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The minority groups are also an attractive sight in Kunming. The city concentrates as many as 26 nationalities here, including Yi, Hui, Bai, Miao, Lisu, Zhuang, Dai among others. Almost all of these minority people are adept in singing and dancing, and their dressings are also very exotic and colourful. Generally they are also quite hospitable, down-to-earth and polite. The folk festivals are also very frequently held, of which are the famous Torch Festival of Yi and Water Splashing Festival of Dai. When a festival comes, people dress in their finest attire and congregate to hold various activities like wrestling, bullfighting and antiphonal singing. There are also some popular festivals such as the grand party of singing and dancing in Western Hill on Lunar March 3rd, the long walk in Golden Temple on Lunar Jan. 9th and enjoying the moon in Daguan Park in Mid-autumn Festival (Lunar Aug. 15th). It is also possible to appreciate the unique local customs and their architectural styles in some ethnic villages.

  • World Horti-Expo Garden, Kunming.
  • Minority girls, Kunming, Yunnan Province

There are also many interesting art forms and performances in Kunming, like Dian (short for Yunnan Province) Opera, Kunqu Opera, folk songs and legends and some ethnic operas. Kunming is also the land of flowers. Camellia, azalea, primrose, magnolia, lily and orchid illustrate some of the flowers blooming in the city. Camellia, which is the most welcomed, is the flower of the city. Kunming also has many local snacks. The traditional Guoqiao Rice Noodle is the one you should not miss here. Ham Mooncake is also a specialty.

The previously remote Kunming can now be accessed easily. It is possible to travel there by airplane, road, or railway. And in the city, you can take a bus or hire a taxi or car to everywhere you want to go.

 Foreign Consulates  

Chancery: 20/F, Jinquan Hotel, 93 Renmin Dong Lu
Tel: +86-(0)871-3317320
Fax: +86-(0)871-3316220

Chancery: 1/F Main Tower, Camellia Hotel, 96 Dong Feng Dong Lu
Tel: +86-(0)871-3176623/4
Fax: +86-(0)871-3178556

Chancery: Room 401-405, Sakura Hotel, No. 29 Dongfeng Lu
Tel: +86-(0)871-3165888-6241/6242
Fax: +86-(0)871-3113503

Chancery: 2/F, Main Tower, Camellia Hotel, 96 Dong Feng Road, E., Kunming
Tel: +86-(0)871- 3163000-6215, 3176609
Fax: +86-(0)871-3176309

Chancery: 1/F, South Building, Kunming Hotel, 145 Dong Feng Dong Lu
Tel: +86-(0)871-3168916, 3149296
Fax: +86-(0)871-3166891

Viet Nam
Chancery: 1/F, Jiaxing Hotel, 529 Beijing Lu
Tel: +86-(0)871-3183092
Fax: +86-(0)871-3183085

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