to china to visit his girlfriend , what are the requirements of getting tourist visa and how long is the validity to stay there is it 14 or 21 days? Please help me. Thanks.

    • Filisia :2011/6/7 19:50:00

      required documents:
      valid passport, the photocopy of the ID card;
      a completely filled visa application form;
      a passport sized photo;
      the reservation of hotel in China and round-trip air tickets.

  • Replykabindrashrestha,   Nepal
    2011/6/6 0:03:00

    hi, this is kabindra shrestha, iam nepalese citizen, but now iam working in south korea. but this coming holidays time , i want to visit to my brothe in macau.. so what i have to do for get visa for macau for week.

    • Sara :2011/6/7 19:23:00

      please go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in South Korea to apply the Macau visa.
      for the required documents, you may refer to the above article.

  • Replyyna,   Philippines
    2011/5/17 22:11:00

    hi im yna from the philippines..my husband en i are planning to visit shanghai for 4 days..where can we apply visa to shanghai? tnx en godbless

    • Sabrina :2011/5/17 23:13:00

      r u in your country now? if so, you can go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Philippines to apply the Chinese visa.
      here is the address:
      2nd & 3rd Floor,
      the World Center,
      330 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue,
      Makati City,
      Metro Manila,
      Republic of the Philippines.

  • ReplyLoida G. Cruz,   Philippines
    2011/5/17 3:11:00

    My name is Loida Cruz, we have a travel agency here in the Philippines, we have a Korean client here in the Philippines and she wants to go to China, is it possible that she applies a visa from here Philippines to China? What are the requirements? and fees? Thank you

    • Ashley :2011/5/17 23:09:00

      yes, it is possible. she can apply the Chinese Visa in the Chinese Embassy in Philippines.
      you could find the detailed information here:

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