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I want to say
  • ReplyLance   Canada    Aug. 16, 2011 16:13

    is the rat and ox a good mate choice?

    • Replied by: Peter   Aug. 16, 2011 20:33

      yes, they are perfect mates for each other according to the Chinese zodiac.

  • ReplyShannon Tkachuk   Canada    Aug. 13, 2011 20:53

    Could you please confirm if my sign is correct. I belive I am a horse. I was born January 15, 1961 at 7:40 pm.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Replied by: Wendy   Aug. 14, 2011 00:33

      no, you are an Ox in Chinese Zodiac

  • ReplyAnisa Blair   United States    Jun. 24, 2011 11:27

    Some books saying that cat is the year of the rabbit and others say that that the cat isn't. There should be the year of cast. I bet on Fruits Baket that Kyo would be an animal of the chinese zodiac. I'm a tiger but still I'm cat, right?

  • ReplySpun   India    Apr. 01, 2011 00:54

    What if you were born on Jan 9th 2012? Would that be under rabbit or dragon? I ask this because according to Chinese astrology dragon year starts after Jan 15th 2012.

    • Replied by: Kevin   Apr. 01, 2011 21:42

      It will be Dec. 16th, 2011 in Chinese Lunar calendar, so it will be still the rabbit year.

  • ReplyVanessa   United States    Feb. 11, 2011 02:27

    I'm just wondering which is considered to be more important, the day or year sign. I'm leaning more towards the day :) For example, i'm a fire snake born in the year of the goat, does that simply mean that I am a fire snkae?

  • Replypooja    Feb. 04, 2011 03:01

    my birth date 24 june 1979 what is my sign

    • Replied by: Hank   Feb. 06, 2011 01:30

      You were born in the year of goat.

  • ReplyDIYA Thapa   Nepal    Jan. 21, 2011 22:32

    i was born on February 3,1997 that comes under ox then what is my character

    • Replied by: carlos   Jan. 24, 2011 22:15

      The Ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm and modest.

  • ReplyMehru   Pakistan    Jan. 08, 2011 12:57

    My friend is born in 2001 so is she a snake on the zodiac?

    • Replied by: Judy   Jan. 08, 2011 20:34

      yes, she is.

  • Replybrandon   United States    Sep. 26, 2010 19:26

    whats my name mean

  • Replymary   United States    Sep. 21, 2010 11:48

    i was bron on 07/12/89 the year of the snake what is the snakes love mate?

  • Replydeidrea   United Kingdom    Jul. 08, 2010 06:11

    i was born on the 13 august 1996 what is my chinese star sign and what animal am i xxxxxx

    • Replied by: Lily   Jul. 10, 2010 20:58

      you are a rat in Chinese Zodiac.

  • ReplyDannie   United States    Jun. 16, 2010 14:50

    if u like the chinese zodiac animals, you will like Fruits Basket. it is an anime.

    • Replied by: lucy latuche   Jul. 07, 2010 10:24

      well actually there is not a cat

  • ReplyRyan   United States    Jun. 09, 2010 04:46

    I was born on August 10th, 1988 so Im a Leo and a Dragon.. what can be said about this combination?

    • Replied by: Bella   Jun. 09, 2010 05:07

      well, the two are from different cultures. Dragon is from the Chinese culture, well Leo is from western culture.

  • ReplyAngee Chai   Malaysia    Jan. 31, 2010 19:59

    I was born on August 13, 1979. What chinese animal zodiac DAY was I born under?

    • Replied by: Dave   Feb. 01, 2010 18:38

      From the above table, I get to know that you were born in the year of goat.

    • Replied by: miya ( Japan )   May. 12, 2010 23:31

      the rooster i think

  • Replysiara   United States    May. 11, 2010 14:06

    what am i my birthday is June 9, 1994

    • Replied by: lisa   May. 11, 2010 20:14

      well, you are a dog in Chinese Zodiac.

  • ReplyAnonymous   United Kingdom    Feb. 25, 2010 12:19

    I was born in 1998 and I am a Tiger for the Chinese Horoscope but I don't know what my fortune is but I've searched all over the internet and still don't know.

    • Replied by: Vivien   Feb. 26, 2010 19:32

      I would say your fortune is held in your own hands.

  • ReplyZDASD   United States    Feb. 03, 2010 08:55

    I'm a rat what's my fortune

    • Replied by: Linda   Feb. 03, 2010 19:00

      Go to the internet, you may get lots of such info.

  • ReplyChris    Feb. 03, 2010 08:33

    2/13/87 what sign am I ?

    • Replied by: Vivien   Feb. 03, 2010 18:55

      You were born in the year of Rabbit.

  • ReplyMystery   American Samoa    Jan. 19, 2010 17:52

    I have two questions
    Ihave both rat and dragon characteristics i was born on 5/1/96 what am I?
    and why isnt the cat listed?

    • Replied by: Daniel   Jan. 19, 2010 19:03

      You are Rat if you were born in 1996.
      As for for why the cat is missing, you may get the reason from the above page directly.

  • ReplyEma   United Kingdom    Jan. 10, 2010 12:54

    I've been looking and i'm being told that i'm the year of the rabbit....I was born 10/02/1988 and i've looked and i see i'm the dragon but it says i'm the rabbit.....how's that work...

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