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I want to say
  • ReplyMitch araullo
    2014/11/4 15:22:00

    Hi! I am due to fly to beijing for a 5 day travel in a few weeks time and am about to apply for visa. But i just found out that my BIR FORM 2316 is missing. I was in taiwan march of this year and was able to get a visa since my requirements were complete back then. Is it possible to get a VISA now for my beijing trip? Will my certificate of employment and bank statement suffice? I am still with the same employer as i have been. Please help! :(

    • Aria :2014/11/4 22:59:00

      If you can provide other documents such as the professional ID, your employment certificate, bank statement and a statement on the reasons for not providing the BIR form, it is still possible to get a Tourist L.

  • ReplyEdz
    2014/3/15 15:58:00

    Hi,I am a Philippine passport holder living here in the Phil and my boyfriend is a Canadian who is in Canada right now and he's not working in China either. We are planning to have a vacation in China, however he will be the one sponsoring or paying for the whole trip. I already visited 9 countries for the past 3 years. Will it help? I would like to ask if there is still a need for me to present my bank certificate/statement when I apply for an L visa. This will be my first time to travel in China but we were in Hong Kong last month. What are the requirements needed to prove that he will be paying for my expenses? Please advise. Thanks.

    • David :2014/3/17 21:41:00

      your experience of visiting 9 countries will make it easier for you to get a Chinese visa. but, as this is your first time to China, you sitll need to present your bank statement. you can ask your boyfriend to write a supportive letter.

    • Edz :2014/3/19 10:21:00

      Thanks a lot David. You're reply is highly appreciated. So in addition to his letter, I will still bring my bank statement when I apply for the L visa, am I correct? Thanks.

    • David :2014/3/19 22:45:00

      yes.you also need to present travel itinerary and reservation of round-trip airline ticket and hotel.

    • anne :2014/9/8 11:10:00

      Hi edz, did you already apply for a tourist visa in china? what requirements did you provide? thanks

  • Replyanne
    2014/9/8 11:04:00

    Hello, I don't work actually so i cannot provide the ITR, COE but i can provide the bank statement that they require. My bf is the one who will shoulder all the expenses every time we travel. My question is Is there any chance that i can get a tourist visa. I really want to see the Great Wall of China. What other requirements do i need to provide to grant the tourist visa. Thanks alot

  • ReplyBim
    2014/8/22 21:02:00

    My friend holds a PRC passport with a Singapre work permit n she has booked a flight to Hong Kong for a 5-day holiday. Her return ticket is back to Singapore. Does she needs to apply an entry permit?

    • Kina :2014/9/1 5:38:00

      Yes, she has to apply for a HK entry permit in advance.

  • ReplyLanie Nicdao
    2014/8/14 3:49:00

    We"ll go to disneyland in sept 12,, and we are planning to go to window of the world on sept 13 then go back to Hongkong on sept 13 before night time..so we only need a one day tour in shenzhen ...can we get visa here in philippines so that when we arrive in HK we are ready to ride in MTR to reach Shenzhen...im going there with my husband and 4yr old daughter. Thank you

    • Mani :2014/8/17 3:51:00

      Hey, you may have no idea that HK visa is different from China mainland visa. For your stay in HK, no visa is needed according to the regulations. To tour Shenzhen, you need to apply for a visa in Philippines in advance.

  • ReplyLanie Nicdao
    2014/8/14 3:44:00

    Hi! Im Melanie Nicdao from Philippines. We will go to Hongkong on September 12-14 and we'll do this tour all by ourselves alone. No travel agency. Can we get a china visa here in Philippines before we go to HK or we better get visa in Hongkong upon arrival there? Which is faster and more convenient? Which is cheaper?

    • Tina :2014/8/17 3:48:00

      But Philippine passport holders are exmpt from visa in HK for no more than 14 days. That is to say, no visa is needed for your trip between Sep. 12 and Sep. 14. You just need prepare the round trip ticket and hotel reservation proof to get into HK.

  • ReplyMaria
    2014/8/14 1:40:00

    Hi my name is Maria I have a few question about my visa application going to china , I had American husband who's working in china, I had all the the documents I need , but the problem is my nbi clearance is not yet ready,can I get visa if I can't bring nbi clearanceThank you

    • Rita :2014/8/17 3:46:00

      If just for a regular L visa, it is fine to go to apply for a visa without bringing the NBI clearance as I know.

  • ReplyGib
    2014/8/7 11:41:00

    Hi! Im visiting in china for the first time and have a chinese national friend living in shandong. I told him to prepare and invitational letter for me so its easier for my visa application process. At present, I'm 27yo, unemployed and still dependent to my parents. Do you have any idea of how to prepare an invitation letter so that i can tell to my friend who's a chinese national?

    • Dylan :2014/8/11 21:19:00

      Juast ask your friend to send you an invitation letter with his name, contact telephone number, address, official stamp and his signature of the legal representative included. He can fax it or send it to you. Or you can print it out. Apart from that, you also need to prepare documents showing the itinerary in China including air ticket booking record for visa application.

  • ReplyGary Wiggins
    2014/6/18 20:30:00

    I am from the US. I am in Manila. I wsnt to to China. I need visa and all travel artangements. I have a place to stay. I want to leave quickly. Thanks

    • Fred :2014/6/21 5:21:00

      you need to apply the visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General. you can apply in Manila if you work or live there, but you need to go back to US to apply the visa if you are just a visitor in Manila.

  • ReplyNick
    2014/5/16 20:22:00

    Hi. My girlfriend is a Filipina working in Shenzhen, China She wants to visit me in Calgary, Alberta Canada for her month's vacation. When applying for her tourist visa it turns out that she cannot provide a bank statement as her employer has been paying her directly and she has been sending most of it back to support her family in the Philippes. The agent at the tourist agency in Shenzhen (atlastoursagency.com) has informed us that she needs to establish a bank account and have $50usd per day for the number of days her visa will run - ie for a 3 month visa it would be approx $4500 usd. Is this true? Also is there anything I can do from my end to assist with the process and finally could this be a scam? So far my dealings with the agency seem to have been above board. I would appreciate any advice you may have on this subject. Thank you kindly

    • Roy :2014/5/20 16:21:00

      Is she a nanny that you meet on blossoms? I had a similar invitation. I would say that you should be very cautious.

  • ReplyEdelyn
    2014/5/14 12:37:00

    hi my boyrfriend is Chinese living in Shanghai, he ewant to visit but the problem is i dont have a bank statement with PHP 100,000 which one the requirements. i have a savings account with only 50,000 pesoe i just open a bank account a month. please help what should i do?

    • Karen :2014/5/15 5:32:00

      Hi, Edelyn. You are suggested to consult the Chinese embassy directly for detail and exact information.

  • ReplyMitch
    2014/5/5 8:29:00

    Can my fiance apply for a HK visit visa for 2 to 3 months validity for the preperation of our wedding in Hk and my mother will sponsor him? What are the requirements needed?

    • Brenda :2014/5/5 21:43:00

      what is his nationality?people from some countries do not need to apply the visa to Hong Kong.

  • ReplyAzaleah
    2014/4/14 23:39:00

    Hi My boyfriend is in SHanghai and he wants me to visit there on june for my birthday celebration too. He will shoulder everything but what do we need for us to get visa? and can we apply for S2 or L Visa? and i dont have bank statement so he will probably provide but his bank is in US.

    • Candy :2014/4/15 21:59:00

      you can only apply an L visa. if this is your first visit to China, you have to provide the bank statement and NBI clearance. you can also ask you bf to write an invitation letter or affidavit letter to you.

    • azaleah :2014/4/15 22:08:00

      I dont have bank statement? can my boyfriend provide his bank statement? and I am not employed right now should i be denied with the visa?

    • Candy :2014/4/16 22:08:00

      if you don't have a bank statement, you should provide a letter of explanation, and also your bf's bank statement. better to consult the Chinese Embassy for detailed information.

  • ReplyK ta
    2013/11/21 2:11:00

    hi, My fiance will work in Shanghai and get a residence permit for him and his 2 children.Unfortunately we are not married but living together for 2 years and this is not my children.We are fiancée but I just learn that I cannot get residential visa to live with him in Shanghai, is it correct?What are my options?Can I get a tourist visa for at least 90 days , easy to renew?Sorry for the long questions and thanks you

    • Susan :2013/11/21 17:52:00

      yes, it is corret. you can try to apply a tourist visa, but i'm not sure if it is a 90 day, usually you can get a 30 day visa and you can try to have it extended before it expires.

    • AZaleah :2014/4/15 22:11:00

      Hi are you in shanghai now? what did you do to be with your fiance? because my boyfriend is working also there for 1 year already and he wants me to move with him.

  • ReplyRhea Jane Lemente,   Philippines
    2012/10/16 2:27:00


    I am from Philippines and i have an American BF in Xiamen, China working as an English teacher.He wanted me to visit him. Can he provide an invitation letter for me if he is an American citizen.? What is the best way i should to to get visa to visit him in Xiamen?

    • Nancy :2012/10/16 20:02:00

      yes, he can provide an invitation letter for you, as a friend but not a relative, so you still need to apply an L visa as a tourist.

    • Azaleah :2014/4/14 23:44:00

      Hi ask ko lang what requirements you have pass in embassy when you visit your boyfriend same case here im planning to go to shanghai on june on my birthday to visit my american bf working as teacher too.. please i need your advice,,he will shoulder everything too.

  • Replyruby
    2014/3/31 23:10:00

    i'm a freelancer working online. i do not have BIR tax statement. Can I apply for Chinese visa?

    • David :2014/4/1 22:00:00

      yes, you can, just have a try.

  • ReplyRosie Remigio
    2014/2/1 7:26:00

    hello i want.to apply chinese.visa because we will.have cruisin in.the ship.of.my husband together with my 2kids ages 15 yr old and 11yr old.they have a schedule in China one day in.shanghai and one day in xiamen.what kind of visa should i get?transit visa or tourist visa?about our show money how much together with my 2kids.what are our complete requirements needed?I am now preparing to get our chinese visa?thanx.hope to hear an asap reply on my concerns.

  • Replymay ann aclore
    2014/1/28 23:12:00

    hi i just wanna ask what are the requirements for tourist visa in china when someone is sponsoring my entire trip?

  • Replyliz
    2014/1/1 18:43:00

    Hi there,My fiance and I had been planning to go to Beijing, but I found out that a visa is required to enter China. To obtain this, there should be a bank statement as proof of finances. I have this but it's not sufficient :( so can my fiance ( Canadian ) be the one to show his bank statement instead and our itinerary, return tickets and all to have a visa? Say for five-six days? thanks much and happy new year :)

  • ReplyBillie
    2013/12/15 5:32:00

    Hi, I have a question. My friend and I will be visiting China next month. We're about to apply for our visa. I'll be sponsoring this trip for me and my friend. Would my bank statements be sufficient to prove that I'll be paying for all our expenses? Would this be honored in our visa application? we have already hotel reservations and return tickets. Please advise us

    • Kate :2013/12/15 17:34:00

      Where are you from? what is your nationality? visitors from some countries are exempt from China visa. if you are required to apply one, the requirement may be different for visitors from different countries.

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