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I want to say
  • Replysankardeb Halder,   India
    2012/6/12 3:52:00

    sankarstaying@gmail.com, if a lesson of kite making and flying has selected in study of up to 18 years students in school in all countries so that all teenagers' mind growing as great as blue sky and remove them from destructive T.V and media.

  • ReplyMichael,   Australia
    2011/8/31 14:43:00

    Whoa, there's another Michael. By the way I look like Chinese too.

  • Replymichael,   China
    2010/9/7 5:41:00

    Thats right

  • Replygrace,   Australia
    2010/9/2 23:04:00

    I love kites so much my mum nearly got me a kite when i was younger