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There are more than 10 museums in Suzhou, where visitors can learn about the city's culture and various art forms.

Creators of the famous Suzhou Gardens blended the area's natural landscapes with architecture, sculpture, calligraphy, and paintings. The most famous gardens in Suzhou are the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Linngering Garden. These are often grouped with Beijing Summer Palace and the Mountain Resort of Chengde in the Hebei Province as being the four best gardens in China.

The gardens of Suzhou have been listed as World Heritage Sites (other sites include the Canglang Pavilion, the Lion Grove Garden and the Garden of the Master of Nets.

Besides, the famous ancient water townships in Suzhou like Tongli Town and Zhouzhuang are also on the way to World Heritages and other spots to appreciate the unique local customs and culture of Suzhou.

Other sites in Suzhou which should not be missed are Tiger Hill, where the majestic beauty of Suzhou lies, and Hanshan Temple, a quiet Buddhist resort. The 108 bell-strikes on New Years Eve is one of the most splendid and attractive scenes of this ancient temple. 

Suzhou is charming not only in its history, but also for its modern amenities. The city boasts many large convenient entertainment facilities. Suzhou Amusement Land, called as 'Oriental Disneyland' and Taihu Pearl Lakeside Resort are the best places for vacation and relaxation. The commercial streets of Guanqian Street and Shiquan Street offer affordable shopping, dining and sightseeing. Suzhou Cuisine is of China's most popular cuisines, so you surely won't leave hungry. The Yangtze River Saury, Taihu Lake Whitebait, Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab and Zangshu Town Beef are some of the most unique dishes of Suzhou. Make sure you do not miss out on the local Biluochun Tea, which will freshen your mouth after your meal.

Nightlife in Suzhou differs from other cities. One of the best ways to enjoy an evening here is by boating through the city's moat, where you will see a panoramic view of the ancient city. Additionally, the special Night Garden of Garden of the Master of Nets has nightly operas and Chinese classical musical performances.

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