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Graveyards of Tibetan Kings

Graveyards of Tibetan Kings, Shannan, Tibet

Located in a valley 27 kilometers (16 miles) south of Tsedang, these hill-like tombs are assembled on the southern bank of the Chongye River. According to historical materials, there were 21 tombs in the past but now only 16 of them are visible.

The biggest one is believed to be the tomb of King Songsten Gampo. The tomb is located near the river and faces south, the direction of Sakyamuni's hometown, to show the king's religious adherence to Buddha. A small temple lies on the top of the tomb, dedicating the statues of King Songsten Gampo, his wives and officials It is said that the tomb is composed of five chapels. Many treasures were found in the tomb, such as sculptures of King Songsten Gampo, Sakyamuni and Chenrezi; the golden armor which the king wore in the battles; golden warriors and horses and so on.

Besides, the stone monument discovered in 1984 is the best preserved Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) monument in Tibet. It is decorated by images of dragons, snakes, sun and moon and flying Apsaras in Tang style and all of them are vivid and concise. Fortunately, none of these tombs have been destroyed providing archeologists with intact and comprehensive data to research the Tubo Kingdom.

Admission Fee: CNY 30

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