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Hong Kong Introduction

View of Hong KongAs the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong is a popular tourist attraction besides being an important financial market of the world. Situated in the southeast corner of China and east of Pearl River's (Zhu Jiang) entrance, it connects with Shenzhen city in the north and occupies an area of 1,092 square kilometers (269,839 acres). It has a total population of 6.78 million, of which 96 percent is Chinese, and the rest are various nationalities. English and Chinese are the official languages.
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 Administrative Division

It is geographically and administratively divided into three main regions: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Kowloon and New Territories border on Guangdong Province and the famous Victoria Bay is between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Hong Kong Island is the main island in Hongkong. The central part of the island is the business center, which is also an important venue for international trade and finance. Its towering skyscrapers and bustling activities give an impression of great wealth and prosperity. Boasting both eastern and western cultures, it is both a shopper's and a tourist's paradise. Recommended attractions on this wonderful island are Ocean Park, with the longest pedestrian escalator in the world, which is the largest leisure theme park in southeast Asia; Victoria Peak, with the oldest Peak tram, which is the highest peak on this island and Hong Kong's most enduring tourist attraction; and the Hongkong Convention & Exhibition Center, with its grand architecture and luxurious decor.

Street scene of Hong Kong city

Kowloon is the trading estate and residential area, while Tsim Sha Tsui is the liveliest section in Kowloon. Shopping malls in Kowloon are numerous and this makes Hong Kong one of the top shopping destinations in the world. In Kowloon, the Star Ferry is very popular among tourists for a very inexpensive fare, and you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of Victoria Harbour on it. Besides, it runs regularly every few minutes and only takes about ten minutes of your time.

New Territories is the farm belt of Hong Kong. Most local residents and immigrants would rather live here than anywhere else, because it is located in a rural setting far away from the bustling business center. Here you can see the rapid growth of Hong Kong's new town, Sha Tin, and take in the sights of small farms, rustic countryside and pretty coastline on the Sai Kung Peninsula.

Symphony of Llights at Victoria Bay

 Things to Do

Hong Kong varies its offered experiences from the quieter and more relaxing that one finds by visiting its small fishing village to the more active day and night lives found in a metropolis. It is the entry gate to China in one direction and to the world in the other direction. At the beginning of the 90's, a bronze Buddha statue was built in Hong Kong. Standing at 34 meters in height and weighing 250 tons, it is the world's largest bronze Sakyamuni Buddha statue and one of Hong Kong's newest tourist attractions. In addition, it is also home to famous film stars like Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fatt and Jet Li. To take a star ferry and enjoy the view of the Vitoria Harbor will bring you an unforgettable memory.

 Star Ferry

Star Ferry is a world-famous ferry company. Since 1898, it has run for over one hundred years. Presently the Star Ferry has twelve ferryboats all named 'Star'. Every year these ferryboats provide daily service for more than 3,500 passengers.

Star Ferry ferryboats travel mainly between Central of Hong Kong Island, Tsimshatsui and Hunghom of Kowloon. A few lines connect Wan Chai and Tsimshatsui. Taking the ferry at Star Ferry Pier is the best way to enjoy the bewitching sights of Victoria Harbor. It takes only eight minutes to travel from Central to Tsimshatsui.

The ferry fee is between HKD 1.7 and HKD 5.3. Since the fare is so inexpensive, some people take repeat trips on the Star Ferry for a closer view of Victoria Harbor.

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