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I want to say
  • ReplyKristina
    2011/11/30 16:26:00

    What were some major inventions of Qin dynasty?

    • Bonnie :2011/11/30 19:16:00

      it is said that Chinese writing brush was invented during the Qin Dynasty.
      in addition, Qin Shihuang Unified currency at that time.

    • abcd :2012/1/19 20:23:00

      the great wall of chins

    • looloo234466 :2012/1/19 20:25:00

      i think you mean the great wall of china

    • funny frog ( Singapore ) :2012/3/5 1:43:00

      vessles made with jade and carvings

  • ReplyEmerson A.J.,   United States
    2011/4/28 20:23:00

    what type of economy did they have?

    • kdf :2011/6/30 17:04:00

      they used small shells and coins i think

    • Person :2011/12/10 7:31:00

      They had coins called "Ban Liang"
      They were round and had square holes in the middle

    • Qin Emperor ( China ) :2012/3/5 1:48:00

      the round bit meant sky and the square is the earth so it means the sky covering the earth. Also means strength and courage

      Good Luck From The Qin Dynasty

  • Replyjono,   Australia
    2012/2/26 18:39:00

    what is the time period for qin dynasty?

    • david :2012/2/26 19:53:00

      221 BC - 207 BC

  • ReplyBianca,   Norway
    2011/12/8 8:21:00

    When they write "Qin", this is suing the pinyin-system (of transcription). If you're using the Wade Giles-system, Qin is written Ch'in, not Chin. The Chin-rule was 1126-1234, and using pinyin this is written "Jin".

    • K'annYuhhKeepA'hhSecret ( Germany ) :2012/2/25 6:49:00

      By the way , when you say Jin, it is also, detailed by 'Qin, other than just Jin.

  • ReplyDOM,   United States
    2012/2/22 5:16:00

    who is the author of this website i need to know because of a school project

    • Warriortours.com :2012/2/22 18:43:00

      Dear Dom, Thank you for visiting Warriortours.com. The articles on the website are wrote by our editors, and if you decide to use any pieces as citation of your project, please indicate in the acknowledgement that they are from www.warriortours.com, thanks!

  • ReplyTammy,   Canada
    2012/1/22 0:12:00

    What were the social classes of this dynasty?
    What role did they play in the government?
    How did the people feel about the people outside of China?

    • Lyla :2012/1/24 23:47:00

      in the Qin Dynasty, people were classified into following classes:
      the Emperor, the royal family members, officials, scholars and knights, peasants, soldiers, craftsmen, merchants, and slaves.
      i guess people of that time might not realize the existance of world outside of China.

    • person 2 ( United States ) :2012/2/7 15:23:00

      There were no peasents, the qin dynasty took away feudilism, but of course there were normal civilians

  • Replyediison stfup,   Argentina
    2012/1/4 6:38:00

    is not the same qin and qing...

    • Emily :2012/1/4 18:47:00

      yes, Qin and Qing are not the same dynasties.
      The Qin Dynasty is from 221BC to 206BC, which is the first feudal dynasty in China; the Qing Dynasty is from 1644 to 1911, which is the last feudal dynasty in China.

    • brooeklynn ( United States ) :2012/1/20 16:39:00

      Nuh uh! chin is how you pronunce Qin!

  • ReplySteve,   United States
    2011/11/29 6:13:00

    What were the major items the qin exported?

    What were their major imports?

    Can you please list and describe some modes of transportation used?

    Who did they mostly trade with?

    • Jason :2011/11/29 20:10:00

      the Qin Dynasty exported iron tea, salt, and import livestock, wood, and fur.

  • Replybobbyzack
    2011/11/2 0:05:00

    What areas did the Qin dynasty fail? Did they have any failures or limitations

    • Bill :2011/11/2 19:03:00

      i found this from this article: "Qin's tyranny, heavy hard labor, endless military service and taxes, and rude punishments brought people great disasters and suffering"

  • Replylyndsey,   United States
    2011/10/16 12:29:00

    How do you compare the qin dynasy to dynasties in India??? I am a 7th grader and i'm trying to do a project on the qin dynasy for social studies. kinda boring/hard :(((((

  • ReplyKaen,   United States
    2011/9/7 17:16:00

    Qin and Chin are the same dynasty. In ping-ling (an annoying yet standard system to romanize Chinese words) it is spelled Qin, but pronounced Chin. This is just like the difference between Lao Tzu and Laozi (two ways to spell the name of the founder of Daoism).

    Just my two cents. Please continue. ;D

    (You get a cookie if you know off the top of your head what the Bingfa is, and who wrote it!)

    • Nemo :2011/9/7 19:17:00

      i Know two: Sunzi Bingfa and Sunbin Bingfa.
      Bingfa means the art of war.

  • ReplyBarb,   United States
    2011/5/25 17:35:00

    I would like to know if Qin died of natural causes or if he was killed. I would also like to know when the Qin started unifing the warring states. Thanks

    • Helper :2011/5/25 20:10:00

      you mean the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty?
      he died of disease.
      he started unifing the warring states in 230 BC.

  • Replychase,   United States
    2011/4/28 10:17:00


  • Replycamree,   United States
    2011/4/11 13:50:00

    well umm wats the economic for qin dynasty

    • Gabby :2011/4/11 22:44:00

      i found this from the above article " Economically, the first Qin Emperor standardized the length, measures and weights, and unified the currency, which promoted the economical communications between different ethnic groups, and conveniently provided opportunities for socio-economic development."

  • ReplyLee,   Italy
    2011/1/30 23:29:00

    hi i was wondering what the social structure of the qin dynasty?? please answer asap!! thank you so much :)

    • Daniel :2011/1/31 20:54:00

      In the Qin Dynasty, the emperor had supreme power, under him were the three councillors of state and nine cabinet. At local place, the officers were all the emperor's relatives. The emperor had the final say to all of the things big or small of the state.

  • ReplyMina,   United States
    2011/1/26 17:19:00

    What is the culture of the Qin dynasty?

    • Hank :2011/1/26 21:11:00

      you may get the answer directly from the above article.

  • ReplyBrooke,   United States
    2010/12/1 13:13:00

    Hi im Brooke and i'm bored im doing research for my social studies class too i also think this woud have been a good source, but theres a commenting box!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Replyraven,   United States
    2010/11/30 22:50:00

    they r soooooooooooooooooooooo not the same thing

  • Replycrystal,   United States
    2009/2/27 7:23:00

    yes the qin and the chin are the same. (:

    • Catherine Bauregard ( United Kingdom ) :2010/9/26 18:43:00

      no its not! theyre 2 different dynasties. get your facts straight before you "help" someone else

    • dawn ( United States ) :2010/11/11 22:07:00

      yeah they are the same (:

    • Kid of Tucson <3 :2010/11/30 12:21:00

      It doesnt matter if they are the same grow up u guys and be adults if u want to ague debate about..

  • Replyfake,   China
    2009/9/28 19:57:00

    it ends in 206 BC...

    • Catherine Bauregard ( United Kingdom ) :2010/9/26 18:44:00

      its actually 202B.C.E

    • Henry ( United States ) :2010/10/17 16:31:00

      actually it ended around 207 B.C.E. and then for about 5 years people fought then the Han dynasty won and was the next ruling dynasty

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