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Xujiahui, commercial area of Shanghai

Located in the southwestern part of the metropolis of Shanghai, Xujiahui has a history of 600 years. With the arrival of the 21st century, it unfolds its charm with a completely new look, as another downtown district of Shanghai to emerge as a result of the city's structural reform and opening up.

Xujiahui is a passageway to the city proper from Shanghai's suburban districts of Minhang, Songjiang, Fengxian and Jinshan, and neighboring provinces and municipalities. Xujiahui has dozens of bus routes, access to the No.1 subway, the inner and outer overhead ring roads and the light railway, giving it a rapid and modern network of communications.

With a long history and accumulation of culture, Xujiahui has an abundance of talented people in the fields of education, medicine and scientific research. It is also an ideal residential area. modern commercial plazas, including Dongfang, Taipingyang, Huimin and Huilian.

Today the commercial center has expanded to include large-scale specialized markets dealing in telecommunications equipment, computers, furniture, building materials, etc. They are connected to each other by corridors and bridges. The Hengshanlu Recreation Street is a special attraction for visitors from both home and abroad.

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