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I want to say
  • Replysarina
    2008/12/17 8:09:00


  • ReplyTyler Torcivia,   United States
    2009/10/22 10:55:00

    Our custom are a wee-bit different, but there is not way to eat besides forks and knives. I LOVE CHINESE food

  • Replychica,   Mexico
    2009/10/6 19:53:00

    I Love Chinese Food, can't get enough of it!

  • Replyashley,   United States
    2009/9/16 14:27:00

    we were eating at a chinese restaurant the other day and my fiance usually sets his chopsticks on the paper that they came from on his left side of the table. he does not place them on the plate, because the waiter/waitress usually takes the plates and does not give us more chopsticks. our waitress came over and kept grabbing his chopsticks and putting them on the napkin. is this a chinese custom?

  • ReplyCheng Xiao,   China
    2009/5/17 23:04:00

    Hey, as i know, dim sims are inspired by Chinese style food. It was developed by a Chinese chef.

  • Replyjim h,   Canada
    2009/5/17 5:20:00

    yes i agree with you 'MinnyHoey'
    i absolutely love dim sims
    the are very nice
    i love Korean foods

    =] Lol [=

  • ReplyMinnyHoey,   Albania
    2009/5/5 23:21:00

    Chinese food is very nice
    but i love dim sims better

  • ReplyXOXOP Paris Hilton. XOXO,   Afghanistan
    2009/4/29 15:12:00

    Who even looks this up at home??

  • Replykelly,   United States
    2008/12/12 13:13:00

    hi thats cool and

  • ReplyAlex White,   Djibouti
    2008/11/6 8:10:00

    whoa. thats just amazing.