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I want to say
  • Replysara,   Pakistan
    2012/10/16 11:49:00

    hi its me sara tariq ,my date of birth is 23 janrary 1989..can u tel me plz when wil i get married?

    • Hank :2012/10/16 20:12:00

      hi Sara,
      get married if you find your true love.

    • Alejandro ( United States ) :2012/12/3 13:57:00

      The year you get married is 2013

  • ReplyStephanie,   Philippines
    2012/11/22 6:51:00

    Am i compatible with a guy born March 1973 and i am born June 1965. I am 8 years older than him

  • Replysonam yangchen,   Bhutan
    2012/11/18 5:04:00

    hello.....i am born just two day prior to the spring festival, 1979. i am really confused whether m a sheep or horse as some say m horse while many say m sheep. so please help me find the exact date m born and what year i should consider as my birth year.

    • Rachel :2012/11/18 17:15:00

      You were born in the year of the sheep.

    • sonam yangchen ( Bhutan ) :2012/11/20 8:38:00

      thank you so much for clearifying my dought.

  • Replysarbari das,   India
    2012/11/16 8:14:00

    i was born on 5th of march,1990. i want to know whether 2013 will be a grand year for me in terms of my career????

  • ReplySreeRamya,   India
    2012/10/6 22:14:00

    Hai I was born on 5th march 1990...I haven't yet got the job...Please tell me when I will get the job

    • Bill :2012/10/8 0:42:00

      you are young. you will get everything you want if you try hard!
      Good luck!

    • Anna ( United Kingdom ) :2012/10/24 11:14:00

      SreeRamya I was also born 5th march 1990 - enjoy being a seahorse, you will get the job that is right for you x

  • ReplyDanni,   Ireland
    2012/9/23 0:36:00

    Hi I was born 13 March 1998 I know Im a Tiger but I was wondering about my boyfriend Was born 4 January 1998 is he a Tiger or a Ox?

    • Lisa :2012/9/23 20:27:00

      Your BF is a rabbit in fact.

  • Replysharad,   Finland
    2012/9/20 7:15:00

    In chines - I 'm born in a goat year but there is dragon and rabbit as well in my stars
    What is my Date of Birth ?

  • Replyranica,   Philippines
    2011/8/14 12:22:00

    i was born Jan.5 , 2000 and i dont know what zodiac i am my mom tells me im the year of the rabbit and other people say im a dragon but i dont know. i was born 1:00 or 1:30 a.m

    • Fiona :2011/8/14 18:29:00

      hi Ranica, 2000 is the year of Dragon.

    • nuri ( American Samoa ) :2011/11/12 12:00:00

      you are a dragon just like me i know cause i was born in 2000 as well

    • Danyelle ( United States ) :2011/12/27 9:24:00

      yes Ranica you are born in the year of the dragon and I was so,I am also trying to figure something out, the animal of the day I was born on, but other than that u were born on the year of the dragon not the rabbit

    • AkionT ( United Kingdom ) :2011/12/28 14:57:00

      No you are a Rabbit. The Zodiacs are based on the Lunar calendar. Each lunar year is 13 'months' or new moons, and each cycle is about 28 days. It doesn't match up with the gregorian calendar exactly. Which is why every year the "Chinese new year" isn't on a fixed date like the "Western new year" is.

      The Chinese calendar year 4698 is the year of the Dragon. That year lasts from February 5, 2000 in gregorian terms, to January 23, 2001. So if you were born in this time then you are a dragon.

      But you were born January 5th 2000, which is the Chinese year 4697 (February 6, 1999 - February 4, 2000) And that is the year of the rabbit. Your mom is right. You are a rabbit. :)

    • Olivia :2012/8/15 14:43:00

      OMG!!!I was born on Jan. 5 my mum tells me I was born in the year of the rabbit except my classmates say no we were born in the year of the rabbit since we are too early to be a dragon :(

  • ReplyPD,   United States
    2012/8/12 21:28:00

    Hi I was born in 1989 in March. I know I'm a snake, but is there any difference between my snake versus other snakes born in different months in 1989?

    thank you!

    • Emily :2012/8/13 19:06:00

      the snakes born in March are good at management, planing, and designing.

  • ReplyGAGAN,   India
    2012/7/18 0:48:00


    • Sally :2012/7/18 19:30:00

      the Monkey

  • ReplyGraceanne
    2012/5/6 2:29:00

    Hai. Okay, I was born on May 19th, 2000, at 9:56 P.M. Zodiac for this year?

    (P.S.-I don't actually believe in this stuff, I do it for fun!)

  • Replyjan foley,   United States
    2012/5/2 16:39:00

    hi i was born 1/12/1945 what does 2012 year of the dragon holds for me

    • Maggie Grace ( United States ) :2012/5/6 2:25:00

      Hai! I was born in the year of the dragon, so I think you will be a little without luck, but not, like, begging on the streets. That's exactly my life, bear it well. And! This is all my opinion! And! I don't believe in this, I do Zodiac stuff for fun!

  • Replyambreen,   Pakistan
    2012/4/30 13:20:00

    Hi, i was born on 2nd January 1979,what 2012 planned for me ? career, Money ,find life partner ?

    • Kimiko :2012/5/1 20:07:00

      Career: Although there is a great power of resistance in career, you can overcome and gain good results with perseverance.
      Wealth: Like their fortune in career, good luck in wealth is mutually promoted. They will have stable finance this year and gain more profit.
      Love: In Chinese old sayings, love is destined and preordained. You need good luck to win the lottery but the chance is free to come and go. Do not take it too hard. There will be a right moment that comes naturally.

  • ReplyBindu achari,   India
    2012/3/5 8:08:00

    Hi My names is Bindu Achari my date of birth is 22nd aug 1985 ,,i want to know whether i will be getting it will love or arrange marriage marrying this year.

    • anonymous :2012/4/3 11:26:00

      this year love luck favor more on male than female for the ox, as for marriage there'll be possibility for male ox. try mixing in more with ppls born in the year of horse, it'll help. (above mentioned is only for this individual D.O.B.)

    • anonymous :2012/4/3 11:39:00

      sorry, a minor correction. this year, there is possibility of marriage for both sex.

  • ReplyDavid,   Canada
    2012/3/5 8:33:00

    Please tell me if fortune and my health will get a lot better this year 2012

    Born March 18 1952

    Thanks David

    • anonymous :2012/4/3 11:49:00

      dragon clashes dragon, health will not be that good. wealth wise, try to focus on learning or study new things (above mentioned is only for this DOB).

  • ReplySan,   Mauritius
    2012/4/1 14:17:00

    Hi ,Born in jan 1980,im a sheep chinese horoscope,whats 2012 has planned for me ,family n career n money wise? Thanks

    • Linda :2012/4/1 20:25:00

      Family: If you are single, you will have lots of opportunities to meet new friends.

      career: If you can do well with people relationships, people will treat you as a close team player. Then your job will be very easy in the year of Dragon.

      Money: Sheep people should have a good money luck in 2012.

  • ReplyPhyo Wai Aung,   Myanmar
    2012/3/19 1:02:00

    I was born march 27 1980 the year of the monkey. will i have a good year financially and job wise this year?

    • Hebe :2012/3/19 19:57:00

      yes, according to the prediction of Chinese horoscope, things go smoothly in the year of 2012 for people born in the year of monkey.

  • Replym suprasanneshwara prasad,   India
    2012/3/8 19:18:00

    hi, my name is medala suprasanneshwara prasad.my life from the time past i am facing difficulties in every sphere of my life. in the matter of employement marriage health wealth lifespan etc.

  • Replyian,   New Zealand
    2012/3/7 15:22:00

    I was born 10 03 1965 year of the Snake.will my career and romantic status have great change

    • Ashley :2012/3/7 17:37:00

      grasp every good chance and you will make progress.

  • ReplySan,   Mauritius
    2012/3/1 7:22:00

    My name is ssara,born 9 january 1980 ,monkey year,what is 2012 awaiting for me in respect to career n my political ambitions?thx

    • Peter :2012/3/1 18:12:00

      it is said this is a smooth year for monkeys.
      i think good things may also happy to your career.

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