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I want to say
  • ReplyNot telling,   Australia
    2010/7/19 2:24:00

    it could use more writing that dumb people like me can understand

    • John ( Australia ) :2011/10/11 19:10:00

      i think that this website is a good recours and they should eleberate in further detail in a additonal page

  • ReplyEurianna,   United States
    2011/4/7 19:29:00

    the best website ever! and my teacher loves it so extra pint for knowing this site, yay!

  • Replysami,   United States
    2011/3/29 9:39:00

    good useful site. helped with out presentation for world goegraphy.

  • Replyzach,   Mexico
    2011/3/16 12:32:00

    this is the cool and swet website.

  • Replygillian <3 sebastian
    2010/9/30 10:15:00

    thnx so much this helped me alot w? my report!

  • ReplyJustin,   United States
    2010/6/14 19:12:00

    good info, but if you're going to get that specific, you should write more or go a little more general

  • ReplyJonnette,   United States
    2010/6/3 18:34:00

    to much info i got soo bored reading this and this passage should answer the following questions:
    1)How the dynasty affected the people
    2)Who is in power
    3)What are their rules
    4)How do they enforce their rules
    5)When did their dynasty start
    6)Why did it end

  • Replysavanna suko A.I.S.L,   Zambia
    2010/5/6 6:55:00

    we loved the website it really helped us!!!! this website rocks thank you who ever started it. Me and my friend think it is very helpful and we think we'll get a good grade!!!!!!!
    but have more stuff on art and music!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bella ( Brazil ) :2010/5/6 19:57:00

      yeah. i love it, too. if there are more art and music, it will be better!!!

  • Replytommy nguyen at St. Joseph,   United States
    2010/2/17 19:30:00

    Thank you who ever made this.Although i didn't return my research in class yet but i think i will get an A.

    • Hunter ( United States ) :2010/2/23 10:00:00

      this is one of the best websites i have been on for research!

    • noone ( Aruba ) :2010/4/9 14:19:00

      this is a really good website for information for school!!!

  • Replytommy,   United States
    2010/2/16 19:29:00

    to good to believe

  • ReplyChicken,   United States
    2010/2/8 11:24:00

    Very Helpful

  • ReplyJenny,   United States
    2009/5/31 16:50:00

    is this all true?? i really hope so cuz i hafta do a report on the dynasties and i don't wanna get any false info.

    • Jaypuff ( Italy ) :2010/1/20 18:11:00

      yes this is a very helpful site i did a report on it and got a 100% on it and you will to!!!!!!!!!!

  • ReplyRatechca cool,   Ireland
    2010/1/7 10:35:00

    I think it really good info

  • Replykatie,   United States
    2009/12/2 13:49:00

    i would like to know more about the shang ruller

    • Mr. Wang ( China ) :2009/12/2 19:12:00

      There should be lots of such info. on the internet.

  • ReplyPedro Sanchez , united states,   United States
    2009/10/15 9:23:00

    i think i need to moree about politics lol

  • ReplyFelix.P,   United States
    2009/9/18 13:11:00

    Ay thanxs too who ever made this. Made me get an "A" in my History class

  • ReplyMoo Coow,   Australia
    2009/8/9 18:31:00

    This is a very useful site thanks you creaters hahahaha thanks xx

  • Replyjordan,   United States
    2009/6/25 10:31:00

    omg i HATE history im only on here because im in summer school...lol but wow this is kinda cool!

  • Replykay kay,   United States
    2009/6/14 16:23:00

    good info it helped me a lot with my huge social studies project =]

  • ReplyBubba,   United States
    2009/4/25 9:13:00

    Nice! good help! no ending date though...

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