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Heavenly Lake & Xinjiang Regional Museum

Heavenly Lake (Tianchi), Urumqi

 Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake, which is located in the Bogda Mountains, boasts both splendid natural scenery and legendary tales. The crescent-shape lake lies 110 km (68 miles) east of Urumqi, covering an area of 4.9 sq km (1,211 acres).

The water in the lake is pure and clean, reflecting the snow-capped Bogda Mountains around. Because of the high altitude, 1,980 meters (6,496 ft) above sea level, the temperature of Heavenly Lake is usually quite low. This makes the lake a perfect summer resort. Visitors can climb the mountains and walk in the forests to enjoy the beauty of nature. Visitors can also go boating and fishing at dusk, when the lake is particularly still. Flowers richly bloom around the lake making it an excellent place to come and relax. In snowy winter, visitors can come to the icebound lake and try their hand at skating.

According to fairy tale, pure Heavenly Lake is the summer palace of the famous Queen Mother of the Western Heavens (the Leader of the Goddesses) and so many places in the Heavenly Lake Scenic Area are related to her. The venerable elm standing beside the lake is said to be the avatar of the Queen Mother's hairpin. The deep Dragon Pool, which is just under the Heavenly Lake, is said to be her swimming pool. Waterfalls, rocks, and even pine trees are all connected with the Queen Mother of the Western Heavens. All these beautiful tales make the Heavenly Lake a land of mystery!

Admission Fee

Entrance Charge
CNY 100, Peak Season;
CNY 40, Low Season
Cable Car
CNY 35
Barge Tour
CNY 30
Electric Bus
CNY 10

 Xinjiang Regional Museum

Located in the modern downtown of Urumqi, Xinjiang Regional Museum tells visitors stories from the past. The museum was founded in 1953, covering an exhibiting area of more than 7,800 sq meters (about 1.93 acres). There are usually three kinds of exhibitions in the museum. The first is about the customs of ethnic groups in Xinjiang. All the arts, tools, costumes, household objects and religions of the ethnic groups in Xinjiang are exhibited here. The second concerns historical and cultural relics from Xinjiang. Over 50,000 cultural relics that have been excavated in Xinjiang are now on display in the exhibition hall. Ancient pottery, porcelain, terracotta figures, silk and even scriptures are on the list. The third exhibition is the most striking. More than 10 mummies found in the vast desert can be viewed well preserved here. One of them, named 'Sleeping Beauty' is perhaps the most amazing. Buried underground for about 3,800 years, it still retains a vivid image! Xinjiang Regional Museum is indeed the perfect place to enjoy the history and culture of Xinjiang people.

Opening Hours:
Closed on Mondays
Tuesday to Sunday: April 15 - October 15: 10:00 – 18:00; October 16 – the next April 14: 10:30 – 18:00

Note: The museum accepts only 2,000 visitors per day, and the ticket issuing time is 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 16:00 in summer and 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 15:00, and 16:00 in winter.

Admission Fee: Free