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Zhangmu Town

Located on the mountainside of Mt. Qomolangma, Zhangmu Town (or Kasa) is the border town between China and Nepal and is a trading post. Walking from the Friendship Bridge which crosses over the border river, Bhotekoshi (the Sun Koshi) River, it is only 122 kilometers (about 75.8 miles) away from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. Most of the houses are situated on the mountainside and the outside walls are painted red, white, yellow and even green. Traditional Tibetan houses are rare to see in the town. The only road in this small town is full of various shops such as drugstores, hostels and restaurants. Merchants from Nepal, inland China as well as the local Tibetan and Sherpas swarmed together to make their living in this little lively town. Visitors from all over the world also enjoy the mixture special feeling of Nepal and Tibetan in Zhangmu Town.

Since there is no coach from Lhasa to Zhangmu, visitors have to hire a car. However, one can come to Zhangmu  from Shigatse Coach Station by coach every morning, 9 o'clock. Taxi may cost CNY 20 per person to Friendship Bridge from Zhangmu Town. Zhangmu Hotel near the customhouse provides the best service in the town.

Bus Route: There are no buses run between Lhasa and Zhangmu, you can hire a car at the reception desk of hotel.

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