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Gyangtse Attractions

Palkhor Monastery in Gyangtse, Shigatse

 Palkhor Monastery

Located at the foot of the Dzong Hill which is 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Shigatse, Palkhor Monastery is a unique monastery in Tibet. It was built in 1427. At that time, Tibetan Buddhism has been broken up to different sects while Palkhor Monastery has housed monks from Gelugpa, Sakyapa and Kahdampa since then.

The Main Assembly Hall, or Tshomchen, holds different styles of the three sects obviously. The three-storey building is mainly devoted to Sakyamuni, while the statues of White Tara and Manjusri can also be found in the second floor. Hundreds of thangkas are hanging in the hall, and murals regarding different subjects on the wall are eyecatching.

The Bodhi Stupa, or Kumbum, is another unique feature of Palkhor Monastery. It was built in 1412 and finished in 1422. Covering an area of 2,200 square meters (about 0.54 acres), the stupa has 108 gates and 77 chapels in all. About a hundred thousand images of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Vajras, Dharma Kings, Arhats can be found on the walls of chapels. So the Bodhi Stupa is also called Myriad Buddhas Stupa. Besides, thousands of sculptures of Buddha are situated in this splendid nine-storey stupa.

Admission Fee: CNY 40
Opening Hours: 09:10 to 16:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: Two hours
Bus Route: As the Monastery is just located in the downtown centre of Shigatse, you can walk there casually.

 Dzong Fortress
Located at Dzong Hill in the center of Gyangtse County , Dzong Fortress is a remarkable building because of its extraordinary past. As the site of Dzong government of old Tibet , it got the title 'City of Heroes ' because the fierce battle against Britain invaders once happened here. In April 1904, Britain invaders conquered Gyangtse. However, they encountered strong resistance from locals at this small hill. Without advanced guns and cannon, Gyangtse people used broadswords, lances, and even stones to defend their motherland. The harsh defense lasted eight months and finally failed because the lack of food. Now, more visitors are coming to commemorate these heroes. The relics of the battle and the old government can also be found. Visitors can appreciate the beautiful scenery of Gyangtse on the top of the hill.

Tip: It is suggested to ascend very slowly and carefully in case of altitude sickness.

Admission Fee: CNY30
Recommended Time for a Visit: Two hours

 Gyantse County Rug Factory
Tibetan Tsang Rug receive equivalent  popularity as Persia and Turkey Rug. Then Gyangts is its hometown.  It enjoyes a history of more than 600 hundred years, and has got a high reputation both at home and abroad. Located at the eastern side of Gyangtse County , the rug factory was founded in 1973. Most of the rugs they produced have been exported overseas.

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