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I want to say
  • Replyjohn gillingham   Spain    Apr. 13, 2009 07:36

    hi have meet and communicated with a Chinese Lady about to organise a visit to meet and marry now all of a sudden i dont have enough money for a simple common wedding quoted via the agency 100.000/200.000 yuan what is the rough cost for a simple wedding with about 10/20 guests please so need advise and help

  • ReplyIan   New Zealand    Apr. 08, 2009 22:24

    Sorry. www.chineselovelinks.com

  • ReplyIan   New Zealand    Apr. 08, 2009 18:59

    Rob you could try chineselovelinks.com. Very good and reliable website. I have found a chinese bride on this website.

  • Replyrob largo   United Kingdom    Feb. 28, 2009 19:49

    can i ask how i can find a chinese lady to meet online before i come to china to meet her.

  • ReplyLin   China    Jan. 08, 2009 20:41

    I believe it is your own choice as long as you do not violate China marriage law.

  • Replycynthia   United States    Jan. 08, 2009 12:08

    Can chinese cermonies have some twist of other religion? for example: Should a catholic or ect. put their religion in it or Should the couple have two different weddings?

  • Replykevin   Canada    Nov. 13, 2008 11:00

    I plan to leave next week to guangdong,to meet my girls parents,we both want to marry while Im there for 2 weeks,none of my family is around,can I suggest a lucky date for the wedding,and should I offer some money before to her parents

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Nov. 13, 2008 19:51

      Hi, Kevin
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      As a groom-to-be, you can suggest a lucky date for the wedding. Maybe your girl's parents have already chosen an auspicious one for you. According to the traditional Chinese marriage customs, you may offer some gifts before wedding, not only to her parents but also to other family members. It is still OK to offer some money.

      Best Wishes for your wedding!

  • Replyalison   Australia    Nov. 02, 2008 18:25

    i love reading about chinese religion but really how much money would it cost to havee good wedding in australia dollars?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Nov. 02, 2008 19:23

      According to the latest exchange rate, it could cost several thousand Australian dollars to hold a wonderful Chinese-style wedding ceremony.

  • ReplyVictoria   Russian Federation    Oct. 25, 2008 10:58

    I would like to know how much money do spouses-to-be spend for such a wonderful ceremony?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Oct. 26, 2008 20:32

      Thank you for your question.

      Usually, the money the spouses-to-be spend depends on how much luxury they want their wedding ceremony to be. It could cost only several thousands yuan to hold a wonderful ceremony; spending tens of thousands yuan in wedding ceremony is common among Chinese young couples.

  • Replylauren   United States    Oct. 06, 2008 12:06

    if one's spouse died could one remarry or would it be against their beliefs?-

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Oct. 07, 2008 21:10

      If one's spouse died, one could remarry. But morally one should remarry three years after the death of the spouse.

  • Replysanjeevchoubey   India    Sep. 12, 2008 00:57

    its nice to learn about chinease tradition and culture , but i would like to know much its costs , especially when are from other country

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