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I want to say
  • ReplyAnna o
    2013/3/28 9:46:00

    We need to transplant kydney for my brother , we don't have donate , which is best hospital with donor !,

  • ReplyBella
    2013/3/12 12:56:00

    Hello! My name is Bella. I'm searching for a hospital in Beijng with a department of Otolaryngology. My mother suffer from nasal polyps and Nona bosom. We would like to know what method of treatment the doctors use and how much it may cost.And also, does anybody know the official web-site of the Xiehe hospital in Beijing?! Thanks in advance!!!

  • ReplyMolly
    2013/2/25 21:49:00

    My friend got a back problem. something wrong with her back L5 and S1 lower side of her back. Which hospital is the best in Beijing?

  • ReplyRashed
    2013/2/15 14:40:00

    Hi, I want a good kidney center for my mother, she wish to do a renal transplant but want to chick up her general health first and reduce the PRA. Do you know where to go please? I know it is not allowed to do the operation in China and therefore I only want to prepare my mother in a center who have an experience.

    • Cici :2013/2/16 17:46:00

      the Peking University First Hospital is the best

  • Replysuresh
    2013/1/13 20:58:00

    Sir please give me the contact number of Puhua International Hospital, for treatment of cerebellar Ataxia.Best regards

    • James :2013/1/14 19:09:00

      here is the contact information of the hospital:24-hour hotline:+86 10 5245 2526Fax: +86 10 6706 1799E-mail: info@puhuachina.com

  • Replyangelique,   Seychelles
    2012/12/11 5:21:00

    I'm looking for the email of ivf hospital in beijing so i can contact them and book an appointment before coming up especially beijing jia'en hospital by dr liu jian.
    please email me his email address so i can fix an apointment,thanks

    • Bill :2012/12/11 17:25:00

      hi, this is the website of the hospital:

  • ReplyIrina,   Norway
    2012/12/2 14:28:00

    hi, my husband has a disease of the respiratory system. please tell me a good military hospital where they treat the respiratory system. Thank you.

    • Derek :2012/12/2 18:16:00

      Are you in Beijing now? I'd like to recommend you Beijing armed police corps hospital.

    • Irina ( Norway ) :2012/12/7 18:15:00

      Dear Derek, thank you very much for your help. I'm in Norway now. I found the address of the hospital, that you wrote. Again - thank you very much.

  • ReplySophia,   New Zealand
    2012/11/27 1:39:00

    Hi, we would like to visit Beijing this January for surgery/treatment of complicated orthopedic disease. People recommend #306 Military Hospital? Could you please provide the contact details of the hospital and advice us on how to book an appointment- is it possible to contact smbd prior arrival in order to show pictures and consult? Will we need somebody for translation or not? Thank you very much

    • Marry :2012/11/27 17:13:00

      the hospital has a Chinese website, http://306.cn/
      the contact number is: 86-010-66356729
      the e-mail addresses are:
      web@306.cn 306hospital@sina.com

      i think you'd better find a tranlation beforehand.

  • ReplyGraham,   China
    2012/11/26 2:56:00

    I am looking for a recommendation for sports injury ortopedic surgeon to consult on an ankle injury (ligament) and then follow up phsiotherapy ?
    Any information appreciated

    • Kelly :2012/11/26 17:25:00

      i recommend the Peking University Third Hospital.

  • ReplyHusseini,   Nigeria
    2012/10/29 2:29:00

    Please can you give me the email address of Peking University Third Hospital.Thanks.

    • Taylor :2012/10/29 20:08:00

      here is the email address of the hospital:
      it also has an English website:

  • ReplyYob,   China
    2012/8/21 1:40:00

    That first 'hospital' is not there. Thanks for the nice walk though.

    • Lily :2012/8/21 19:33:00

      yes, there is the office of the International SOS in Beijing, but the address change to Suite 105, Wing 1, Kunsha Building, No 16 Xinyuanli,Chaoyang District

  • ReplyDavid Yaqoob,   Pakistan
    2012/8/14 22:54:00

    I am looking for a hospital for Kidney transplant in China with and without donor. Need competetive quote from reputed hospital for foreign patients. I am living in Karachi, Pakistan and 46 year of age.

    • James :2012/8/15 18:49:00

      Hi David,
      sorry to tell you that according to the regulation of China, Kidney transplant is not allowed for foreign patient.

  • Replyraphael makale,   Tanzania, United Republic Of
    2012/7/22 1:48:00

    hi please tell me where ican get treatment becouse my leg in femur break and become short for 4cm so it deficult for me to work propale so iwant to know if ican befit again

    • Emily :2012/7/22 18:32:00

      Peking University Third Hospital, and Beijing Jishuitan Hospital are the best.

  • ReplyRK.MAHESHWARY,   India
    2012/5/29 3:19:00

    I am looking for stemcell treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis in beijing.

    • Amy :2012/5/29 19:10:00

      better to contact the hospital directly.

  • ReplyOlszewska,   Australia
    2012/4/16 7:47:00

    I am looking for the best kidney hospitals treating stage 4 PKD.
    Any suggestions?

    • Steve :2012/4/16 18:25:00

      Are you in China now? I heard that the well-known hospitals for kidney disease are Guangzhou Zhongshan University No. 1 Hospital, Peking University People's Hospital and Beijing Xiehe Hospital.

  • ReplyAndrew,   South Africa
    2011/12/25 23:24:00

    Does anyone know of an email address or cell number for someone at the navy general hospital? I have been trying to phone for a couple of days but there is something wrong cause the operator on Beijing side is not picking up! Please help!

    • Keith :2011/12/26 18:19:00

      Hi Andrew,
      phone numbers of the hospital are:
      +86 10 66958114
      +86 10 66958322
      there's no email address of the hospital.

  • ReplyAndrew,   South Africa
    2011/12/24 4:39:00

    Hi would like to know if the Navy general hospital does stem cell treatment for disc degeneration disease. I have three disc in my neck that have started degenerating due to a car accident I had a few years ago. After the accident I had to have a fusion to my neck C 5/6. I am in a great deal of pain everyday and would like to try sort this problem out. What is the success rate stem cells regenerating a disc? Please help

    • Olivia :2011/12/25 18:08:00

      hi Andrew,
      sorry to hear that, but i think you need to call the hospital for detailed information. the number of the hospital:
      +86 10 66958114
      +86 10 66958322

  • Replymajuk,   China
    2011/10/25 1:42:00

    hi...could you please help me in Beijing or china other city good hospital to do foreigner patent kidney transplant ? give me address, tel no. or website of hospital tks....

    • Hank :2011/10/25 19:09:00

      Not sure about this, but do choose a public hospital owned by the state!

  • Replywan,   Malaysia
    2011/10/23 8:12:00

    hello, my family and i want to visit to beijing in january. my father is hemodialysis patient. Can anyone tell me, where can my father do his hemodialysis and how much is the cost.

    • Emily :2011/10/23 20:03:00

      Hi Wan
      you can try Beijing Friendship Hospital or Peking University Third Hospital.
      it is about CNY 400 each time.

  • Replyfumeina,   China
    2011/9/28 6:28:00

    can anyone please recommend a good affordable ivf hospital in beijing

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