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Heavenly Lake Namtso

Heavenly Lake Namtso, Nakchu, Tibet

Located near Damxung County, Lake Namtso is one of the 'Three Holy Lakes' of Tibet. Covering an area of more than 1,920 square kilometers (about 474,442 acres), Namtso is the second largest saltwater lake in China. With an altitude of some 4,718 meters (15,475 ft) above sea level, the lake is also the highest saltwater lake in the world. The snow capped Mt. Nyainqentanglha, which Tibetans believe to be the husband of Lake Namtso, infuses into the lake melt-water of glaciers upon the mountain. Wild ducks and fish swim freely in the lake; grassland surrounding the lake provides a perfect home to black bear, yak, donkey, fox, deer and many other wild animals.

Namtso, meaning Heavenly Lake in Tibetan, is a holy destination for pilgrims. Since the year of the sheep on the Tibetan calendar is the year of The Buddha's, Bodhisattvas and Vajras assemble to hold religious ceremonies, many pilgrims will come to Namtso to walk or crawl around the lake. Five isles in the lake are sanctified as the avatars of Buddha's. Pilgrims can express their devoutness to the Buddha's by walking around the lake.

The beauty and divinity of Namtso make it a perfect place to adore!

Admission Fee: CNY 80

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