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Dry Sea & Spruce Plateau

Dry Sea, or Ganhai, Lijiang

 Dry Sea (Ganhai)

Dry Sea was an ice erosion lake. However, over countless years the water in it decreased and finally disappeared. That's the reason people call it Dry Sea. Nowadays it is a beautiful meadow surrounded by mountains on three sides. When you are there you will feel that the field of vision is extremely vast. The whole is very quiet and serene. It seems that this is the Xanadu. The big and comfortable green grassland looks like a blanket, stretching itself into the great distance. During a particular time between every spring and summer various kinds of flowers are in blossom with a spirit of competition. At this time the whole area will become a sea of flowers.

Dry Sea lies in the eastern part of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. At the Dry Sea you can be assured of a panoramic view of the mountain because Dry Sea is the closest and best place to witness the beauty of Jade dragon Snow Mountain. In addition to the view, there are many kinds of convenience facilities and areas to rest for visitors.

Admission Fee: Free
Recommended Time
for a Visit:
20 minutes

 Spruce Plateau (Yunshan Plateau)

In fact Spruce Meadow is a vast grassland in the virgin spruce forest. During each period between spring and summer the grassland is delightfully green and the flowers are pleasantly beautiful. From a distance, the Spruce Meadow looks like a jade green blanket in the ranges of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

According to the legend, the Spruce Meadow is the place where the first pair of lovers of Naxi nationality died of love. If you come here you can have the chance to witness the mighty thousand-year-old glacier on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the fantasticality and quietness of virgin forest and the amazing songs and dance of Naxi nationality. You will be warmly welcomed by Naxi people.

Admission Fee: CNY 90 (Including CNY 45 for the rope way)
Recommended Time for a Visit: Two hours
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00

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