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I want to say
  • ReplyJenny,   China
    2011/11/20 1:49:00

    Hi, i currently have a Z visa and need to renew it. However i have no free page in my UK passport. Can i add pages somewhere, or do i have to send my passport to HK who then send it to the UK?
    I'm aware if i go to the UK i will have to have the hassle of applying for a new Z visa. Help!

    • Susan :2011/11/20 20:13:00

      Hi Jenny,
      you can have your passport renewed frist at the British Embassy in China, and then renew your Z visa.

  • ReplyMugisha,   Burundi
    2011/11/15 0:30:00

    Hello there ,

    I have all the paperwork for work visa from mainland china and i was wondering if i could apply for one month z visa in macau then my company will process my z visa once back on the mainland.I went to my country but the china embassy in my country does not issue z visa instead they issued a F visa and told me to process my z visa in china ... even with all the right documentation? So am a bit confused on how to proceed ? thanks

    • Sue :2011/11/15 19:06:00

      don't worry Mugisha,
      just do as what the Chinese Embassy told you. apply a F visa and process a Z visa when you are in China.

  • ReplyArun Gada,   India
    2011/10/22 4:01:00

    I want to travel to Hongkong on the 27thof October and my passport is valid till 22 January. Will I be able to enter hongkong as my passport is not valid for 6 months ?

    • Kina :2011/10/22 18:51:00

      yes, you can enter HK.
      Since Indian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, you just need to make sure your passport is valid for 30 +14 =44 days on the day you enter HK.

  • Replygretchen grace butac,   Philippines
    2011/10/2 19:54:00

    gud am!i am presently teaching elementary pupils and i want to visit temporary in your country..what requirements do i need to have?it is just 5 days..i have a passport now..

    • Gina :2011/10/8 20:06:00

      you need to apply a Chinese tourist visa in the Chinese Embassy or Consulate general in the Philippines.
      the requirements: your valid passport; a completely filled out visa application form; your recently taken passport size photo.
      you also need to submit;
      Original NBI clearance valid for travel abroad; original bank certificate;
      Invitation letter with a copy of the inviter's valid Chinese residence visa and passport information page of inviter's or Chinese national identity card.

    2011/9/21 3:14:00


    • Lisa :2011/9/21 19:29:00

      Yes, you can apply for the China visa from the visa office of PRC in Hong Kong.

  • Replymarietes jacinto,   Philippines
    2011/8/24 11:59:00

    do we need a visa to come and visit hongkong for 4 days if we are holding a filipino pasport and what other documents needed to show other than our passport ang airticket and accomodatio?
    thank u

    • David :2011/8/24 19:28:00

      the documents you mentioned will do.

  • Replysally s ngo,   Macau, China
    2011/7/30 8:38:00

    when i runs out of visa in macau and need to exit in my last day of visa i went to hongkong and the immigration denied me to enter and put D.O.B in my passport. and frpom then on everytime i come to hongkong even if i already have working permit in macau they keep hassling me. what should i do?

    • Tina :2011/7/30 22:44:00

      you may try to apply a new passport.

  • Replycalsi,   Philippines
    2011/7/14 6:43:00

    Can i ask if ill travel hongkong,and i want to go to china,because i want to travel europe like france.what is the best thing and only way to get easier visa.what is procedure how to get visa in france if im already in china.and i want to travel with a train if there is possible way to go to france with train?from china?

    • Laura :2011/7/16 20:21:00

      if you want to visit mainland China, you need to apply a L visa to China in your country before you go.
      if you go to mainland China just for transit (stay no more than 24 hours in the airport), you don't need the visa.
      there's no train from China to France.
      i suggest you take flight from Hong Kong to France directly.
      as for the visa to France, i suggest you apply it in the French Embassy in your country.

  • Replygilberte simonet,   United Kingdom
    2011/6/21 0:33:00

    do mauritians need a visa for a day trip to france

    • Lisa :2011/6/21 20:46:00

      i think you need to consult the French Embassy in your country.

  • Replyanna,   Philippines
    2011/5/19 0:51:00

    i been married to a taiwanese but our daughter was born here in Philippines and were planning to have a chinese passport for her , please help me what are the requirements of having applying it?

    • Emily :2011/5/22 1:39:00

      only Chinese nationality can get the Chinese passport.

  • ReplyPankaj Agarwal,   India
    2011/5/21 23:53:00

    I wish to travel hongkong from 6th June 2011 to 13 june 2011 in I wil be going to macau also for 2 days so what visa I require


    • emily :2011/5/22 1:18:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong Visa for 14 days and are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so you don't need to apply the visa.

  • Replysbpdesai,   India
    2011/1/31 3:53:00

    I am retired AI staff travelling at the end of March 2011 with the passage Mumbai shnghai
    mumbai I want shanghai tour package then I would like to visit one industrial placelike
    Guangzha or Yiwn and I want guide to help me for business and then can I travel by train to hongkong and backtoshanghai( anydiscount concesion for sr.citizen on bullet train on on air for Airlines staff and china visa is sufficient to visit HKG

    • carlos :2011/1/31 21:31:00

      Yes, a China visa is enough for your Shanghai-Guangzhou-Yiwu-Hk-Shanghai tour if you will stay in Hk for less than 14 days.

  • Replyjeevan,   United Kingdom
    2011/1/10 15:18:00

    My wife hold a srilankan passport,I hold a swiss passport and intend to visit singapore for one week then go back by train to malasiya for two week,do we need a visa to malasiya.

    • Derek :2011/1/10 21:23:00

      You don't have to apply for a malaysian visa if you will be there for less than 30 days.

  • Replyabdul baseer abdul quader,   Oman
    2010/12/29 5:13:00


    I (a. baseer a. quader) working in a reputed SAOG company in Oman.

    I need some information on the following :

    - What is the visa requirement for Omani national (he is CEO) to visit china for business and tourist. Details & application form

    - AND for Indian nationals : visa requirement for china.

    Your prompt reply shall be highly appreciated please.

    thanx. & brgds.

    a. baseer a. quader

    • Lisa :2010/12/29 20:24:00

      Usually, you have to prepare the following documents to apply for a China Tourist visa:
      1.Applicant's passport with blank pages and at least 6 months validity left before expiration.
      2.A truly and completely filled application form affixed with one passport-sized photo.
      3.Round-trip air ticket.
      4.Hotel reservation. Or proof of relationship in case of visiting relatives in china.
      However, you'd better confirm with the local China Embassy again.

  • ReplyThomas Fraser,   Germany
    2010/12/10 2:58:00

    Do I require a visa to stay in Macao by Hong Kong for 14 days

  • Replydheeraj sharma,   India
    2010/7/4 3:15:00

    hi this is dheeraj i have done graduation,i want to go dubai i have no work permit visa,i am an indian passport holder&i have no money.

    • Kapil ( Hong Kong, China ) :2010/11/23 5:42:00

      Hello Dear Dheeraj just only one think for you
      No Money No honey.

  • Replydominic oppong peparh,   Hong Kong, China
    2010/7/12 7:35:00

    l want to make a vest tours in same past life, thin that in the past.and l want to vest my frined in that parttecole time.

  • Replysrimathie Rajapaksa,   Sri Lanka
    2010/6/21 1:21:00

    I want to visit Malaysia. Do I have to get visa for it. But I heard a news that, Malaysia relaxed visa requirement for 21 counties including Srilanka. If it is true what I need to get visa for Maylaysia

    • Brenda :2010/6/21 4:48:00

      hi, i think you need to apply a Malaysian visa before you go.

  • Replyemmanuel,   Nigeria
    2010/1/3 10:14:00

    hi china i need a chinese visa because i would love to come there for some buisness procedures, so let me know the visa requirments thanks.

    • Robert :2010/1/3 21:51:00

      Please try the official website of the China Embassy in Nigeria below:

    • Paul Thomas ( China ) :2010/1/10 1:16:00

      No problem at all - British cotizens do not need a visa for tourist visit to THailand < 3 weeks; juts been so I am certain about this.


    • David :2010/1/19 18:58:00

      you have to apply for a China L tourist visa.

    • Cherry :2010/2/26 19:21:00

      I think you need to apply for Home Return Permit (Home-Visiting Certificate for Compatriots from Hong Kong and Macau) as a HK citizen.

    • parvez khan ( India ) :2010/5/28 5:30:00

      do i need a visa to inter in macau

    • anna :2010/5/28 20:05:00

      you can stay in Macau visa-free for 14 days. if you want to stay there longer, you need to apply a visa.

  • Replygozie john,   Ghana
    2010/5/1 5:02:00

    Hi,i have a ghanian passport and i am in lagos nigeria.i intend to visit ecuador.do i need visa.

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