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Daxingshan Temple

Daxingshan Temple once was the greatest Buddhist establishment of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, but since the tenth century it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The latest reconstruction was built in 1956. Today, it has been turned into a small, quiet and charming park. The main buildings have been repainted and a handful of monks live and worship there.

The history of this temple can be traced back to the third century, when its original name was Zunshan Temple. During the Sui Dynasty, it was rebuilt and was given its present name. Since then, it gradually became the headquarters of an order with a network of 45 prefectural temples, which were all established by Yang Qian, the founder of the Sui Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, it became a great center of Buddhist art and learning. However, during the Buddhist persecution of 841-845, most of the buildings were destroyed and even ones that survived also disappeared by the end of the Tang. The temple was rebuilt in the Ming and again restored in 1785 by an expert on Tang Dynasty Chang'an called Bi Yuan (1730-97). After its reconstruction in 1956 it was used by a Community of Lamaist monks until the Cultural Revolution (1966-76). Today it houses the Xian Buddhist Association.

The temple and Xinfeng Park are located south of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda on a small street called Xingshan Si jie, behind the open market of Xiaozhai.

Admission Fee: Free

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