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I want to say
  • ReplyMuhammad Awais Khan,   Pakistan
    2012/2/27 23:11:00

    i born on 26 sep 1988 in the morning .what do u say about me,,

    • Ben :2012/2/27 23:18:00

      1988 was the year of dragon according to Chinese astrology. 2012, the year of dragon, is your Benmingnian (the same animal year during your birth), so you can wear some red underwear or stocks to pray for a smooth year.

  • Replygrace,   United States
    2012/2/27 6:54:00

    hey my name is grace born oct,16,1992
    do i have any good luck comming towored my within the next two years

    • Kelly :2012/2/27 23:06:00

      Hi grace,
      you were born in the year of Monkeyt, and 2012 is said to be a lucky year for you.

  • ReplyAlly Marie,   United States
    2012/2/26 14:32:00

    Hiiii! I was born June 13 2000;Dragon! What do I have to look out for?

    • Frank :2012/2/26 19:58:00

      Oh, this year is your benmingnian (the same animal year during your birth) according to Chinese astrology. I advise you wear somthing red such as red underwear, red waist or red socks to pray for a smooth life in this year.

  • Replyvandana S. Bhat,   India
    2012/2/24 2:58:00

    I was born on August 1965. Can you tell me how 2012 would be in terms of career prospects and family life.

    • celia :2012/2/24 19:36:00

      grasp every chance and work hard, you may get a promising future, and you wil have a happy family life.

  • Replymarie,   United States
    2012/2/21 11:29:00

    i was born sept 9 1950- the year of the tiger. will i have a good year financially and health wise this year?

  • Replymay,   Canada
    2012/2/19 21:24:00

    I am year of the dog, I would like to know what is the 2012 for me. I also would like to know what is the color of clothes for me to wear and a friend of mind told me to wear something with horse and tiger is that true? to avoid trouble to come what is the best career to go on to?
    Please help. I really appreciate it.
    Thank you so much.

    • Bing :2012/2/20 17:57:00

      Hi May,
      in the year of dragon, people born in the year of dog are suggested to make some moves or changes, like a trip. and green, red, purple are your luck colors.

  • ReplyMaria tresita paul V,   India
    2012/2/14 23:41:00

    I am a female, dragon born on 17th February 1988 , i was engaged to a boy for 4 year, tiger 17 august 1986. recently we brook up , due to some differences. But both of us still love each other a lot . what awaits for me in 2012 , will i be married to him, within this year or have to wait longer ? is he the one or should i wait for someone else? will our life work out well together ? when will this happen if so ?

  • ReplyCharleyan,   Singapore
    2012/2/9 1:21:00

    Please help. What is my zodiac sign, my birth date is 26 January 1976.

    • Amanda :2012/2/9 17:58:00

      Hi Charleyan,
      Your birthday according to Chinese lunar calendar is Dec. 26,1975, the year of rabbit.

  • ReplyKirstie,   Australia

    hi i was born on 5th feb 1988 (Dragon) could you please tell me about my future during 2012. im getting married this year and hope it will be ok as last year was horrible for me

    • Nina :2012/2/7 18:19:00

      2012 is your Benmingnian according to Chinese Horoscope and Astrology. You may meet both fortune and misery. To avoid misery, Chinese people usually wear red underwears, and a red belt.

  • Replynoyb,   United States
    2012/2/5 16:46:00

    talk about luck im a rabit lol i love bunnies im singal

    • Frank :2012/2/5 19:33:00

      Do you mean the luck of rabbit in 2012, the year of dragon? There is no exciting lucky sign for Rabbit people in the Dragon year. Everything will just go smooththly and peacefully.

  • Replyshabistan khan,   Kenya
    2012/2/3 5:22:00

    i was born 1 dec 1986 ...in moning which years is my lucky years ....

    • Kevin :2012/2/4 23:57:00

      Your lucky years are the year of Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Rooster and Dog.

  • Replylayla,   Canada
    2012/1/31 17:41:00

    so, what do i have to look out for? i was born 2000-dragon.

    • Bruce :2012/1/31 17:47:00

      Just spend everyday as usual, nothing special to be done. If you do cares it too much, just wear red clothes, a red belt, a red bracelet or something else red, since most Chinese do this in their benmingnian in the hope of a smooth and happy life in the year.

  • ReplyAllison Schutte,   United States
    2012/1/31 16:12:00

    Hi there! I was wondering if my true DOB is 1983. I am trying to configure my Feng Shui Kua number, and it states that I need to read the chinese calander... and to be honest I have no idea what I am reading. Would you mind telling me what my true DOB is? I would really appreciate it.


    • Steve :2012/1/31 17:39:00

      May I know your birtday in solar calender?

  • Replyvengly lay,   Australia
    2012/1/31 2:29:00

    Hi.Happy new year !I born in march 1964 ( dragon). Can you tell me whether 2012 is a good or bad year for me in term of wealth and health ? and What things that i should watch out for? Thanks

    • David :2012/1/31 17:30:00

      Then, 2012 will be your Benmingnian according to Chinese Horoscope and Astrology. You may meet both fortune and misery. To avoid misery, Chinese people usually wear red clothes, or red decorations such as a red bracelet and necklace.

  • Replyraju i gujarathi,   India
    2012/1/30 10:40:00

    hi i am raju a child specialist by proffesion.pl tell me about my career success and health life.also i am interested in doing pharma business.my zodiac animal is rabbit.my birth date is 10 july 1975.pl advice.

    • David :2012/1/30 19:13:00

      it is said this year of dragon is not a good year for rabbit in terms of career and health, but there may be surprises in terms of wealth.

  • Replymamta,   India
    2012/1/28 22:43:00

    hi i born on dec 15, 1991 and my zodiac animal is a snake. can you please tell me about money , career and love of my sign. thank you very much.

    1/29/2012 12:12

    • Keith :2012/1/29 1:31:00

      Hi Mamta,
      2012, the year of dragon is not a bad year for snake.
      Money: a wise investment would make money for you.
      career: your effort will be repaid, and you need to grasp each oppportunitiy.
      Love: if you are still single, there is a big chance for you to find your ture love. if you are already married, 2012 is a happy year for your family.

  • Replyadoracion glenn,   United States
    2012/1/28 15:20:00

    Hi, my name is dorie,what is my luck for 2012 I'M BORN AUGUST,16,1957,ABOUT MONEY,HEALTH,LOVE,RELATIONSHIP. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    • Jacky :2012/1/28 18:50:00

      you were born in the year of Rooster, and 2012, the year of dragon, is a good year for rooster, and everything will go well, only need to beware the injuries caused by accidents.

  • Replymidori,   United States
    2012/1/28 14:48:00

    i was born in may 22,1998 i wonder what is in store for me in 2012?

    • Nina :2012/1/28 18:45:00

      hi, your Chinese Zodiac is a tiger. according to the Chinese Five Elements (Wuxing) Theory, wood (tiger) breaks earth (dragon), you need to be careful in terms of health and wealth, and beware of seeming friendliness which is probably a disguise.

  • Replyjessica,   Canada
    2012/1/26 12:31:00

    i was born january 3rd 1990 whats my sign

    • Brenda :2012/1/26 19:28:00

      hi Jessica,
      your Chinese zodiac is snake.

  • Replysunny,   South Africa
    2012/1/24 15:14:00

    tell me about my luck, why do the rats not come anymore?

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