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I want to say
  • Replygeorgie
    2014/6/3 1:14:00

    What transportation did they use and who were the emperors of Zhou dynasty?

    • Lisa :2014/6/4 21:52:00

      Carriages were used as the main transportation. For soldiers, they always used horses. There are 37 emperors in this dynastyl.

  • Replyarleth
    2013/10/16 16:53:00

    i am looking for the warrior tours but it only talks about the dynastys an i a need the information for my project

    • Vic :2013/10/16 19:36:00

      you can find more information about the warriors at:http://www.warriortours.com/cityguides/xian/terra_cotta_army/

  • ReplyBrittany,   United Kingdom
    2012/11/28 17:16:00

    What kind of literature did they have in the Zhou Dynasty? I'm doing a project on Ancient Chinese civilizations and I need loads of help. Thanks!

    • Tina :2012/11/28 17:35:00

      the literature of the Zhou Dynasty was mainly the works of the famous philosophers, like Confucius, Mencius,and Laozi.

  • Replyjong h kim,   Mexico
    2012/4/20 14:43:00

    what kind of race,zhou people, like ham or }
    japheth or saka or mongolid, this is veryimportant matter to write ancient history of asia. thanks

    • Blaire :2012/4/20 19:31:00

      i think it should be mongolid.

  • ReplyRebecca,   China
    2012/1/31 7:08:00

    i need lots and lots of facts about this and, can you please give specific details about their culture, what they eat, the battles and war and lots of stuff like that. i would graduately be grateful if you please do this for my job. i will be delighted and will send you a gift basket full of gifts and nice,delicous,and fresh treats, thank you very much i appriciate it alot.

    • Hank :2012/1/31 17:36:00

      It's hard to list them all here, I think the best way is that you go to some libraries to read the relevant history yourself. You will learn much more from the process than from others.

  • ReplyKelsie,   United States
    2011/11/3 17:40:00

    i'm doing a school project about the zhou dynasty, i want to know specific details about wars or battle like where and when, how long it lasted stuff life that.

    • Derek :2011/11/3 18:49:00

      Then, I advise you buy such a history book to read through.

  • Replytam grace b. somera,   Georgia
    2011/7/14 18:54:00

    zhou dynasty is one of the my hatest dynasty in the history of china. peace and sorry

  • ReplyNate,   United States
    2011/4/29 8:27:00

    What was the major trade industry in the Zhou?

  • ReplyTommy,   United States
    2011/1/25 10:53:00

    What, if any subsistence strategies did they use (Ex: farming, hunting, etc.)?

    • Daniel :2011/1/25 20:40:00

      They lived on farming, handicrafts and hunting.

  • ReplyLindaa`,   United States
    2009/11/25 10:04:00

    What is the main zhou dynasty, is it the east or west`?

    • Cheryl ( China ) :2009/11/25 19:50:00

      It's hard to say which is more important, since both Eastern Zhou and Western Zhou are part of the Chinese history.

  • Replysluzer
    2009/11/15 13:30:00

    you don't really talk about the developments of the Zhou period. Ironworking, the implementation of coinage, markets, the One Hundred Scholars Period, taxation, iron-tipped, ox-drawn plows, etc.

    • 2009/11/16 18:51:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your comment. We will make improvement accordingly.

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • ReplyChris,   Bhutan
    2009/10/27 6:56:00

    How did it unite China?

    • mcdskhfuish ( Australia ) :2009/11/11 18:17:00

      you should tell the first emperor of zhou dynasty

  • Replylik nutz,   Afghanistan
    2009/9/25 10:03:00

    i thought that this was a wonderful article

  • Replysasori2694,   United States
    2009/8/18 11:47:00

    this is a very informative place thanks! =]

  • ReplyBenedict Lim Hau Zhe,   Singapore
    2009/6/20 23:00:00

    i really need to have a class system for my history project

  • ReplyÁngela Amy Amithon,   American Samoa
    2009/4/22 14:27:00

    i think its like so helpful. it helped with my socialstudies timeline.

  • Replymonicarlo,   United States
    2009/3/12 18:39:00

    hi i'm doing this for a friend, so your welcome!!

  • ReplyKayla Thao,   United States
    2009/3/1 16:40:00

    The Zhou was the longest dynasty of all.
    It was ruled by Wu Wang. He was the future leader of The Zhou. He took over the Shang

  • ReplyDick Buttkiss,   Belgium
    2009/1/14 15:25:00

    Zhou is not a peson, it was a dynasty.

  • Replymatty,   Australia
    2008/11/20 21:16:00

    geday mate how it going i want to know how ald is zhou and how did he get killed

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