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Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area

Located in the middle-east part of Zhejiang Province, Mt. Tiantai, a national tourist attraction, is approximately 92 kilometers ( 57 miles) from Taizhou City of Zhejiang.

Reputed all over the country since the Northern and Southern dynasties (386 - 589), Mt. Tiantai has received praises in the poems written by ancient famous poets. Xu Xiake, a renowned Chinese poet of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) made a specific description of the beauty of Mt. Tiantai in his travel journal.

Mt. Tiantai is also the home to Chinese Tiantai Buddhist Sect. Guoqing Monastery is located at the foot of Tiantai Mountain and is recognized as the cradle and ancestral temple of the Tiantai Sect. Furthermore, the grand historical sites of Tiantai Mountain gathered here made Guoqing Monastery area, 'Guoqing Scenic Area'.

At a height of 1,138 meters (3,734 feet), the highest peak of Tiantai Mountain is the best place to view the sunrise. The Waterfall Below the Stone Bridge (Shiliang Fei Pu) is one of the important spots on Mt. Tiantai. Located in the northeast of Guoqing Monastery are two huge stones with a third stone bridging them together. Under the stone there is a waterfall rushing down the deep valley. It is a very spectacular sight.

Admission Fee: CNY 10 for the entrance charge
(excluding CNY 60 for the Shiliang Scenic Spot, CNY 15 for the Guoqing Monastery, CNY 15 for the Chicheng Scenic Spot and CNY 25 for the Tonghu Scenic Spot)


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