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I want to say
  • ReplyValerie Santiago
    2013/2/27 19:36:00

    I was born June 28, 1979. Would like to ask if Im lucky this year of the snake (2013) specially on my career.

  • Replymelinda
    2013/2/24 4:18:00

    what am i? i was born on november 23, 1987 @ 5pm? and what about my sons. one was born sept. 28, 2006 at 8:12pm. my middle one was born jan. 6, 2009 @ 7:20 am. and my baby was born april 2, 2010 @ 7:18 am. thank you so much!

  • ReplyGrace
    2013/2/20 16:51:00

    If I was born november 28 2002 what animal am I

    • Fred :2013/2/20 18:31:00

      a horse.

  • Replymeeker
    2013/2/16 10:07:00

    does horse and goat get along ? i ask due to relashonship issues female is goat male is horse pls and thank you for your time!Also what is best years for the goat up coming and what year is best upcoming for horse.. thanks a bunch

    • Bonnie :2013/2/16 17:52:00

      yes, a female goat and a male horse will have a happy life together. the year of 2013 is not bad for both, but it is not suitable to get married for a female goat and a male horse.

  • ReplyHaley
    2013/2/12 17:11:00

    What animal would I be if I was born oIn 2003??????????????

    • Mike :2013/2/16 17:31:00

      a sheep or a goat.

  • ReplyJohn
    2013/2/11 8:55:00

    i was born on january 1, 1992. what is my chinese zodiac?

    • Kate :2013/2/16 17:05:00

      a sheep or goat.

  • Replyjose
    2013/2/8 11:21:00

    If i was born in 2001 what will my sign mean

    • James :2013/2/16 1:07:00

      you were born in the year of snake, white metal snake.

  • Replymadiha
    2013/2/8 9:35:00

    What is the story for the animals in the chinese zodic

    • Fred :2013/2/16 1:00:00

      they were selected through a running race.

  • Replymadiha
    2013/2/6 10:55:00

    If I was norn in 1966 what anima wood I be

    • Hyacinthe :2013/2/7 11:38:00

      A horse

  • ReplyMerelinda lizardo
    2013/2/3 8:08:00

    What is my luck for this year 2013, i was born on June 28, 1966 at 10:00AM is there any possibility for me to get married? what about financial and work am working at real estate company is there any chance for increment this year?

  • ReplyJosefina
    2013/1/28 1:39:00

    I was born in the year 2003 Feb.7 do you think I will be a photographer when I grow up?

    • Emma :2013/1/28 18:18:00

      yes, of course, you can be anyone you want to be if you try your best.

  • ReplyPradip
    2013/1/24 5:22:00

    Hi,My DOB is 30-07-1977 & I got married last year Nov, I hope my sign is snake. Just need to know about my future life & this year also? Please help me out & what I need to do for better growth? Thanks,Pradip

    • Emma :2013/1/24 17:47:00

      yes, your sign is Snake. as this year of 2013 is the year of Snake, it is not suitable for you to travel a lot, and you need to take care of yourself, eat health and do some exercises.

    • Josefina :2013/1/28 1:33:00

      I think you will have a great future

  • ReplyWanda
    2013/1/17 4:28:00

    I was born October 151980. Will 2013 be a blessing for me. And. What month is the rat. And the dragon. Also who is I'm compatible with I'm singal

    • Taylor :2013/1/17 19:04:00

      Hey Wanda, you were born on January 5th, 1980, right?then you were born in the year of Sheep. the year 2013 is not too bad for people who was born in the year of sheep.you are compatible with Rabbits or Pigs in marriage.

  • Replyyasmin
    2013/1/12 18:15:00


    • Ivy :2013/1/12 18:58:00

      You were born in the animal year of horse. In 2013, you will probably promoted and have many opportunities for advancement.

  • Replygilda
    2013/1/6 23:11:00

    i was born on march 15 1957...what is good for me this year 2013

    • Lisa :2013/1/7 18:17:00

      you were born in the year of rooster, and 2013 is a good year for people who were born in the year of rooster.

  • Replylevy,   Qatar
    2013/1/1 7:25:00

    Hi, i was born in the year of the rat,can you tell me if i will be successful this year?

  • ReplyKim,   China
    2012/12/31 18:26:00

    hi i was born in Feb,5,2000 i am a dragon. and what does 2013 hold for me.

  • Replymyra asuncion,   United Arab Emirates
    2012/12/30 4:27:00

    hi .. I am born on october 24 1961 and I believe I'm under year of the ox.. can you please tell me if 2013 is a lucky year for me and in what sense? thanks in advance for this...

    • Tina :2012/12/30 18:27:00

      You are right that you were born in the year of ox. You will have a peaceful and developing year in 2013.

  • Replyveni,   India
    2012/12/24 3:51:00

    i born on 6-6-1991
    during 5-6am in the morning
    can any of u help me to know my sunsign.......

    • Taylor :2012/12/24 17:16:00

      You are a Gemini.

  • Replykeawe,   United States
    2012/12/23 4:40:00

    Hey I was born in feb of '89 on 21st. Can someone tell me what it means for a snake zodiac to be born in a snake hour? Thanks. And also is there a difference between me and other snakes in diferrent months? I was born on a winter day in a sunny place. Hawaii to be exact. So I'm a little confused as to what it could mean. Thanks again

    • Steven :2012/12/23 19:22:00

      According to Chinese astrology, you will be a knowledged and live a peaceful life. However, you are a rigid disciplinarian, so you hardly make great achievements.

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