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I want to say
  • ReplyShashika
    2013/1/18 2:12:00

    Was she has leadership qualities?what are they?

  • ReplyAngelique,   United States
    2013/1/2 3:33:00

    How can we be 100% sure that she did these horable acts, and it's not just the male domanite regeme demanizing her inorder to keep the females in their place below men?

    • Adrian :2013/1/7 17:20:00

      Wu Zetian was a strong powerful empress.She was very greedy mean,and here is the word,BRUTAL.All though she was brutal,she helped invite scholars to china,built temples,encouraged artists,and increased agricultural production & building public works like irrigation canals. In A.D 705,Wu's third son pushed her out of power and she became very ill and old :)

  • ReplyClaudia,   United States
    2012/10/17 20:59:00

    Thanks!, this really helped me to learn even more! I chose her as my Great Live for school. It was really interesting what she did to her children. Definitely won't say that in my speech!! :) Thanks though!

  • Replyjen s,   United States
    2012/2/11 20:09:00

    she was a very greedy and horrible person but she did help china

    • l :2012/7/29 2:14:00

      and what right do you have to make judgements against her personal character? the only judgement that can be made is undisputed historical evidence: China flourished under her reign.

  • ReplySai,   Australia
    2009/8/21 18:58:00

    hell no. There was another female monarch. Empress Cixi

    • Candace ( China ) :2011/2/28 16:10:00

      That's not true. Empress Wu Zetian is the only woman to have ruled China by herself. Empress Cixi ruled along with her five year old son.

    • max ( United States ) :2011/6/13 18:35:00

      Cixi wasn't really an empress.

    • Lily Jansen ( United States ) :2012/2/27 14:30:00

      Empress Cixi was the woman behind the crown, but she never took up a position an emperor of China like Wu Zetian did.

  • ReplyAtharv,   United States
    2010/3/29 17:39:00

    Really helpful. Really helped me on my project on Ancient Chine =D

    • Misty Seahultzer ( Azerbaijan ) :2011/3/23 17:20:00

      Pictuere are like totally and like completely awesome. Pics should like totally be on this website. Like ya!

  • ReplyMisty Seahultzer,   Azerbaijan
    2011/3/23 17:18:00

    this had been like so totally useful 4 me. I like totally like it! it is like totlly hip. Like ya! LOL

  • ReplyCassidy,   United States
    2011/1/24 19:27:00

    This information is great! i'm using it for my seventh grade report. But it should have a little more detail about her life, and what she did in it.

  • ReplyZezima,   United States
    2009/10/11 15:46:00

    Very,very good...Nice information
    Its awesome....

    • Dan ( United States ) :2010/12/6 13:37:00

      So is all the information true or not?

  • Replytehe duck
    2010/11/11 17:13:00

    how do i cite this information?

    • Tm :2010/11/11 21:39:00

      if it is for personal use, you just need to Quote this into your files and then place the website address at the end of your passage.
      if for public usa, you need to contact this website.

  • Replyluisa,   United States
    2010/10/3 14:04:00

    - Why did Emperor Gaozong impart these considerable powers and
    responsibilities to women inside his harem?
    - and how both defied the political odds by playing off the others strengths
    and weaknesses?

  • ReplyAshley barnes,   Malta
    2010/5/13 11:49:00

    needs pictures

  • ReplyLisa Williams,   Australia
    2008/9/10 21:46:00

    I think this is a very biased and poorly-researched account on Empress Wu Zetian's life.

    • Alsandada ( Uganda ) :2009/12/7 20:03:00

      I agree...This all needs to b cleared w/ a proffetional!

  • Replyvanessa,   Canada
    2009/5/5 19:04:00

    good info but i think it should have more about what she did in her life ... it should also have pics she the kids know waht sh looks like and stuff like thatit show also have her hobbies but over wise it was a big help !!!

    • irene ( Canada ) :2009/10/19 21:47:00

      yea you are right vannessa!

  • ReplyAmanda Onthewbb,   Australia
    2009/8/25 7:55:00

    thank you this has been very helpful, however, a litle more info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Replybonnie,   Anguilla
    2009/6/4 10:29:00

    cool infromation

  • Replylila,   China
    2009/5/17 6:25:00


  • ReplyMrPain,   Singapore
    2009/5/4 7:01:00

    Good information. Info helped in my projects! Thanks!

  • ReplyMR TIMOTHy,   Afghanistan
    2009/2/19 21:37:00


  • Replyalyssa,   United States
    2009/2/1 15:17:00

    You should add more intresting pictures and do it much more funner like a kids website.I want and wish this could be a more funner website.

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