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Tibetan Traditional Hospital & Yangpachen

 Tibetan Traditional Hospital

Located at Yuthok Lu, west of Jokhang Temple; Tibetan traditional hospital (called Mentsekhang in Tibetan) was originally built in 1916 as the center of research for Tibetan medicine as well as for calendar calculation. After a large expansion in 1980, it now occupies an area of more than 40,000 square meters (about 10 acres) and has a staff of 450. Tibetan traditional hospital is the largest one of its kind in Tibet.

The hospital focuses on the research of Tibetan traditional medicine as well as the calendar calculation for many years. Tibetan doctors believe that human bodies have close relationship to weather. Beautiful thangkas hanging on the wall are used to depict the system of Tibetan medicine while training doctors-to-be. The statues of the Medicine Buddha also can be seen by visitors. Many unique vessels as well as herbs and ores which are used as materials of traditional medicine are also on exhibition. In the hospital, visitors can try to understand the mysticism of Tibetan traditional medicine.

Located in the basin on the foot of Mt. Nyainqentanglha, 87 kilometer (54 miles) north of Lhasa, Yangpachen boasts its hot springs. It covers an area of more than 7, 000 sq meters (about 1.73 acres), and visitors will be amazed by special wonders here. The water temperature of some springs is so high that it will even cook fish. Visitors can also put eggs, noodles into the springs and enjoy the delicious food. There is a fountain spurting liquor of alkali; a spring tastes like vinegar; a hot lake as big as 20 basketball courts; and even a ravine full of crystal Sulphur! Visitor can also swim in some pools to relax and cure many ailments.  

A power plant built in 1977 utilizes the naturally occurring geothermal energy to provide electricity for Lhasa. The most beautiful time is the early morning at Yangpachen, because the cool air is always infused with the misty white vapors emanating from the hot springs. Its natural wonders and picturesque scenery attracts more and more tourists every year.

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    2011/6/21 0:57:00

    Hi! We have a ill child. He is in 18 years old. He have Mental retardation. We were treated in Beijing Tibetian Medical Centre. We have any sucsess. But we want more. We are from Azerbaijan. We want to visit to your hospital in Lhasa and treat our child. Can you help to us? How we can to visit to Lhasa, to your hospital? Please help to us. We have only one child, and want to treat him!

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    • Venassa :2011/6/21 20:32:00

      hi Agil Amrahov,
      sorry for your son.
      here is the number of the hospital 0891-6326056/6323428. i suggest you to contact the hospital first.