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Yarlung Tsangpo River & Basum Lake

Yarlong Tsangpo River, Tibet

 Yarlung Tsangpo River

The Yarlung Tsangpo River originates from a glacier in the northern Himalayas. Running  2,057 kilometers (1,275 miles) through Tibet, the river passes into India, known as the Brahmaputra, and finally meets the Indian Ocean in Bay of Bengal. With an altitude of 4,000 meters (13,120 ft), the Yarlong Tsangpo River is the highest in the world!

Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon is located at the sharp bend further downstream. The length of this great canyon is 496.3 kilometers (about 308.4 miles), even longer than the Grand Canyon of Colorado! The deepest point is surprising for 5,382 meters (about 17,657,480 ft) is indeed the deepest canyon in the world. The the canyon is still unexplored due to sheer mountains and torrential rivers.

Local Menpa and Luopa people still live a primitive life in this virgin land. Visitors could stay overnight with them to experience their simple, unfettered lifestyle.

 Basum Lake
Basum Lake lies 90 kilometers (56 miles) west of Kongpo Gymdo County. The altitude of Basum is 3,538 meters (about 11,608 ft), and has a maximum depth of 60 meters (about 197 ft). The lake is also known as Tsokou, meaning 'green water' in Tibetan. Clear, green water reflecting the surrounding snow capped mountains makes an area of picture postcard beauty. Basum Lake is the holy lake of the Red Hat Sect, and a big rock situated to the northwest of lake has magical properties. People believe that if one pass through the hole in the middle of the rock, illnesses and misfortunes would be cured. There is a small islet exists in the lake on which a monastery built in 17th century that still worships Maitreya and Chenrezi inside. In 1997, the World Tourism Organization listed Basum Lake as a world tourist site.  
Admission Fee: CNY50 (Nov.1-Mar.30)                        
                             CNY100 (May 1-Oct.31)

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