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I want to say
  • Replyheidi grace boholano,   Philippines
    2012/2/24 17:54:00

    hi im heidi in manila,may i know how to get my chinese visa,we go first to singapore and hongkong,its my first time to go china with my bf for a tour,how can i get it?and what are the requirements i need?

    • Lily :2012/2/24 21:42:00

      you need to apply the China visa through Chinses Embassy in the Philippines.
      the document you need to prepare are:
      1. your valid passport,
      2. a completely filled out visa application form
      3. a recently taken passport size photo,
      4. the original NBI Clerance valid for travel abroad.

  • ReplyRuby,   Philippines
    2012/2/24 17:20:00

    hi gud am,i just want to know what requirements i need to get tourist visa to china?i am filipino passport holder,i have norwegian BF who will working sometimes there but just business trip.is it possible that i can get chinese tourist visa?

    • Emma :2012/2/24 21:39:00

      you can get a Chinese visa.
      the requirements are:
      your valid passport, a fully filled out visa application form which you can download from from the official website of Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, a recently taken passport size photo, and the original NBI Clerance valid for travel abroad.

  • ReplyHeidi Boholano,   Philippines
    2012/2/24 15:19:00

    hello - my BF is Aussie and he is taking me on a ten nation tour around SE Asia. He wants me to go to Shenzen adn Gobei in China - just catching a supercat from macau or Hong Kong. I have all of my air tickets and all of my air tickets. Do you think I have a chance to get a multiple entry visa for two visits to China. Thanks

    • Blaire :2012/2/24 21:35:00

      hi Heidi,
      i think you can get the China visa.

  • Replyjoy dagsil
    2012/2/16 18:50:00

    my bf is french and i am from philippines,,he's inviting me to have a tour in china for one week,and he will manage all expences while we are in china,i am unemployed.. i submit all my req.already.and the agency ask my bf visa,passport,bank c. and salary copy,,is it realy required?
    we send all the reuirements already..do u think i can get this visa?

    • Helper :2012/2/16 19:18:00

      Hi Joy,
      all those documents you said are required, and you also need to submit the original NBI clearance for traveling abroad as this is your frist time to apply a China visa.
      i think you can get this visa, just take it easy.
      Good luck!

  • ReplyWessel,   South Africa
    2012/2/3 21:44:00

    Hi guys, thanks for this site and great free advise. My filipina wife has been visiting me every month in China for the last year, as I have been there on business. She has no problem to renew the visa herself every second month, it is always approved. This time however, I do not want her to stand in line again and wait 2 days in Manila for her visa. Is there an agency that can help with the renewal of her visa? She already has 5 L visas in her passport but we still could not get a multiple entry visa, only a double entry visa every time. Your help will be greatly appreciated! Salamat po!

    • Hank :2012/2/5 0:21:00

      Your wife may entrust a reliable travel agency or visa agency to help to apply for the visa for her, but she has to pay service fee to the agency.

  • ReplyHoward Thomas,   China
    2012/2/2 2:40:00

    We are embarking on a cruise that visits Hong Kong for 1 day and ends up in bejing where we stay for 3 nights before returning to the UK. We are british passport holders but are residing in spain over the period of the chinese visit>

    1, Can we obtain a tourist visa from the Chinese embassy in madrid, and how do we do that?
    2, For those to entries into China will we need multiple entry visas as we will be residing on the ship?
    3, Do I have to go to the chinese embassy in person or can it be achieved another way?

    • Lisa :2012/2/4 23:37:00

      1. You should apply for the China visa from the China visa application center in Madrid in fact.
      2. Although you will reside in the ship at night, but you will walk down the ship and to visit Beijing City at daytime, right? Then, you do have to apply for a Hk visa and a China visa (one entry is ok, since you will only visit Beijing).
      3.You can either go to the center in person to aubmit your application or just post yoru application to the center. The detailed information can be got from the official website http://www.visaforchina.org/MAD_EN/

  • ReplyLourdes Nellas,   Philippines
    2012/1/29 10:03:00

    Hi,can i be granted a 24hr chinese visa since we already have our airline tickets confirmed on feb 4,2012 for Shanghai? We are tourists and only have our hotel reservations. Do we have the chance to secure a chinese visa considering that we only have 5 days to go? Do you know of a travel agency that can help us process our chinese visa? Thanks

    • Cathy :2012/1/29 18:20:00

      yes, there is urgent visa service in the Chinese Embassy that you can collect your visa on the next working day with an extra serice fee.
      in this case, you need to prepare the following documents:
      your valid passport, a fully filled visa application form, your recently taken passport size photo, your hotel reservation, and original NBI clerance valid for travel abroad.

  • Replyvalerie sababan,   Philippines
    2012/1/27 22:07:00

    good day!my friend who is a chinese national is inviting me to visit him in april this year. im holding a philippine passport, what are the requirements for me to apply for a tourist visa?and how much will it cost me?

    • Brain :2012/1/28 18:40:00

      it is suggested to apply the Chinese visa one month prior to your departure date.
      you can ask your friend you provide you an invitation letter,a photocopy of his or her passport information page or Chinese National ID Card.
      the documents you need to subway are:
      your valid passport, a fully filled out visa application form which you can download from from the official website of Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, a recently taken passport size photo, and the original NBI Clerance valid for travel abroad.
      the visa fee is 1,300 Peso for a single entry visa.

  • ReplyAnita Tan,   Philippines
    2012/1/7 22:15:00

    Hi, Terry, thanks for the reply. I would like to ask another question. How long does it take to travel by tourist bus from Macau to Guangchou? How much does it cost for the travel and an overnight stay in a hotel? Many thanks.

    • Ashley :2012/1/8 18:33:00

      it takes about 2.5 hours and costs CNY 70 for the bus trip.
      the hotel rate in Guangzhou is usually around CNY 200 -300 per night.

  • ReplyAnita Tan,   Philippines
    2012/1/4 7:01:00

    Hello, I woould like to inquire if Phlippine Passport holder can apply for a chinese visa, me and my family wanted to cross the border to visit Zhu Hai for a day of sightseeing.Please give additional information. Thanks.

    • Terry :2012/1/4 18:54:00

      of course, you can apply the Chinese visa, but you need to apply the visa through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines before you go.
      usually you are supposed to start to apply the visa one month's before you go.
      as you mentioned you are going to "cross the border", i guess you are/will be in Hong Kong or Macau, right? if so, you can not apply the Chinese visa in Hong Kong or Macau, but need to go back to the Philippines to apply the visa.
      to save you the time and money for going back to the Philippines, you can join in a group tour organized by a qualified Hong Kong or Macau travel agency to Zhuhai, then if you stay in Zhuhai less than 6 days, you do not need to apply the Chinese visa.
      Gook Luck

  • ReplyArmie Pili,   Indonesia
    2011/12/14 5:19:00

    Hi, My family already bought tickets for Beijing tour on Dec 31- Jan 6th. My parents and 2 siblings already got their visas in the United States so it'll be just me and my brother here in Manila who'd be getting China visas. My stepdad is sponsoring this trip. What documents should I present during visa application? Would it help if I bring photocopies of my parents' approved China visas? Thanks a lot!

    • Ginger :2011/12/14 18:03:00

      you'd better apply the visa as soon as possible. i think the time is very tight for you to apply the Chinese visa.
      you can check at the official webside of Chinese Embassy in the Philippines for the requried documents.
      kind reminder: try to get an invitation letter from a person in China, as well as the photocopy of his or her valid Chinese residence visa and passport information page or Chinese national identity card.
      as this is your first Chinese visa, you also need to submit the orginal NBI clearance valid for travel abroad.

  • ReplyPearl,   Philippines
    2011/12/13 20:29:00

    Hi. I just want to inquire if I can still get china tourist visa in hongkong? I am now In Wuhan and my visa will Finnish soon. I want to exit hongkong. My sister is legally working in china. If ever my sister can provide all the supporting papers can I get china visa in hongkong? Thank you

    • Ashley :2011/12/14 17:20:00

      Hi Pearl,
      you can try to extend your visa before it expires in the Exit and Entry Bureau in Wuhan, if you have to apply a new one, you can not apply the visa in Hong Kong, you need to apply it in your country.

  • Replydipa sharma,   China
    2011/12/13 2:57:00

    hi i want to knw i wnt to call my mom to china for 3 mnths bcoz i am pregnant but she dnt hv my irth certificate can u please tell me how to do it wthut certificate i m in guangzhou china, and how many days to get and wht wll be the charges... thnks dipa

    • Anna :2011/12/13 18:38:00

      you can ask your mom to apply a tourist visa and come to China, and then change to a dependent visa when she is in China.

  • Replyryan,   Philippines
    2011/12/13 17:00:00

    To whom it may concern,
    I am writing to enquire about the invitation letter going to macau.if there is a travel agency can entertain this.thanks a lot.

    • Lyla :2011/12/13 18:35:00

      Hi Ryan,
      filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so you don't need to apply a visa for your tour to Macau, an invitation letter is also not necessary.

  • ReplyGina,   Philippines
    2011/11/26 19:46:00

    Does the scanned copy of invitation letter is acceptable?

    • Sammy :2011/11/27 18:18:00

      you need to provide the original one.

  • ReplyMicky,   Philippines
    2011/11/18 2:06:00

    I am a Filipino Chinese residing at the Philippines. My father is a Chinese Citizen but resides here at Manila, Do I still need to apply for the Visa? I am Filipino Citizen already. This is for an Official Business trip.

    • Hank :2011/11/18 18:33:00

      I wanna to know where you will go to do the business first.

  • Replynina,   Philippines
    2011/11/16 1:58:00

    Hi, I am applying for the L visa... I got all the requirements.. but for the NBI clearance (travel abroad), I only have my personal copy of it.. Coz I have already submitted the other half of it for my passport.. Do you think they will accept even if it's the personal copy of NBI clearance?? need response ASAP.. Thanks

    • Andy :2011/11/16 18:16:00

      hi nina,
      the requirement for Mainland China visa application says you need to submit the original NBI clearance.
      you may consult the Chinese Embassy for detailed information.

  • ReplyBel Juanico,   Philippines
    2011/11/13 17:54:00

    hello i hold philippines passport i want to visit dalian china for 25 days do i need to get tourist visa even is less 30 days? or is ok to have as round trip plane ticket alone?

    • Fiona :2011/11/13 18:13:00

      you need to apply the China visa through the Chinese Embassy or consulate general in the Philippines.

  • Replys. m. siddiqur,   Bangladesh
    2011/10/31 12:50:00

    what is the lowest plane fare from Guangzhou to Hongkong?

    • Wendy :2011/10/31 19:28:00

      if you book now, the price is about CNY 900 - 1000 (exclude tax).
      you can book the ticket here:

  • ReplyGina,   Philippines
    2011/10/25 10:09:00

    Hi,I would like to ask how much is the minimum shown money required for tourist visa.Me and my son was invited with my chinese boyfriend to visit his hometown to arrange our marriage in there and for the changes of citizenship of our son. Also does our 1 year old son needs a visa?Thank you

    • Kevin :2011/10/25 19:12:00

      The visa fee is 1400 peso for a single entry China tourist visa. I think you one year old son do need to apply for a visa if he was born in Philippines.

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