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I want to say
  • Replyjessalord,   Philippines
    2011/12/31 5:39:00

    i was born dec,25,1978 im lucky this year of the dragon or not? wat kind of business for me lucky?

    • Lily :2012/1/1 20:01:00

      no, you were born in the year of horse.

  • ReplyMACKY,   Tanzania, United Republic Of
    2011/12/10 15:54:00

    I was born 1976 january 25 but in Chinese I'm rabit but here in Japan they say I'm dragon please help me with this

    • Alicia :2011/12/10 17:13:00

      Yes Macky,
      according to the Chinese lunar canlendar, you were born the year of Rattbit.

    • Danyelle ( United States ) :2011/12/27 9:20:00

      Well Macky in different countrys they have different things, so maybe there for that year they have the dragon or they just got it mixed up if they are saying for the chinese calander(that year is the Rabbit).

  • ReplySummer,   United States
    2011/5/10 10:40:00

    i was born year of the rabbit, but i wanted to be year of the cat after reading Fruits Basket.

    • Alyssa :2011/5/10 22:52:00

      well, there's no year of cat, actually.
      about the Fruits Basket you've mentioned, what is it?

    • Jaebeom'scutie ( United States ) :2011/6/2 14:56:00

      i loved fruit basket and i wanted to be a monkey :[ but im a tiger :oo

    • thedude ( United States ) :2011/6/13 17:17:00

      Actually, I believe that the cat replaces the rabbit in the Vietnamese calendar :0

    • Hannah ( United States ) :2011/7/25 6:54:00


    • Danyelle ( United States ) :2011/12/27 9:28:00

      well everyone on what I checked there is the year of cat and there is the year of rabbit too, if you would really wanna know ask a chinese person.

  • ReplyDanyelle,   United States
    2011/12/27 9:16:00

    I was born on 6-21-2000 in the morning around 2 what would be my animal for that time? I know the animal for the year but I want to know the animal for the day I was born(by the way I love dragons and I love to draw them I wonder if its because of the year I was born and I just found out about my year was dragon lol!)

    • Andy :2011/12/27 18:22:00

      Hi Danyelle,
      there's no animal for each day or specific time according to Chinese Zodiac.

  • ReplyDiana,   United States
    2011/12/26 4:25:00

    I was born in 1984...the year of the rat.
    My birth time is at midnight.. Is it a lucky time..?

  • ReplyKellyn,   United States
    2011/12/7 22:06:00

    Hey I was born on February 18, 2000 at 5:53 am. i know i am the dragon but what is it compatable with? like everyone is saying you can be two since there alike or whatever so what other ones am i?

    • Hank :2011/12/8 17:53:00

      Dragon is compatible with Rat, Monkey, Snake, Rooster and Tiger.

  • Replyrhezza,   New Zealand
    2011/12/6 3:16:00

    hi...i was born on November 20, 1968 and my partner was born on April 22, 1961. Is 1968 earth monkey and 1961 metal ox? are both signs compatible? thanks

  • Replyhamdi kenan,   Somalia
    2011/12/3 15:23:00

    am pregnant and born 1981 what gender will i have

    • Andy :2011/12/3 18:35:00

      you can not tell gender of your baby from the Zodiac.

  • ReplyCassandra,   Canada
    2011/11/25 17:49:00

    hey, I'm a rat in chinese new year and a picies in zodiac. my time of birth exactly is 3:15am March 11th 1996. what would I be combatable with?

    • Lisa :2011/11/25 17:53:00

      Rat is compotable with dragon, monkey and ox.

    • Lucy ( United States ) :2011/11/28 12:21:00

      You would be a Tiger and a rat

  • Replyrodolfo,   Philippines
    2011/11/18 20:27:00

    i was born dec. 26, 1964 what fortune's coming to me in this coming year 2012? thank you.

  • ReplyEstarr,   United States
    2011/11/13 20:48:00

    I was born Feb 2, 1989. The year 1989 is of the snake, but I believe that according to the Chinese lunar calender, it would still be 1988, which is the year of the dragon. Am I correct on this?

    • James :2011/11/14 18:51:00

      yes Estarr,
      seems you know some about China.
      Your birthday according to Chinese lunar calendar is Dec. 26,1988, the year of dragon.

  • ReplyTaylor,   United States
    2011/11/12 21:28:00

    Since i'm a lybra who would be my soulmate forever?

    • Sally :2011/11/13 18:17:00

      Hi Taylor,
      what is your Chinese zodiac?
      it sometimes has conection with Constellations.

  • Replylang,   Bhutan
    2011/10/28 1:09:00

    I was born on 02nd October, 1978 in Bhutanese lunar calender. which date does it correspond to in Christian calender?

    • Carl :2011/10/28 19:02:00

      Such a technical and esoteric problem!

  • Replytuan hoang,   Canada
    2011/10/22 20:05:00


  • ReplyDeanna Dana,   United States
    2011/10/7 11:35:00

    I am more interested in what sort of year to expect of each of the 12 different energies of year.

  • Replyantee,   Bhutan
    2011/9/27 20:34:00

    I am born on 25th Dec. 1984...what animal am i? please help..thank you.

    • Kate :2011/9/27 21:21:00

      you are born in the year of rat.

  • Replyandrea,   Bhutan
    2011/9/27 20:32:00

    will the marriage between a dog and a pig be happy and successful one? please help me know...thank you in advance.

    • Olivia :2011/9/27 21:20:00

      the zodiac does have big influence on marriage.

  • ReplyVickie,   United States
    2011/9/27 11:57:00

    I was born 12:08am January 9th 1957
    Am I the year of the Monkey?

    • Blaire :2011/9/27 21:19:00

      no, you are the year of Rooster.

  • Replyandrea,   Bhutan
    2011/9/27 20:39:00

    will the marriage between a dog and a rat be happy and successful one? thank you.

  • ReplyCathy,   Philippines
    2011/9/18 4:22:00

    I was born January 22,1980 is it correct that I'm year of the MONKEY? Please confirm. Thank you.

    • Jack :2011/9/19 23:13:00

      In Chinese Lunar calendar, you were born on on Dec. 5, 1979 actually, so your year of animal should be goat instead of monkey.

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