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I want to say
  • ReplyLorraine,   United Kingdom
    2010/4/21 9:35:00

    I am a British passport holder.Do I need a visa to visit mainland China?

    • jojo :2010/4/22 1:12:00

      of course, you need to apply a Chinese visa.

  • ReplyGohar,   Pakistan
    2010/4/17 15:43:00

    im from pakistan i went apply chines emegration how i can apply and what is condetion

    • Robert :2010/4/19 20:24:00

      As far as I know, it is hard to emigrate to China, only foreigners who have been stayed in China for 5 years can apply for a China Resident Visa.

  • ReplyElaine,   United Arab Emirates
    2010/4/13 15:00:00

    I am a Filipino working in Dubai. I will be having my annual vacation on August 2010. Our company will give my free ticket from Dubai via Thailand connecting Thailand to Manila.Will i be able to get a 14 days stay to Thailand before my fly back to Manila?

    • David :2010/4/13 21:30:00

      I advise you apply for the visas of both Thailand and Manila before your travel.

  • ReplyNabeela,   United Arab Emirates
    2010/3/30 3:32:00

    Hi I'm Pakistani, basically located in UAE, want to join in any of the medical colleges in china, whats the procedure and secondly I want my husband to get some job in China as well, what kind of visa he would required to have.

    • Steven :2010/3/30 20:01:00

      You have to apply for an admission letter from a Chinese medical school, and your husband have to get an offer from a Company based in China first.

  • ReplyGrace,   Singapore
    2010/2/24 21:52:00

    Hi, l'm a New Zealand passport holder, also Hongkong PR with ID card. And l am working in Singapore at the moment with an Employment Pass, l would like to visit Haikou (Fly out from Singapore)for holdiday. So do l need a Visa? If yes then how to apply? l can't find any application form Chinses Embassy's websit.

    • Frank ( Australia ) :2010/3/4 11:17:00

      You need visa to visit China. The passport is the only concern, and if you are holding the New Zealand passport, then visa is required.

  • Replychops,   Philippines
    2010/1/19 4:11:00

    I am a Filipino citizen and i plan to travel in china for two weeks or so.. Do i need to get a visa? And if Yes.. What kind of visa is that? Thank You!

  • Replyasanka,   Sri Lanka
    2009/12/19 22:22:00

    iam srilankan passport holder and iam working dubai.i need to go pilipine for 15 days holyday.i want fly from dubai.so how can i get visa holiday visa for pilipine from dubai.

    • Linda :2009/12/21 19:12:00

      From the Philippines Embassy in Dubai or UAE

  • ReplyAldhy,   Indonesia
    2009/12/16 23:47:00

    I'm Indonesian passport holder and I have an offering hotelier job in Macau,and will be leave very soon to Macau.
    As I know the Indonesian No need for a visa to come to Macau,but I have a plan sometimes next year to visit Beijing for a holiday from Macau,Do I still need a visit visa to China,and how to apply the visa,because The Indonesian Consulate only have in Hongkong?
    Many thanks for your information.

    • David :2009/12/17 18:45:00

      Indonesian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for sightseeing, doing business and visit relatives, but you need a visa to Macau, since you will work there.
      As for the visa for your trip to beijing, you can apply for it from the visa office of PRC in Macau SAR.

  • Replymaria,   New Zealand
    2009/12/7 16:59:00

    i am a new zealand passport holder, do i need a visa to travel to shanghai?

    • Sara :2009/12/7 18:48:00

      of course you need.

  • ReplyOladipupo John .O.,   Nigeria
    2009/11/11 8:23:00

    Pls i'll like to know the cost for Visa I want to come and spend my xmass overthere.
    How do i apply pls put me true.
    just 2 weeks for my vacation.

    • Sayhello ( China ) :2009/11/11 20:52:00

      You need to apply for a China visa from Chinese Embassy in Nigeria.

  • ReplyYi,   China
    2009/11/10 0:52:00

    My friend from Sri Lanka is planning to come to China for a holiday. Would she require a visa? If so, what kind of documentations would she need?

    • Fantasy ( China ) :2009/11/10 19:07:00

      Yes. She need if she wants to enter China mainland. She can apply for China visa from Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka. Here is the website http://lk.china-embassy.org/eng/.

  • ReplyLyle,   China
    2009/11/5 5:11:00

    I have a chinese passport and i'm planing to enter Hong Kong for five days. Will i need a visa or not?

    • Mei ( China ) :2009/11/5 19:47:00

      I think you need to apply for Hong Kong and Macau traffic permit.

  • Replyinoma,   Singapore
    2009/10/22 0:57:00

    Hi i work in Singapore but hold a Srilankan Passport do need to apply for Visa in adavance to travel to Hongkong for 4 days as a tourist?

    • 2009/10/23 2:48:00

      WarriorTours.com :>With valid Sri Lanka passport, you will not need to apply for a Hong Kong visa. Your visa free period in Hong Kong is 30 days.

  • Replynauman,   Pakistan
    2009/10/17 20:54:00

    i am a medical student in china?i have lost my passport with stamped study VISA ?i am very much worried?
    i want to continue my studies without any break and lost of time?
    how can i get my new passport with stamped chinese visa again ?i can not go back to Pakistan because it will waste my money and time??please tell me what should i do?i am very worried?

    • Jay Chen ( China ) :2009/10/20 1:48:00

      Nauman, you may apply for a new one from the local police office.

  • ReplyManjula,   Sri Lanka
    2009/10/12 6:30:00

    I am a Sri Lankan. From where I have to get visa to visit Maccao?


    • 2009/10/12 20:25:00

      WarriorTours.com :>If you are in Sri Lanka, you may resort to China Embassy to Sri Lanka. Here is its official website: http://lk.china-embassy.org/eng/.

  • Replykathy,   Philippines
    2009/10/1 10:17:00

    I'm a Philippine resident with holding of ROC(Taiwan) passport & a PROC (mainland china) travel permit. I wish to visit Macau for 4days. Do I need a visa to enter Macau?

  • Replyaustine onyeabor,   Nigeria
    2009/9/25 10:24:00

    with a nigeria passport can i visit Hong Kong ?..how do i get my visa..?

    • 2009/9/25 20:44:00

      WarriorTours.com :>You need to apply for a Hong Kong Visa from China Embassy to Nigeria or from the local China consulates.

  • Replymaxwell,   Sri Lanka
    2009/9/25 4:15:00

    I am working in dubai I have a sri lankan passport and wish to visit Hong Kong. Do I need a visa for a 10 days visit?

    • 2009/9/25 20:46:00

      WarriorTours.com :>With valid Sri Lanka passport, your visa free period in Hong Kong is one month.

  • ReplyPrem Singh,   United Kingdom
    2009/9/11 6:04:00

    Hi, i have a British passport and i am in Shanghai China. I intend to visit Thailand . Do i need a visa as i have been told from a travel agency that i do. I intend to fly back to the UK from Thailand but again i have been told i have to fly back to China before returning to the UK?

  • Replymat,   United Kingdom
    2009/7/25 11:58:00

    Do Mauritian passport holders need a visa for France or Spain?

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