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 Chambaling Monastery

Located in Chamdo Town, Chambaling Monastery ranks the largest Gelugpa monastery in the Chamdo area. Originally built by a disciple of Tsong Khapa in 1444, the buildings are well preserved till now. The monastery has had a good relationship with central governments since the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). A coppery seal awarded by Emperor Kangxi is still a treasured gift at the monastery. Statues of Buddha and Lamas, delicate murals and Thangkas (Buddhist artworks) are representatives of the artistic skill of the Chamdo artisans. The highlight of the Chambaling Monastery is a religious dance, famous for the vivid masks, elaborate costumes and magnificent scenes.

Admission Fee: CNY 35
Opening Hours: The whole day

 Zezhol Monastery  

Located at the Zezhol Hill of Chamdo in Tibet, Zezhol Monastery is 37 kilometers (23 miles) away from the Tingchen County which is at an altitude of some 4,800 meters (15,748 ft). It is an important monastery of the oldest Tibetan religion-Bon. The monerstery was originally built 3500 years ago when Tibetan King favored Bon. Since Bon failed in a religious contest with Buddhism, it had to retreat into rural areas. Zezhol Monastery was rebuilt during the fourteenth century. Now Zezhol is the largest Bon monastery in Tibet, and is well renowned for its preservation of Bon traditions. The best time to visit Zezhol is from the end of June to mid August. An annual religious festival hold at the end of every June. Heaven and Hell, the most unique religious dancing of The Bon, is held every thirteen years in the Zezhol Monastery.  

Admission Fee: Free

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