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Turpan Grape Valley on the Silk Road 

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Turpan, which means 'Rich and Fertile Land' in Turki literally, is reputed as the 'Hometown of Grapes'. It is situated in the low Turpan Basin of the middle Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and is separated from the capital city Urumqi by the enthralling and mysterious Heavenly Mountain (Tianshan) in the north. In its south lies the great Takla Makan Desert, the second largest desert in the world. For years, this magical and pretty city has attracted many visitors to Xinjiang.

Known as 'the Fire Land', Turpan is the hottest place in China. During the fervent months of June, July and August, the average temperature here is over 38 ℃ (100.4 ℉). The high temperatures also last the longest here. The area has a warm temperate arid desert climate. However, with its abundant light and heat, this area yields productive harvests of grapes, Hami melons, cottons and rare unseasonable vegetables and other economic plants. When the harvest time comes, the savory sweet fruits and melons can make anyone lick his lips in anticipation.

The unique climate and location of Turpan has given rise to many majestic natural wonders here. Strolling in the Aydingkol Lake, the second lowest point in the world, you might  feel as if you were touching the bottom of a sea. The mysterious Flaming Mountain in Journey to the West, one of the four famous Chinese classical works, is actually the hottest place across China; while in the nearby Grape Valley, it is possible to enjoy the eyeful of grapes as well as cool yourself. The ample fruits here owe much to the irrigation project, Karez System, which is considered one of the three greatest ancient projects eponymous with Great Wall and Grand Canal in China.

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