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Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, Wuhan

Guiyuan Temple, which is located on Cuiwei Street, boasts of the perfect architectures, excellent sculptures and rich collections of Buddhist sutras and treasures. The temple was originally built in 1658 by two monks named Baiguang and Zhufeng. These two monks doctored locals for many years, and people collected money and built the Guiyuan Temple to thank them. Now the temple can be divided into five courtyards, covering an area of more than 20,000 sq meters (4.94 acres). The main structures are Mahavira Hall, Arhat Hall and Sutra Collecting Pavilion.

Mahavira Hall (Daxiongbaodian) is the main hall of the temple. The sculptures of Sakyamuni and his disciples are enshrined in this hall; situated behind Sakyamuni is a group of sculptures of Kwan-yin and other Buddhas. These sculptures have been well preserved for more than three hundreds years. Arhat Hall is even more amazing because of the 500 sculptures of Arhats it houses. Some of the sculptures are sitting, some standing; some reading, some contemplating; some are happy, some are sad; some are pure and some are knowing. All the 500 sculptures in different poses and appearances make the hall a mine of art. Sutra Collecting Pavilion was originally built in 1669 and was later destroyed by war. In 1997, a new pavilion was built on the site, preserving the original style and dimensions. Most of the precious sutras and culture relics are preserved here.

Although the temple doesn't hold a long history, it attracts more and more pilgrims and visitors every year.

Admission Fee: CNY 10
CNY 20 (during the Spring Festival, May Holiday and October Holiday)

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