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Window of the World

Window of the World, which lies next to Splendid China  and China Folk Culture Village in Shenzhen, is a large-scale theme park that condenses the elite natural sceneries, historical and cultural sights, and folk cultures in the world. Stay here in a day and your dream of traveling to all over the world will come true.

The park consists of 9 scenic areas: the World Square, Asia Zone, Africa Zone, Europe Zone, America Zone, Oceania Zone, Modern High-tech Recreational Zone, World Sculpture Zone and the International Street . It includes as many as 118 miniature scenic spots of the world wonders, which are built in the proportion of 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15. Here one can appreciate the spectacular sights of the world's greatest feats of architecture, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Arch of Triumph (Arc de Triomphe) in Paris, India's Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Apart from that, visitors can also enjoy drifting in the American Grand Canyon, skiing in the Alps Indoor Skiing Field, exploring the labyrinthic Amazon Jungle and the Earth's Core of Greenland, viewing the mountain torrents of Venezuela and the volcano burst of Hawaii, playing with dinosaurs, and go hunting with bow or rifle in the wild woods.

The International Street is a good place to have a taste of the world dishes and drinks, and to purchase the arts and crafts of many nations. It is especially boistrous at night, when the cross-cultural folk performances are presented and a number of visitors come to have a good time. The World Square, also featuring the architectural styles of many lands, is the active centre for visitors.


Window of the World is located in the western suburb of the city and can be easily reached by bus routes of No. 101, No. 105, No.204, No.113, No. 223, No. 311 and others. The subway is also accessible.

Admission Fee
CNY 160
CNY 50 for evening performance after 19:00
Opening Time
09:00 – 22:30
Best Time to Visit
August and September (Evening time)

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  • ReplyYong Su Hian,   Malaysia
    2008/11/19 1:24:00

    Name of designer and builders and costs

  • Replyliana,   Indonesia
    2008/10/10 0:47:00

    windows of the world is a great place to go. there you can see miniatures of world famous building, natural wonders etc. just go there and see for yourself. it's realy good.