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Ruins of Guge Kingdom

The Guge Kingdom was a mysterious Tibetan kingdom which was founded by a son of King Lang Darma in about the tenth century. However, the kindom was disappearance in the 17th century sudeenly. The traces of site was found in Ngari. When Tubo Kingdom had collapsed, many monks and lamas escaped and came here from Lhasa, thus Guge became the Buddhist center of Ngari or even Tibet. It lasted for about 700 years and collapsed during a ferment. Some ten thousands of Guge people disappeared without a trace.

Ruins of the Guge Kingdom lie on a hill 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) away from Zhada County, Ngari. There are 879 caves, 445 houses, 58 blockhouses, and 28 stupas on this hill. Most of the buildings have been eroded badly by both sand and wind. The residences of royal family were located atop the hill. The only way to get to the top is a tunnel hided in the hillside. In the middle of the hill residences and chapels for monks still exist. The White Palace, Red Palace, Yamantaka Chapel, Tara Chapel and Mandala Chapel are in a state of good preservation. Murals painted on the walls are still vibrant, depicting the stories of Buddhism and the Guge people. Most of the sculptures found are made of gold or silver which are important for archaeological and artistic research. Residences for peasants and Helot are located at the foot of the hill.

The Guge Kingdom played a very important role in the development of Tibet's civilization. It attracts increasingly more visitors and researchers each year either in the hope of appreciation or stuty.

Admission Fee: CNY 320

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