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Urumqi also boasts its majestic landscapes and peculiar human and cultural sights. The Red Hill located in the center of the city is considered as the symbol of Urumqi, and the best point for a panoramic view. When feeling hot and dry traveling in the city, the enticing Heavenly Lake is a perfect spot to embrace the charming nature and feel at ease. In the picturesque Southern Pastures, it is also possible to approach some versatile local minorities when relaxing. There are also some well-trodden temples with unique architecture like the Southern Mosque and Tartar Mosque for visitors to enjoy a moment of quietness. And Xinjiang Regional Museum is a treasure trove of the local customs of the ethnic groups, as well as the historical and cultural relics of the city. Some other revolutionary memorials in the city are also worth seeing.

Ethnicities abound in the city. As many as 49 nationalities like Han, Hui, Mongol, Kazak and Uygur congregate here, these various ethnic groups and their colorful local customs form a brilliant line of scenery in the city. Perhaps the most enjoyable experience is to appreciate their singing and dancing performances in fancy costumes. Other special activities like horse racing, wrestling, rope walking are also their favorites and very exciting. The local food here is also very unique and fruitful. Roast beef, biscuits and buns, as well as food catching by hand and tea with milk are all very delicious and worth trying. In addition, some fresh melons and fruits like Hami Melon and grapes are especially alluring for tourists. Erdaoqiao Bazaar is the most concentrated area of various ethnic customs and products.

Urumqi has also kept up as a modern metropolis in the inner land of China. Some entertainment facilities, like bowling alleys, golf courses, pool rooms, nightclubs, KTV, cinemas, theaters, pubs and Cyber Cafes are perfect in the city. Urumqi also has convenient communication and transportation networks. Urumqi International Airport has opened decades of domestic and foreign air routes. Other railways and highways are also accessible in the city.

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