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I want to say
  • Replymaris,   China
    2011/9/27 4:19:00

    i ma looking for a good ivf hospital in beijing. can any body can help.

    • Bill :2011/9/27 21:14:00

      Try the Beijing University First Hospital, and Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.

  • ReplyABDULLAH,   Qatar
    2011/9/1 14:31:00

    please help me to search for cancer hospital

    • Tina :2011/9/27 21:17:00

      the Cancer Institute and Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences(CAMS).

  • Replylaura calvo,   Mexico
    2011/8/19 20:49:00

    Please tell me where I can contac with a Hospital in Beijing for an treatement for hemodialysis (血液透析). Thanks

    • Sandy :2011/8/20 23:53:00

      try the Beijing University First Hospital

  • Replyali,   United Arab Emirates
    2011/6/11 0:42:00

    kidney hospital in Beijing please contact me through my email address

    • James :2011/6/11 23:24:00

      try this, Dongzhimen Hospital

  • ReplyMahmoud,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2010/10/18 17:19:00

    My cousin is very critically ill in liver cancer (and lung cancer) and by his condition to judge he does not seem to survive very long. We are therefore very desperate to arrange for his transfer and admission to a good hospital in China (Beijing or Shanghai). We have heard good reputations about chinese hospitals and transplant centers.
    Can anyone recommend us which hospital or hospitals we should contact?
    We will be limitless greatful to you.
    Regards Mahmoud.

    • Angela :2010/10/18 21:29:00

      hi Mahmoud,
      sorry about your cousin. i know Beijing General Hospital of Armed Police Forces is a very good hospital. here is the official website: http://www.wj-hospital.com/wj%5Fen/
      best regards

  • ReplyLee,   China
    2010/7/3 11:12:00


    Can anyone please recommend a good affordable hospital in Beijing for pregnancy test?

    • Bella :2010/7/3 20:51:00

      the hospital of Beijing Women and Children Health is good, the address is No.251, Taojiayuan Road, Chaoyang District. the telephone number is :(010)85976699.

  • Replynuriya,   Italy
    2009/11/10 21:34:00

    Could you please to suggest me the best hospitals in Beijing for 3 years old child with Cerebral palsy.

    • Zheng Shan ( China ) :2009/11/11 21:43:00

      Hi, Nuriya
      As a Beijinger, I suggest you go to Xuanwu Hopital or Beijing Tiantan Hospital. They are both good at treating neurology.

    • QMLC STEM CELL TECHNOLOGIES ( China ) :2010/4/18 22:22:00

      Navy General Hospital Beijing is the good hospital which is giving good stem cell treatment for many these kind of diseases.
      contact:QMLC stem cell technological LTD beijing,Hidan distict,

  • ReplyBernard,   China
    2010/2/23 22:20:00

    my wife is 8weeks pregnant and we need a very good and affordable hospital we can visit.we are both foreigners here in beijing.we have visited the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and try to register for the VIP service but we are told they don;t allow foreigners anymore.
    Can someone help with a good and affordable hospital which offer VIP service as well?

    • Cherry :2010/2/24 18:45:00

      I advise you contact your country's Embassy in Beijing for actual help.

  • ReplyFredy P. Malau,   Indonesia
    2009/10/4 20:36:00

    Would you please give me the address of Diyah Lee Hospital in Beijing?

  • ReplyZheng Jian,   China
    2009/8/18 1:57:00

    Adil Anees, as i know Beijing Chaoyang Hospital is good at kidney transplantation. It has a website in English: http://www.bjcyh.com.cn/english/. Hope it can help you.

  • ReplyAdil Anees,   Pakistan
    2009/8/17 7:59:00

    Dear Sir,

    My Mathematics teacher Mr. Zaheer is in critical condition. His both the kidneys are damaged and he is on constant dialysis. We are looking for some hospital which can help us in his kidney transplantation. He is a poor person so the cost of transplantation should be within his range to afford it. Can you please guide us to some suitable hospitals by providing their contact details.

    I will be obliged if u help us in this regard.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.


    Adil Anees

    Postal Address:

    R-39, Paradise Homes; Abul-Hasan-Isphani Road Karachi.

    Cellular:(+92) 0321-2404421

  • ReplyMarco,   Italy
    2009/8/2 17:42:00

    Please help me to search the hospital name and address in Beijing by the following telephone number: 010 66356729

    • 2009/8/4 2:46:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry.

      The phone number belongs to the No. 306 Hospital of People's Liberation Army (PLA). It is located on the Anxiang North Road. Buses No.305, 315, 345, 407, 618, 727, 734, 751, 851, 819, 909, 919, 949 pass there.

  • ReplyBeijinger,   China
    2009/7/29 21:15:00

    Hi, big hospitals in Beijing should have such test. I suggest you go to Peking Union Medical College Hospital which provides service for international patients. You may see this page: http://home.pumch.cn/english/InternationalMedicalService/tabid/241/Default.aspx

  • Replykiran nazir,   China
    2009/7/29 20:41:00

    I m medical doctor,i need to know where i can get TSH and FT4 test in beijing and what will be the cost.

    Please help me.


  • ReplyKris,   Philippines
    2009/7/20 19:24:00

    Hi good day...I'm looking for a list of the best dentist and a cosmetic clinic their in China. can you help me with these..thank you so much..

  • ReplyMahajna Ahmad,   Israel
    2009/6/25 19:49:00

    Iam a sureon and Iam in Beiging at the 29.06.09 after participating the cancer congress. I am interesting to visit a hospital in Beijing this day. Just to see how it works.
    Can you invite me to your hospital?
    Thank you in advance

  • Replynomi,   United States
    2009/6/13 7:42:00

    I need a hospital for my rheumatoid arthritis, i specially need corticosteroid shots in my knee. Which hospital would service me the best? I am thinking Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Please ...

    • 2009/6/14 21:21:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Yes. Peking Union Medical College Hospital is one of the three hospitals in Beijing that are good at curing rheumatoid arthritis. The other two are China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Peking University People's Hospital. You may choose any one of them.

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • ReplyWang,   China
    2009/2/9 19:19:00

    Hi, Skye
    May this will help you http://www.gamhospital.ac.cn/english/index.asp

  • ReplySkye,   China
    2009/2/9 0:26:00

    Would you be able to find a hospital in Beijing that does lap or gastric banding for weight loss or possibly put me on to clinic that could help me find someone, Thank you

  • Replyganaa,   Mongolia
    2009/2/1 7:39:00

    is somebody suggest me best hospital in Beijing for IVF We intend to go for test tube baby khuyag822@yahoo.com send me good new suggestion

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