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Id Kah Mosque

Id Kah Mosque, Kashgar, Xinjiang

Id Kah Mosque is on the west side of Id Kah Square which is in the center of Kashgar City. It is a typical Islamic mosque building in Kashgar and is also the largest mosque in Xinjiang, or even in China. It can easily hold 6,000 worshipers. Id Kah Mosque is renowned for its long and glorious history, mighty vigor and distinctive ethical flavor. It was originally built in 1442 so it is already more than 550 years old.

Generally speaking, Id Kah Mosque comprises a gate tower, the Hall of Prayer, the Hall of Scripture, a courtyard and other attached structures. At the entrance to the mosque, the gate tower is built of yellow bricks that make the whole tower splendid, solemn and lofty. This tower can be considered the best amongst the whole group of buildings in terms of  design. As you pass through it you see a large courtyard in front of you with tall trees, beautiful flowers and a clean pond. The whole scene is delightful. Altogether there are 36 Halls of Scripture on both the south and north sides of Id Kah Mosque. The Hall of Prayer is on the east side of the mosque and includes Formal Halls and Attached Halls. Blankets or reed mats are laid on the ground for Moslems' praying.

The importance of Id Kah Mosque is not only because of its long life and exquisite construction, but also because it is a sacred place for all the Xinjiang Moslems. Every Friday afternoon (the most important day of the week in their religion), Moslems from nearby come here to worship. The Mosque can house 6,000 to 7,000 people at one time.

Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours 08:50 to 10:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: One hour
Bus Route: 77, 13

Dining and Local Products in Kashgar
Uygur people are the majority in Xinjiang, and there is no exception in Kashgar. Since they believe in Islam, beef, mutton, chicken, duck and fish are their favored meats. Flour-made Nang, noodle, pilau, steamed stuffed bun, etc., are their main foods. Milk tea and black tea are their preferred drinks while fruits are a necessity in daily life! Uighur people are hospitable and well mannered, but they still have many taboos. They allow no pork, donkey's meat, blood of animals and animals that are not butchered according to Islamic doxy. While sitting, one has to not stretch the legs. No dirty things are allowed to be taken into mosques and mausoleums. While visiting a Uygur family, one has to wash one's hands and wipe them with a towel before dining. Nang should be broken into pieces by using fingers and thumb first. Food should be eaten using the right hand as the left hand is considered unclean.

Kashgar Handicrafts are world renowned souvenirs. Carpets, hats, pottery, jewelry, headgear, knives, silk and many special musical instruments can be found in the Bazaar near Id Kah Mosque. Delicious local snacks including Nang, roast kebab, grapes, melon, pear, guava, figs, etc., also can satisfy every tourist.

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