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I want to say
  • ReplyAmar   Mongolia    Jun. 04, 2010 22:14


    I would like to know the availability and the price of a hard sleeper for Beijing West - Kowloon ticket on 12th or 13th of June. And is it possible to buy this ticket from small ticket vendors, instead of going to the West Station.
    Also, I heard that for an eight year old child, we can pay onboard of a train, depending on his height. Is that true?

    • Replied by: Bella   Jun. 05, 2010 04:35

      hi Amar,
      you need to go to Beijing West Railway Station to buy the tickets by showing your valid passport and entrance permit or visa. the ticket fare of a hard sleeper is CNY 480. you can buy the tickets 60 days in advance. for the child of eight year old, you need to buy child ticket for him/her.

  • Replyrosie   United Kingdom    Apr. 15, 2010 12:19

    hello there. would you possibly be able to tell me which bus to get from nanning to hanoi in august 2010, what the times are and roughly how much each ticket is , and can you book returns or do you have to book each way seperately. also can you pre book the bus.does the bus take you all the way to hanoi itself. thank you very much in advance of your help.

    • Replied by: Bun   Apr. 15, 2010 19:56

      I don't think threre is a train from Nanjing of China to Hanoi of Vietnam.

  • Replyjessie...   Iceland    Aug. 10, 2009 09:30

    is there a train from liaoyuan city to beijing? how much is the price for hard sleeper and soft sleeper?

    is there a train form liaoyuan city to shanghai or guangzhou? how much is the price for hard and soft sleeper?

    is there a direct train from changchun to hongkong? how much is the price?

    Can you provide me the number and schedule of trains ?


    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Aug. 10, 2009 23:18

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      As we know, there is currently no direct train from Liaoyuan to Shanghai or Guangzhou. You will have to transfer from Changchun first. There is no direct train from Changchun to Hong Kong either.

      Here are the schedule and ticket prices for train from Liaoyuan to Beijing:
      Train Number: K430
      Departure: 00:54 Arrival: 13:42
      Hard Sleeper: CNY231 Soft Sleeper: CNY352

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  • ReplyKool Dave   United Kingdom    Jun. 25, 2009 02:34

    Hi there,
    Can anyone tell me which train station I use to get the Train from Guangzhou to Guilin?
    I've been to East station and the main station and they both told me to go to the other


    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Jun. 25, 2009 22:27

      Thanks for your enquiry.
      According to the information we have, the K36 train from Guangzhou to Guilin leaves from Guangzhou Railway Station (the main station).

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • ReplyZharraine Chang   Malaysia    Jun. 10, 2009 09:17

    What are the train available from Guilin to Hanoi, Vietnam, how long the journey? And the train fare?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Jun. 10, 2009 21:35

      There is no direct train from Guilin to Hanoi. You may go to Nanning and take the T872 to Hanoi. The train runs daily, leaving Nanning at 18:15 and arriving in Hanoi at 07:00 the next morning. The return train T871 departs from Hanoi at 20:25 and reaches Nanning at 10:05 the next day.

      The prices for soft sleeper and hard sleeper are CNY 556 and CNY 375.

  • Replyallyson   Australia    May. 17, 2009 04:55

    Hi, Can you please tell me if there is a direct train from Lijiang to Leshan.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 18, 2009 01:22

      Thanks for enquiry. Do you mean Lijiang City in Yunnan Province? There is no direct train from Yunnan's Lijiang to Sichuan Province's Leshan.

      Our suggestion is that you take a long-distance bus from Lijiang to Kunming where you take a direct train (you may choose from K114, K146, K854 and 2640) to Chengdu. Then go the Shiyang (Stone Goat) Bus Station where you can take a coach to Leshan.

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  • ReplySimba   South Africa    Apr. 26, 2009 22:24

    Can you provide me the number and schedule of trains from Guangzhou to Guilin? Many thx!

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 26, 2009 22:45

      There are two trains running between Guangzhou and Guilin. The T38 leaves Guangzhou at 19:50 and arrives in Guilin at 06:42 the next morning; the K36 departs at 17:46 and 06:51. Nice Trip!

  • ReplyNicole   United States    Apr. 26, 2009 22:13

    Hi, i want to confirm that if the D31 is the fastest train from Beijing to Shanghai? Is it more comfortable than the T and Z ones?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 26, 2009 22:37

      In China the 'D' initial trains are the fastest of all. It takes about 10 hours for D31 from Beijing to Shanghai; 13 hours for the 'T' train while 11.5 hours for the 'Z' ones. However, the facilities of 'D' trains are as comfortable as the others.

  • ReplyJoseph   China    Apr. 23, 2009 02:41

    Hi, warriortour
    We are now in Chengdu, sichuan province. My question is can we go to Guangzhou by train? I mean if there is a dirent train between the two cities? would you provide us the schedule? Appreciate your rapid reply.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 23, 2009 03:19

      There is only one train, the No. K191 train, going direct from Chengdu to Guangzhou. It leaves Chengdu at 23:22 and arrives in Guangzhou at 05:24 on the third day.

      Usually tickets of this train are not easy to get. In that case, you can take a train to Chongqing first and take a Chongqing-Guangzhou train, such as K201, K775, K835 and K585.

  • ReplyRichard   United Kingdom    Apr. 23, 2009 02:04

    Hi, Sir
    Can you tell me whether there is 'D' train going from Beijing to Qingdao? What's the train number? How much is the price? Thx.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 23, 2009 02:47

      Yes, there is. The D51 train leaves Beijing South Railway Station at 06:45 and arrives in Qingdao at 12:29. Prices for the first and second class seat are CNY 329 and CNY 274.

  • ReplyConty Lee   Canada    Apr. 22, 2009 17:15


    Can you provide open dated train tickets to various cities as indicated below


    Hotel bookings for each of the city. 3 stars of less rated hotels.

    Yours Conty Lee conty_lee@yahoo.com

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 23, 2009 01:06

      Thanks very much for your precious suggestion. We will consider improving our site to meet your requirements. For hotel bookings for each city, you can visit our hotel page at http://hotel.warriortours.com/.

  • ReplyTanya   China    Apr. 21, 2009 23:16

    Hi, warriortours

    I'm going to travel to Chongqing from Guangzhou by train. Can take my little puppy with me on train? what's the rule? Appreciate your advice.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 22, 2009 00:08

      Hi, Tanya

      Thanks for enquiry.
      According to the relative regulations, you can take your pet by consigning it, but you are not allowed to take it with you. You can consign it two hours before the departure. Also remember to prepare a cage for your pet.

      Thanks for your trust in warriortours.com!

  • ReplySamuel   United States    Apr. 21, 2009 22:33

    what is the fastest way from Shanghai to Suchou? Should I take the express train? I will arrive in Shanghai Pudong airport on May 22, how can i get to the train station?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 21, 2009 23:00

      Hi, Samuel

      The fastest way from Shanghai to Suzhou should be the 'D' initial trains at Shanghai Railway Station. From the Pudong Airport, you can take the Airport Bus 5 directly get to Shanghai Station.

      Have a nice trip and thanks for visiting warriortours.com!

  • ReplySophie   Australia    Apr. 21, 2009 22:04

    I want to make sure whether the train ticket from Beijing to Kowloon is available at beijing West Station? what is the schedule? i'm going to Hong Kong on May 10th. Thanks.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 21, 2009 22:28

      Hi, Sophie

      The Q97 Beijing-Kowloon train ticket is available at the starting station, Beijing West Railway Station. It leaves Beijing at 13:08 and arrives in Kowloon at 12:56 the next day. The ticket can be booked 10 days in advance.

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • ReplyMary Ann Saunders   United States    Feb. 05, 2009 21:58

    We would like to reserve soft sleeper upper berth for two on Z19 train from beijing west to xian.
    We would like to reserve soft sleeper upper berth for two on Z20 train from xian to beijing west
    departure date Beijing-Xian: March 5, 2009
    departure date Xian-Beijing: March 6, 2009
    Expecting arrival at Beijing West:March 7.