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  • Kashgar-Bazaar
  • Grapes in Bazaar, Kashgar, Xinjiang

The bazaar is a uniquely traditional type of trade found in Xinjiang. More than 2,000 years old, the Kashgar bazaar is the biggest international trade market in the northwest region of China. There are a great many bazaars in Kashgar, but the most famous one is near the east gate of Kashgar. The reason why the bazaar is the biggest is that it has the most abundant goods, the lowest prices, and the most buyers.

The full name for the Kashgar bazaar is the Middle and West Asia International Trade Market. It covers more than 250 mu (about 41 acres). All kinds of goods are available here. Every Sunday, heavy traffic and huge crowds of people make this bazaar extremely lively. You can see special kinds of local products made in Xinjiang; hand-crafted items, household merchandise, fruits and vegetables, and livestock. It is not an exaggeration to say that this bazaar is a perfect place for you to taste the most distinctive and authentic folk-customs of Xinjiang.

In addition, Kashgar is in the center of the Asia-European continent. This is a good geographic location, as business between Kashgar and the neighboring countries has a long history. You can buy craftworks from Pakistan, scarves made in Turkey, telescopes from Kirghizia, dried fruits from Saudi Arabia, and all at low prices. Visitors call the Kashgar bazaar, the Middle Asia Material Exposition.

Recommended Time for a Visit:
Opening every day, but the best visit time is on Sunday

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