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Zhao Mausoleum (Zhao Ling)

Zhaoling Mausoleum, the tomb of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), is the largest royal mausoleum in the world. Situated at Jiuzong Mountain in Liquan County, 83 km (51.5 miles) away from Xian City, Zhaoling Mausoleum covers an area of more than 200 sq km (about 49,421 acres) and consists of 190 other tombs. Royal families, ministers and generals, high officials of Emperor Taizong were buried after death in these tombs to accompany him.

Created over 107 years construction, Zhaoling Mausoleum is indeed an underground treasury. Large quantities of calligraphy, sculpture, paintings, golden and silver vessels, splendid Tang San Cai (tri-color pottery), vivid murals and stone carvings in the tombs etc. give us a good chance to learn and understand the culture, life and economy of the Tang Dynasty. The Zhaoling Museum in the center of this area was built in the early 1970s. Now, over 8,000 pieces of funeral objects from the tombs are preserved in the museum. Most of them are national treasures.

Although the Zhaoling Mausoleum hasn't been excavated, the glory and splendor of Tang Dynasty do attract visitors and archeologists every year.

Admission Fee: CNY 20

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