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I want to say
  • Replydave,   Germany
    2009/11/12 20:12:00

    It makes no mention of the battle of talas river check out wikipedia. This battle was against Abbsid Arabs in 751 I think... Very interesting, how unfortunate incidence for us chinese... we lost, may have helped speed up the spread of Islam, through captured Tang chinese technology.

  • Replyjosu
    2009/9/20 15:43:00

    This helps tremendously historically, geneolgically and informatively..thanks

  • ReplyLilly,   Thailand
    2009/9/7 10:58:00

    Who is the author of this article?

  • ReplyMichelle,   Singapore
    2009/5/29 23:23:00

    Thanks. It helped me in my history assignment

  • Replythomas,   United States
    2009/3/10 0:11:00

    Thanks it help me on a project

  • Replyching chung,   China
    2009/1/15 9:37:00

    i m on my break from best buy i love learning about china i feel so far away from home!

  • Replychingy,   China
    2009/1/14 9:42:00

    yo this place is cool man i love learning about my culture

  • ReplyBobberita,   Antarctica
    2008/12/30 14:14:00


  • ReplyMuxi,   China
    2008/12/14 1:52:00

    Yes, it is.

  • Replyterran,   Belgium
    2008/11/26 14:56:00

    is this the truth

  • ReplyAtlanta Bradshaw
    2008/10/23 14:32:00

    This tells me alot of informatin thank you