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An acrobatic show, Shanghai

Shanghai, as a most open and liveliest city, is also the paradise for entertainment. The city exudes its magnetic air everywhere with its traditional traits mixed with a dense modern breath. The local and popular opera at the common theaters, the symphony and ballet performances in the large theaters, the shining neon lights along the wide streets at night, the jazz music in the top restaurants and the Chinese classical music in the typical southern China garden, Yuyuan Garden, the discotheques and the all-night cinemas truly excite the senses if you let them. The city is also engulfed in colorful festivals almost every month of the year, such as the impressive bell-striking on Chinese New Year's Eve and temple fair in the Lunar March in the famous Longhua Temple. The city's many other festivals include flower, tea, fashion, music, film, tourism, magic, TV, health, marathon, art exposition, etc.

As a dream destination for shopping, Shanghai boasts stars of large shopping cities, malls, markets and streets that sell all kinds of world brands, fashions, antiques and other local products. The four most flourishing shopping centers - Yuyuan Shopping City, Xujiahui Shopping City, New Shanghai Shopping City and Jiali Sleepless City and streets like Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road are often bustling with shoppers and visitors of different skins. Coming to Shanghai, you can also have a taste of the delicious dishes of different cuisines, including the various distinctive Chinese cuisines, KFC, authentic French dishes and other western food. Chinese tea houses and western pubs also abound.

Street scene of Shanghai

When traveling in Shanghai, you really notice its rapid modernization from the convenient transportation and communication networks. Shanghai is equipped with two first-class international airports and three railway stations that link with hundreds of cities and regions at home and abroad. The combination of the magnetic levitation vehicle (high speed train service), subways, buses and taxis in and around the city will doubtless provide a comfortable and satisfactory service for visitors.

In addition, the Jade Buddha Temple , which has a collection of several exquisite jade Buddhas, the uniquely designed Shanghai Museum and Xujiahui, the booming shopping center will probably give you another glimpse of this city that is modern but still retains its Chinese characteristics.

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